Girl From Nowhere – Season 2 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The Judgement

Episode 8 of Girl From Nowhere Season 2 marks our finale with the opening shot of white flowers spattered with drops of sickly red blood. The idea of revenge and who has the right to deliver it is brought up, which has really typified the tone and mood of this second season. Foreshadowed glimpses of Nanno being stabbed sees her awaken suddenly from a bad dream.

Still sporting her cut neck from the previous episode, Nanno shows up at her next school ready to exact some sweet, sweet revenge. Only, Yuri is already there… or so Nanno thinks, it’s actually a girl called Junko. She introduces herself to the girl but she’s pretty docile. We soon find out her Mother Waan has donations set up to help her out.

Predictably, Nanno heads over to their house, where she finds Waan looking after her. As fate would have it, she also happens to be the same woman who Nanno envisioned stabbing her.

Anyway, Nanno sits with this Mother and discusses her daughter’s condition. What Waan doesn’t realize is that Nanno has taken the vial of medicine for herself.

That evening, Junko heads home with her Mother and she’s injected again, eventually taken into her room after dinner. It seems she’s being sedated but we’ll have to wait and see if that holds any truth.

Nanno catches up with Waan the next day at school, asking outright about a teacher she’s trying to find. Her name was Mrs Supatra Meesiri but it turns out she left school the previous semester. No one seems to know where she is though and apparently she left without saying bye.

Only, that’s not the only teacher. In fact, a whole slew of others have also left as well in recent times. Nanno hands back the vial and tells her she knows this isn’t the right medicine.

With incriminating pictures of her basement, Nanno asks outright just what Waan has been injecting into her daughter. The teachers are all dead too, at least the ones who’ve questioned her about the serum, and now Nanno has the proof.

This is enough to force Waan’s hand, who agrees to meet with the girl once more. Now the truth comes out. Waan was sedating her daughter and making Junko ill on purpose. Waan was taking the donation money for herself so she could make extra money on top of her teacher salary. The bodies are also stashed away in her house too.

Just before Nanno shares the proof online, Waan admits that Junko is actually the real culprit here. She’s the one who killed the teachers through her sheer hatred and disdain for everyone around her. When Junko could walk again, she began her murderous rampage, with Waan covering all of this up to protect her own daughter.

Despite being labelled a monster, Waan tries to have Nanno understand her way of thinking. And to a certain degree it seems like she does.

However, Yuri shows up with Junko, wheeling her out to the courtyard. These two play off the two sides of the revenge coin, with both Nanno and Yuri wanting the same result but having very different methods of getting there. Yuri forces this story to play out, handing a knife over to Junko and letting her stab Waan several times.

Now the pair watch as Waan and Junko fight with each other,  both seeing the shades of gray in these characters and how both are victims and also worthy of revenge.

Their skirmish eventually ends with Waan humming ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’, which brings back memories for Junko over those moments her Mother cared and was there for her. Just before Junko stabs Waan in the gut, Nanno jumps in and grabs the knife. Waan then turns and stabs Nanno multiple times. Yuri stands and laughs manically. Tears well up in Nanno’s eyes as blood splashes over white flowers.

Through all this pain and bloodshed, Junko kneels down and slits her Mother’s throat. With Waan dead and Nanno seemingly meeting the same fate, Yuri cuts her hand and runs a bloodied finger over Junko’s mouth.

She licks her lips as it seems this duo are the new revenge power couple. As they walk away from one another, the camera pans up to a balcony with Nanno sitting, watching this unfold. She asks outright whether she’s really necessary any more, as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Girl From Nowhere bows out its second season with a decent conclusion, one that delivers more revenge thrills, intriguing ideas and a thought provoking ending with a possible open-ended solution that leans nicely into another set of episodes.

The case itself this time was okay, and really serves as a backdrop for this Nanno/Yuri rivalry to play out. This second season has certainly pulled out all the stops to deliver an enthralling final chapter and for the most part, it delivers.

This conflict has been fascinating to watch across the season and although the mythos is still a little hazy, we do get more clues around how all this works (more in the accompanying ending explained article to come!)

In the meantime, Girl From Nowhere bows out with a satisfying conclusive chapter, delivering an excellent follow-up to 2018’s thriller. It won’t be for everyone, and many people will be turned away by the gore and violence, but those who stick around will undoubtedly find a lot to like here.



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3 thoughts on “Girl From Nowhere – Season 2 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review”

  1. The ending was awful, I wouldn’t call it thought provoking. I don’t think I enjoyed a single episode ever since Yuri’s annoying presence wouldn’t leave the show. Whatever the dynamic of the disabled (mentally too) girl and Yuri will be, I am not interested. The whole set up to Nanno’s death was cheap. Overall I think I will just pretend that season two doesn’t exist.

  2. Hey Hugo, thanks for commenting!

    ” remember that sometimes Nanno called Yuri impatient and it is likely that her impatience will be her executioner.” Yeah that’s a great shout, thanks for the heads up. I think you’re right, and it’s definitely not the last we’ll see of Nanno. She’s too big a character to miss off. It could well be that she starts gaining revenge over Yuri and botching her revenge missions as a way of retribution. We shall see; hopefully this is renewed for season 3 though!

    -Greg W

  3. My theory regarding what may happen in the third season if there is one, is that as Yuri now has a power like Nanno will seek to transfer it to those who consider worthwhile and thus form allies, and with respect to Nanno as it was shown that she is still alive possibly will be watching Yuri and wait for the right time to appear to her, remember that sometimes Nanno called Yuri impatient and it is likely that her impatience will be her executioner.

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