Glamorous – Season 1 Episode 2 “Secret Location” Recap & Review

Secret Location

Glamorous Season 1 Episode 2 begins with Marco vlogging about his love for his boss who is still killing it, while Marco is super excited about starting.

Elsewhere, Madolyn meets a new stranger in an elevator and has a casual, polite talk. She gets to the office and Marco welcomes her warmly. She shares notes on the new gondola concept ideas she has in mind. She wants the gondolas to make a statement but Chad is afraid they don’t have the money to bring her ideas to life.

Chad is also curious if Venetia has changed her mind about getting Marco fired. Venetia is on team Marco and is ready to help him.  After failing on the Venetia front, Chad decides to get his mom to sign off on the Vendemiaire deal. He thinks the deal will give them the cash infusion they need. He once again begs Madolyn to go through the Vendemiaire contract.

Venetia decides to grab the bull by its horn and directly asks Madolyn if Marco is her replacement. Madolyn assures her that she is not going to be fired. Venetia brings up a promotion, pointing out that the Vendemiaire deal will allow them to expand and she can finally get a promotion after three years. She agrees to mentor Marco so he can be ready to fill her shoes when she gets a promotion.

Speaking of Marco, he forgot to cancel his gym subscription and his mom’s credit card takes the hit for that. Marco is still thinking about Parker and is trying to ambush him at the gym. Parker asks him why he didn’t call him even though he has his number. He calls Marco out for playing games and asks him to reach out when he knows what he wants.  Marco plays it coy but it is clear he is thirsty for more than the mint-infused water at the gym.

Later, he goes to make casual talk with  Ben but is summoned by Venetia. It turns out that Britt thinks Venetia is straight so she has not made any moves on her. I think Britt needs to check her gaydar.  Britt turns the topic to Ben and insists on knowing when he will ask Marco out. Ben should get to it before Parker beats him to it. We all know matters of the heart are all about timing, right?

Back to Marco, Venetia advises him to stop playing games and ask Parker on a date if he likes him. She also asks him to step up in his job as his role involves more than being Madolyn’s hypeman. Venetia doesn’t want her mentee to flop, that won’t fly with her. Marco takes up the challenge and gets to it. He decides to challenge Alyssa to do a better social media post for the company, so Madolyn gives him a day.

He spends the day trying to shoot candid videos of Madolyn but the latter warns him not to post anything embarrassing. In the meantime, Madolyn decides to give Vendemiaire a chance to woo her but is pissed when the company only sends one employee, Mykynnleigh. However, she plays it cool like the composed queen that she is. She is even gracious enough to give Mykynnleigh a tour of the office.

Meanwhile, Chad shares his concerns over the deal with Venetia. He insists they need to get rid of Marco before he gets deeper into his mom’s head.  Venetia refuses to be part of his plans and Chad switches gears.  He tries to get close to Marco and asks him to manipulate Madolyn to agree to the Vendemiaire deal. Unfortunately for him, Marco is immune to his six-pack abs and now he needs another plan.

After spending the day with Mykynnleigh, Madolyn realizes the deal might make her lose her final say in creative control.  That is not a risk she is willing to take. On her way out, she runs into the man from earlier in the morning. His name is James and he invites her to have some drinks. Madolyn could use a drink after the hectic day she had and is glad to have a date. Her driver doesn’t think it is a good idea but is hoping this new guy will get a fair chance. Madolyn is picky and quite a diva.

In the evening, Marco puts up a video of Madolyn on social media and is disappointed that it is not doing well. Venetia suggests that he takes his mind off the phone and invites him for drinks at a gay bar. Marco takes her up on her offer and both Britt and Ben decide to come along. The theme for the bar party is 2003, so they all head home to get ready and meet outside the bar.

Chad remains back at the office with a conniving agenda. He takes the company’s phone and posts an embarrassing photo of Madolyn in the middle of a sneeze. He is hoping Madolyn will blame Marco and fire him again, this time for good.

Back to Marco, he heads home and notices his mom is getting ready for a date. He offers his help and then does a get-ready vlog. After all this is done, he makes his way to the club and gets VIP treatment because he is with Venetia. Alyssa is also there but Marco refuses to take her bait and check the social media post for the company.

At the bar, Marco meets Dizmal, a host at the club. They kick it off and decide to be friends.  Ben and Britt also make it and the gang gets to mingle. Ben and Marco have a casual talk and Marco learns that someone posted an embarrassing photo of Madolyn.  He is mortified and realizes that Chad is probably the culprit. The gang advise him to find a way to save himself.

The date with James goes rather well and Madolyn finds herself asking James for some advice. James gives her his number and they say goodbye to each other. Teddy is impressed that James was up to Madolyn’s standard.

After learning that his job is on the line, Marco calls it a night and Ben sees him off. Marco whines to his mom and she advises him to spin the problem into a good thing. This gives Marco an idea to save his job.

The next morning, he saves his ass by making the post look like it was a brave move. Even Michelle Obama commented on the post! Madolyn decides to let it go, but her trust in Marco is slightly broken.

Chad gets bad news when Madolyn decides to call off the Vendemiaire deal. He finally tells her that the company is in bad shape and on the brink of bankruptcy. He invites Mykynnleigh over to the office to discuss the deal in more depth.

Ben admits to Britt that he was scared to shoot his shot. Unlike Ben, Marco takes a chance and asks Parker out on a date and gets a yes.

The Episode Review

Ben missed his chance and Parker is making his way into Marco’s heart. Well, it is what it is and I am excited to see how the date will go. It is never over till it is over so Ben might still win Marco over.

It is sad that the company is on the brink of bankruptcy, Chad should have told his mom sooner. I really don’t like Chad, Marco is the least of his problems, yet he is fixated on destroying him. I am beginning to think he is jealous that Marco is getting close to Madolyn.

I also don’t like Mykynnleigh, she seems suspicious and fishy, so Madolyn needs to watch out for her.

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