Glamorous – Season 1 Episode 3 “Back of the Line” Recap & Review

Back of the Line

Episode 3 of Glamorous season 1 begins with Marco doing a vlog of what a perfect first date would look like to him. Marco wants fantasy, surprises, romance and drama. He basically wants what we see in shows but things on the ground are different. The truth is Marco is scared of what might be waiting on the other side.

He glams up for his first date with Parker and heads over to his apartment. Unfortunately for him, Parker has no plans to wine and dine him. Parker thinks more along the lines of drinking some Manhattans and then having sex. He is already on his sex playlist 2 and Marco fakes a make-up emergency and dashes out like a damsel in distress.

The next day at the office, Mykynnleigh is on the hunt for Madolyn who has not been in the office for a week. Mykynnleigh wants to discuss the financial crisis the company is in. Chad is hoping to convince her to stay invested in the Vendemiaire deal but Mykynnleigh gives him a chance to prove the company is worth it.

Chad lies that Madolyn is tucked away working on a buzz-worthy idea that will put them on the map again. She, however, insists on talking personally to Madolyn. Marco gets the idea to dress Ben as Madloyn and rush him out of the office to make Mykynnleigh think she just missed Madolyn.

Venetia is sure they can’t keep the pretense for too long so they start brainstorming on ways to help Madolyn. Marco suggests they pay Madolyn a visit and get her through the dark times. Chad doesn’t like the idea and they get into it. Venetia warns Marco to calm down and chose his battles wisely. She is right, going head-to-head with the boss’s son is never a good idea especially when you are a rookie.

Speaking of Madolyn, she is locked up in her house, feeling the pressure. Her company is on the brink and she has no idea how to save it.

Back at the office, Marco goes for a coffee run and is surprised to see his mom. She asks to join him for lunch but he turns her down. He also doesn’t believe that she is in the city to see a client, he promises to dig deeper into her story later.

On the other hand, Ben is happy to help Marco because it allows them to hang out. Britt suggests he gets back on the dating apps if he and Marco are just friends. Ben figures he has nothing to lose so they both get on the apps.

Marco confesses to Venetia that he is disappointed in Parker for only wanting sex. Venetia points out that Parker has been clear from the beginning about what he wants. It is Marco’s fault for misreading the situation. Marco is new to the game so he doesn’t get the silent rules. Venetia tells him it is not too late to fix it if he is into Parker.

Mykynnleigh shows up and points out that Venetia has so much potential. She offers to set up a meeting with Revlon but Venetia turns down the offer. Mykynnleigh advises her that she might want to save herself as the company is on the brink. This scares Venetia and she starts wondering what they will do to save the company.

Chad offers to visit his mom and see her progress with the new idea that will save them all. Teddy warns him that things are looking bleak but Chad is shocked to learn his mom has no idea. The situation gets more dire than he ever imagined. Madolyn lies that she has something but it is clearly a mess and no time would be enough to streamline it.  Chad informs her that they are running out of time and the stakes are high. Madolyn asks him to trust her and sends him on his way.

Elsewhere, Marco ambushes Parker at the gym and apologizes for leaving abruptly. Parker understands that Marco got scared even though he denies it. He asks Marco to stop playing games and to call him when he is ready for what he has to offer.

On the other hand, Ben gets a hit on the dating app but Britt suggests he changes to a better app. As she shows Ben the new dating app, she comes across Venetia’s profile and they match. Venetia is Bi and Britt officially has a chance.

Chad gets back to the office and announces that he is in charge and that they will help Madolyn by coming up with a  new idea. They call in a few people in the company to brainstorm but the ideas are terrible. Marco suggests they do a Pride campaign but they shoot down the idea because luxury brands don’t do Pride. Venetia asks Chad to reconsider Marco’s idea because it is better than his glam coin idea.

Marco insists on visiting Madolyn and pitching his idea against Venetia’s advice. Venetia decides to ask Mykynnleigh to set up a meeting with Revlon. She thinks Madolyn has given up on them and she should focus on herself.

Later, Marco spots Ben on Grindr and they decide to block each other but neither do. On her way out of the office, Venetia runs into Britt in the elevator and they talk about their date.

Marco makes his way to Madolyn’s house and she is surprised to see him there. Marco asks her to return to the office but is interrupted by Chad. Chad lies that he has everything under control and they get into it again. Madolyn warns Marco that he should respect Chad’s position. She insists that she can save the company by herself and sends them both away.

Britt and Venetia have a fun date at the gay bar and Venetia mentions her upcoming meeting with Revlon. Britt tells her that is a red flag and asks her to try and give the company a chance. Britt thinks that Venetia runs away at the first sight of trouble.

Teddy checks in on Madolyn and reminds her that she didn’t get to where she is alone. He tells her that everyone needs someone and it is okay to ask for help.

On the other side of town, Marco learns that his mom is on the brink of losing her job. She needs more clients to meet her billing hours. Marco comforts her and he realizes he needs to step up more.

The next morning, Ben tells Britt about his date and Britt confesses that she likes Venetia even though she is trouble. Venetia and Marco catch up too and she tells Marco he is lucky he didn’t get fired for showing up unannounced at Madolyn’s place. Marco knows he stepped out of line and is ready to fix it.

As they talk, Madolyn finally shows up and warns Marco to watch himself. She asks about Chad but Marco puts a good word for Chad who overhears everything. He is surprised that Marco stood up for him.

Madolyn gathers everyone and announces that she was unable to come up with an idea worthy of saving the company. She asks for their help and Chad brings up Marco’s idea. At first, Madolyn is hesitant but Marco convinces her that it will be fun.

They get busy given that Mykynnleigh is bound to return in two hours. Venetia cancels her meeting with Mykynnleigh and Revlon, choosing instead to remain loyal to Madolyn. They pitch the Pride campaign to Mykynnleigh who agrees it is a good idea.

After the meeting, Marco and Chad settle their differences. Marco then gets his cheque and he is happy he can help his mom. He also decides to chase Parker and set things right. On his way out, he runs into Ben and they agree not to block each other on the Grindr.

Marco sneaks into Parker’s building and confesses to him that he is scared but willing to find out what happens. They end up jumping into bed.

The Episode Review

So far, both Parker and Ben come off as really likable. I think Marco has the right to choose whomever he fancies but I wish Ben confessed his crush. It is kind of sad to see him in the friend zone, and you just know he’s lamenting the fact he missed out given his timing.

It’ll be exciting to see how this Pride campaign will turn out. Hopefully, it will run smoothly but this is a drama after all, so we do expect something to typically go wrong!

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