Girl From Nowhere – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Girl From Nowhere Season 2 marks an important part of this sequel’s follow-up story. The opening scene is shocking, with three girls sprawled out on the floor, unconscious and bloodied.

We then cut back three months earlier. Yuri is a student at a school and the only one wearing a red ribbon in her hair. Tubtim and Nana hand her a new bag, telling her she needs to follow their lead if they’re going to hang out together.

Grooming Yuri into their image, Nanno arrives and sits in the seat reserved for their bags. She questions Nana and Tubtim, eventually seeing her allowed to join their clique. Proving her worth, Nanno pinky promises with them that she’ll do her best.

She watches silently as Yuri is treated like a servant, forced to get food for both Nana and Tubtim. Now it becomes clear that they’re just using her, and Nanno can see straight through it.

In fact, she sticks up for Yuri and offers to change the exam answers for Nana and Tubtim herself when they ask. Nanno follows Yuri back home too, and finds out she’s been receiving money for her dastardly acts. She calls the girl out for it, but Yuri shrugs off the complaint; she’s just doing this to get paid.

Nanno heads home with Yuri, seeing how she lives and the mother/daughter bond the two have. This seems to trigger something inside Nanno, typified by the slow-motion close-up we receive of her sitting and watching them both.

Anyway, the pair eventually head out into the hallway together, where Yuri’s rage encourages Nanno to groom her into a young protégé of sorts. Yuri realizes that the girls are keeping something private on their laptop, and with Nanno’s help the pair find out what.

Within this laptop are a whole stack of videos depicting abuse, including one folder labelled Yuri. Just before Nanno opens it up however, she’s grabbed from behind and knocked out. When Nanno awakens, she finds herself tied up in the basement with the three girls standing around her. It turns out this was their plan the whole time, using Nanno as their next target.

Nanno fakes her tears before eventually admitting that she’s already uploaded all the footage onto the cloud. As she begins mocking them and moaning, both Nana and Tubtim launch forward and beat Nanno to a bloody pulp.

This is all kept on camera by Yuri, who decides to blackmail the pair. Now the balance of power has shifted, and Yuri is the one in control. It turns out she too was a victim of abuse, and the folder on the laptop has a video to prove it. Now though the girls are hers to control.

As Yuri laughs coldly, she allows the two girls to be abused while it’s filmed. These guys don’t stop there though. They grab Yuri and plunge her into the water, drowning her.

With the laptop taken away, the opening shot of this episode becomes the end, as Nanno sits up in the bath and tells Yuri if she wasn’t so stupid then this could have been interesting. As Nanno walks away, Yuri opens her eyes.

The Episode Review

Girl From Nowhere returns with a chilling episode, one that shows the price one is willing to take to be part of a clique. It also highlights the darker side of blackmail and how seemingly innocent and helpful people can have far darker and disturbing sides.

The abuse videos are an absolutely harrowing reveal and some of the scenes in this episode are pretty difficult to watch. I can imagine that some will be turned off by this and may actually find it a step too far. I have to say, it is borderline distasteful at times but it also sends the message across effectively.

More importantly, this is a telling chapter for this Yuri/Nanno rivalry. Quite how both girls are able to still be walking around through all this torture however, remains a mystery.

One thing’s for sure though, this second season has really come into its own and much like the first, there’s an unusual and gripping tone to this show that makes it a must-watch.

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