Glamorous – Season 1 Episode 4 “Cash Only” Recap & Review

Cash Only

Episode 4 of Glamorous Season 1 begins with Marco and Parker getting to intimately know each other. For a whole week, Marco has been sleeping over at Parker’s place. This inspires him to do a video on how to fix a beat on the fly.

On the surface, it looks like things with Parker are going well but in reality, he is not ready to commit. Marco tries to know more about him but Parker is only interested in sex. He is at least open about this with Marco though but the latter is disappointed. A work emergency forces him to leave before they can have a deeper conversation though, and Parker is unavailable for a meeting later on in the day. He believes they have a good thing going and they shouldn’t ruin it by getting attached.

Back at the office, Alyssa comes up with a tagline for the Pride campaign. This is the first time a luxury brand will be doing Pride and Madolyn wants the campaign to mean something. They listen to Alyssa’s pitch and give their opinions. Chad thinks that they need to give the campaign a chance so that they can get Vendemiaire’s attention.  In order for that to happen, they need to keep the campaign a secret and have the element of surprise going for them.

Marco confides in Venetia that he is feeling down because Parker is not ready for more. Venetia advises him to play cool and act nonchalantly as well. He is worried the question spooked Parker and tries to stage a chill ambush to smooth things over.

On the other hand, Chad is pissed that Marco’s idea saved the company and Madolyn publicly acknowledged Marco in the meeting. Venetia confronts him about his attitude and Chad feels like he is being left out.  Venetia reminds him of his privilege but Chad turns the table on her and points out that Marco might lead to her being fired. Venetia starts to wonder if Madolyn will look past her contributions and start valuing Marco more.

In the meantime, Ben invites Marco out and he gladly accepts because he thinks they are friends. Britt advises him to continue trying until he gets out of the friend zone. Britt is more concerned that Venetia has been avoiding her since their last rendezvous.

Marco learns that the company needs a freelance trademark reviewer and thinks his mom has a chance. Venetia tells him the job is available but his mom will need to work from home.  She sends him on a coffee run where he runs into  Parker and some random dude called Danny. Apparently, Parker is also seeing Danny and that is why he is not available later that night. Marco goes on a jealous fit and dumps Parker.  He later regrets it and Venetia informs him that he made a rookie mistake because he caught feelings. She suggests that he gets over Parker by sleeping with someone else.

Madolyn is also having a problem after being added last minute to the 50 over 50 women killing it in Manhattan list. She is worried that going to the event will be establishing that she is old and she also needs to quickly get a plus-one. Alyssa tries to cheer her up and get her to stop feeling insecure.  In the end, Madolyn calls James and asks him to be her date for the event; she is also surprised to see that he is the photographer for their Pride campaign.

The Pride campaign shoot is going smoothly and Chad tries his best to make sure the set is secure. The last thing they need is a leak. After her talk with Chad, Venetia asks Madolyn to give her a chance to share some ideas. Madolyn asks her to be ready by tomorrow morning but the problem is Venetia’s idea well is dry. She will need to work overnight to come up with an original idea. Marco offers to help but Venetia turns him down. She, however, asks for help from Britt who agrees to cancel her night and help.

Britt realizes that Venetia is insecure and tries to encourage her to believe in herself. After nearly spending the whole night brainstorming, Venetia and Britt come up with the idea to create an organic make-up line under Glamorous as they don’t have one. By the end of the night, Venetia and Britt end up getting close again and spending the night together.

It seems Venetia is not the only one feeling insecure, Madolyn is also going through it about her age. Thankfully, she has James who encourages her and the event goes well.

Marco heads home and prepares to head out with Ben. Their plan is to go to Dizmal’s club for the underwear party being held that night. But first, Marco informs his mom about the job at the company and she is excited to apply.

Finally, Marco and Ben have a date and they are initially scared to let loose and party it up. Dizmal offers them a drug and once it hits them, they get crazy but in a good way. A few hot kisses are exchanged and some seductive moves were showcased on the bar table. After a few hours, Marco gets a call from Parker inviting him over to talk. Marco says goodbye to Ben and heads out after another steamy kiss.

At Parker’s house, Marco admits he caught feelings and Parker confesses he did as well.  They decide to try out a relationship and go to sleep.

The next morning, Venetia makes a great pitch for an organic palette and Madolyn asks her to oversee the product development and expects her to stay on top of everything including her other duties.

Marco and Ben talk about their wild night and they can barely remember everything. They do remember their kiss and they agree that it meant nothing.  They decide to pull a Jamie Foxx and blame it on the drugs.

Marco is surprised to see his mom got a job at the company. He thought she would be working from home and is terrified that she will take away his independence. Unfortunately, the good morning is ruined when Alyssa realizes that their Pride campaign was leaked. Chad starts to worry that they have a mole in the company.

The Episode Review

So many things happened in this episode. It seems like everyone except Ben got boo’d up. Ben had the perfect chance to shoot his shot in the elevator but once again blew it. He should have told Marco the truth but agonizingly, didn’t.

It’s now becoming increasingly clear though that Chad is manipulative. He got into Venetia’s head and that had her going above and beyond to prove her worth to Madolyn. It was a good thing though, given Venetia and Britt got closer thanks to the brainstorming.

I am excited to see who the mole is in the next episode; it’s always good to have a mystery going in a rom-com and it seems Glamorous is certainly going down that route.

Next Episode

Next Episode

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