Girls5eva – Season 3 Episode 1 “Fort Worth” Recap & Review

Fort Worth

Episode 1 begins with Girls5eva attending a talk show and announcing that they’ll be adding more cities to their current tour. Dawn announces that she misses her family, while Gloria makes it clear that she is a homosexual single looking for girls to mingle with. 

The next morning the girls share their last night adventures. Dawn reveals that she slept like a baby, while Gloria is proud that she has started doing one-night stands. Gloria stalks the woman she spent the night with and even leaves a message for her on Instagram, asking to see her again.

Wickie joins the group and yells at Dawn for not following up on the leads she sent to her last night. Wickie is also annoyed because they’ve to stay at a run-down- hotel. 

As the episode progresses, the group delivers a lively show at the bar. After the performance, they run into Lil Stinker, who now walks on pillows rather than putting his feet on the ground to avoid dirtying his expensive Jordans. Lil Stinker subtly mocks them and says they should only stay in Fort Worth and drop the idea of performing in other cities.

This angers Wickie, promoting her to call Lil Stinker a piece of s**t and walk out of the room. But Lil Stinker’s words have struck fear in Wickie’s heart, and she can’t help but think that what if Lil Stinker was right? What if they never leave Fort Worth? Wickie asks Dawn to get her act straight and start making plans, but Dawn warns Wickie not to push her.

Wickie then goes to Summer’s room, asking her to lead, but misinterprets her advice and decides to go solo and separate from the band. This is why Summer doesn’t want to be alone with Wickie; she always ends up saying things she shouldn’t have said or hinted at in the first place. If you didn’t know, in season 1 she accidentally advised Wickie to leave the group and become a solo artist. However, Wickie returned soon after when her solo career took a nosedive. 

In the morning, it is revealed that Wickie has no intention to quit. She further reveals that she has used all the money they’ve earned in Fort Worth and has put a down payment on a venue befitting a real tour. Six months from today, Girls5eva is performing on Radio City. However, in the event they’re unable to sell enough tickets, they’ll be liable to pay Tishman Speyer Properties $570,000.

The Episode Review

The first episode of Girls5eva kicks off with the band announcing more tour dates, but things quickly get complicated. Dawn misses her family, Gloria embraces her single and voluptuous life, and Wickie feels the pressure to make their tour a success.

After a run-in with a former star, Lil Stinker, Wickie makes a bold decision that could either make or break the band’s future. 


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