Girl From Nowhere – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Girl From Nowhere Season 2 begins with a livestream for an influencer called JennyX, muttering under her breath that she wants to die. She heads online and with her parents’ guidance and direction, asks for exam answers. Only, a suicide begins trending which dwindles her viewing figures. JennyX’s streamers are abuzz with the news, with Jane annoyed that she’s not getting all the attention.

At school, Jane continues to play her part. She’s the golden child, saying hey to everyone… including Nanno. Nanno claims to be a big fan and takes her seat, intent on winding the girl up. Nanno presses her for answers, knowing that she’s unhappy and asking the girl to open up and be honest. She doesn’t for now, but it’s abundantly clear that she wants to.

As we see more of Jane’s home life, we learn that her parents made a big decision and chose to buy more followers for her. Jane is fed up with this life. In fact, she tells Nanno in confidence that she wants to just disappear and go somewhere no one can find her. Nanno smiles mischievously and suggests she should take another option rather than leaving – suicide.

We then cut forward to another JennyX live-stream. This time Jane goes completely off-script while on-air, telling all her followers the truth about her parents and how they’ve been forcing her hand all this time. She also outright declares that she wants to kill herself.

While her followers believe this is a cry for attention, Jane is very adamant that she’s telling the truth. She even has her followers choose a way for her to die. Eventually Jane slits her throat and collapses on the floor. As the stream ends, it turns out this was all a ruse to allow Jane to die and be “reborn” in her own image.

And what an image that is. Rosie (Jane’s new alias) checks in to a hotel and has completely changed her appearance. She sports a nose ring, all black clothes and highlights in her hair too. Unfortunately this plan hits a snag when an anonymous tip to the press hints that Jane has faked her death. And that anonymous tip? Yuri.

She heads on TV and capitalizes on this JennyX scandal, deciding to start her own channel. This winds Jane up to no end, who eventually agrees to meet Yuri up on the rooftop.

Once there, Yuri demands information on Nanno, putting the girl in a difficult position to choose between these two dangerous characters. Nanno calls Jane out for this and encourages her to stab the girl. She does just this and begins to panic.

Now following Yuri’s lead, Jane makes it look like Nanno was trying to kill her after stabbing the girl in the belly. As Jane presents herself as JennyX, the comments suddenly tell her that she’s a fraud and that the real JennyX is back… and that happens to be Nanno.

Nanno has adopted Jane’s life and heads on-air, saying hi to everyone in the real Jane’s stead. Be careful what you wish for; Jane asked for this originally of course, deciding she wants to be alone. After her comments about leeching off her parents, Nanno has completely changed this reality.

Defeated and realizing the error of her ways, Jane walks away. When she does though, both Yuri and Nanno discuss what’s transpired. The former tells her teacher that she’s evil. It’s also clear that Nanno is starting to doubt her own methods.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Girl From Nowhere is arguably the weakest of the bunch, with the whole influencer story bogged down in the wake of Yuri and Nanno’s ongoing feud. It’s a shame too because there’s some nice ideas here about the price of fame and what one will do to be the best.

These ideas are certainly palpable but the execution falls short compared to some of the better episodes across this season. The series is undoubtedly gearing up for a big finale though, and the ending here certainly hints that we’re going to get more drama to follow.

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