Glamorous – Season 1 Episode 5 “I Cannot Accommodate You” Recap & Review

I Cannot Accommodate You

Episode 5 of Glamorous Season 1 begins with Chad summoning Venetia, Marco, the social media team, Britt and Ben to try to find the culprit who leaked the campaign. He believes that one of them betrayed the company and is intent on getting to the bottom of it.

Later, Marco visits the gay bar and celebrates Pride by donating some money. He gets into a conversation with Dizmal about how the corporate world has cashed in on Pride. Dizmal believes that Pride no longer stands for what it was meant to be.

Marco gets a message from Parker asking him to drop by his place. Dizmal assumes that Ben is the one Marco is dating. He asks Marco to bring Parker to the club and Marco realizes that he has never been out with Parker, given they always meet in his house for some sweaty lovemaking sessions.

He heads over to Parker’s place and questions why they don’t date publicly. Marco says he is ready to be dined and wined and Parker promises to take him out for a fancy dinner. They get busy till morning.

The next day, Chad is confident that the leak will not happen again but his Sherlock Holmes instincts have not helped him get the culprit. The leak was not a bad thing, it only took out their element of surprise. Mykynnleigh thinks they need to get a new idea to keep the buzz, especially when they need it. She is thinking the buzz came in too early.

The team tells her that they are having a panel coming in to test the campaign and believe they will have a hit. Mykynnleigh asks them to deliver or the deal is off the table. Chad promises to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Marco runs into his mom in the elevator and they catch up a bit. He admits that Parker is not his boyfriend yet but they are planning a date. His mom is proud of him and thinks that his dinner with Parker at one of the best steakhouse restaurants is a sign that Parker is getting serious.

In the meantime, our shy Ben is trying to decipher the meaning of the kiss he shared with Marco at the club. He wants to know if the kiss means something and Britt assures him that it definitely means something. She advises him to try again without being under the influence.

Britt is trying to pin down Venetia who has been too focused on work lately. Venetia has a multitude of notes for the organic Pride palette she is creating. Britt is hurt by the notes and thinks Venetia is not being gentle with her. She is surprised by how many changes Venetia wants, but promises to deliver. Throughout the day, Britt keeps getting sensitive with Venetia.

After reviewing the work as Venetia asked, Britt talks to her about the status of their relationship. Venetia is confused because she thought they should separate their work and their relationship. However, Britt doesn’t know how to do that, she thinks they could be more. She feels that Venetia doesn’t care enough for her and will leave at the first sign of trouble. She is right, that is one of Venetia’s red flags. She asks Venetia to prove that she wants to be there through the good and bad times.

The prescreening panel starts and Marco notices Dizmal. Marco is worried that since Dizmal is not a fan of corporate Pride campaigns, they will ruin theirs. He tries to get Dizmal kicked out of the project but Alyssa refuses. Dismal is not above cashing in on Pride and only wants to get a cheque. They are ready to sing to the tune that any company wants to hear as long as they get their cut of the pie. Marco had no reason to worry because the panel gives the campaign great reviews and they consider it a success.

The whole point of this campaign is to show that Glamorous is not too proud to support the LGBTQ+ community. Madolyn wants to show that she cares for the community and is not out to use them to make money. However, Teddy feels like the message is ambiguous and doesn’t say anything. After Teddy’s remarks, Madolyn begins to question if the campaign is good enough or if it matters. This fear is amplified after Mykynnleigh says the same thing as Teddy.

On their way out, Dismal runs into Ben and accidentally informs him about the existence of Parker. Ben had no idea that Marco was with someone else and feels hurt. He was hoping he had a shot but now feels like he was being played.

After failing to apprehend the culprit, Chad recruits Julie to help him solve the case. Julie is not exactly pleased to work with him given what he tried to do Marco. Nonetheless, they put their differences aside and get into investigating.

Evening slowly rolls by and Marco gets a call from Parker. Parker wants to cancel their date because he hurt his back. Marco feels disappointed but is understanding. On his way out, he runs into Madolyn and discusses whether the campaign really got its message across. They decide that they should go to a gay club for some research. Marco takes Madolyn to Dizmal’s club and they have fun. Madolyn gets close to the drag queens in the club and realizes that they love their products. Marco and the drag queens inspire her to take a risk with the campaign.

After Madolyn heads home, Marco gets a text from Parker inviting him over. He ordered food from the famous steakhouse and wanted to surprise Marco. Marco is surprised but not for the reason Parker planned. Marco realizes that Parker lied about being hurt. Parker finally admits that he is embarrassed by Marco, and he is not used to dating a man like him. As a result, Marco ends up extremely hurt and dumps him.

As Madolyn and Marco party it up, Chad and Julie continue investigating the leak. Chad confides in Julie that he wishes his mom would listen to him. The reason why he is jealous of Marco is because he feels like the latter is taking his place. He wants to be the person his mom comes to for help and her confidant. As he talks, he realizes the culprit has been in front of him all this time.

The following morning, Chad runs into Julie and asks her to keep their discussion the previous night a secret. Julie agrees and tells him that he is a good son, he should be proud of himself. Chad confronts Madolyn about leaking the campaign. Madolyn insists that it was a good move and it worked out. Chad questions if she trusts him and Madolyn responds that she trusts herself and walks out.

To prove that she is serious about their relationship, Venetia gifts Britt the first organic batch of her Pride palette. Britt is touched and is ready to give them a chance.

Marco invites Ben out but he gets turned down. They all get called to a meeting, where Madolyn announces that she wants to redo the whole campaign. She knows they are pressed for time but she believes they can come up with a better campaign than the one they’ve brainstormed.

The Episode Review

I understand Chad’s frustration with his mom. Madolyn seems to care too much about her legacy in the company and is neglecting him a bit. However, Chad should be open about his feelings with her and not Julie. Julie is a great listener but he needs his mom to hear him out too.

I felt like Britt overreacted, she should learn to keep work and her relationship with Venetia separate. She knew Venetia before they started sleeping together, instead of sulking the whole day, she should have had a conversation with her. Thankfully, they had the conversation later on and fixed their problem.

As for Marco, Parker has been a walking red flag and for some reason, Marco has been acting blind. I am glad he is finally seeing the signs and hopefully he is truly done with Parker. Ben feels like a good guy and I wish he had the courage to be open about his feelings to Marco. This would have spared him a lot of hurt. I am not even sure he has a right to be angry with Marco, he has never told him directly how he feels. What are your thoughts?

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