Girl From Nowhere – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Minnie and the Four Bodies

Episode 3 of Girl From Nowhere season 2 switches tone once more to explore the hierarchical look at the rich and poor divide.

Minnie is our central focus here and she’s accused by her teacher of cheating on her exam. Minnie’s Father is not best pleased and forces her to apologize. She’s adamant she didn’t do anything though.

Out in the hallway we learn she’s a compulsive liar and her Father implores his daughter to use her head from now on. As punishment, he takes her car away for a month. Minnie refuses to listen, used to her privileged position of getting whatever she wants. As she gloats on the phone to her friend Je t’aime, she loses control of the car and crashes.

Not only does she crash her car, she also runs over Ploen along with three other victims. The reporters immediately rally against Minnie, who finds her life spiraling out of control. Her father is absolutely furious and even worse, he finds himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

According to Minnie, someone messed with the brakes on her car and claims that they were faulty. This is the final straw though, as Songkiat refuses to allow her any freedom.

When Minnie returns to school, a horrific sombre tone hangs over the classroom. Silently, all the other students walk out while symbolically leaving flowers on the table in front of her. Even best friend Je t’aime walks away silently.

When Songkiat heads on the news, he claims Minnie has never touched alcohol but the other students are irate, knowing this is a lie. In fact, they even leave messages in the bathroom calling for vengeance and justice.

Songkiat next gives Minnie a statement to read for the press. The fact she hasn’t even apologized to the victims’ parents is telling unto itself. Anyway, Minnie reads her first statement before heading outside the courthouse.

An empty bottle of wine rolls across the ground and brushes past her leg. Minnie was drinking that night of course, and it seems this strange red-ribboned girl may have been responsible for the car crashing.

Now we see the ugly side of social media, as students openly discuss killing Minnie and making her pay. As Minnie talks to Je t’aime the next day, she’s standoffish with the girl and claims she can see four bodies following Minnie around. And now Minnie sees it too. The ominous whistling of ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’ echoes through the air, as Minnie hurries through the hallways alone.

The verdict for the trial comes in and Minnie is forced to complete 300 hours of community service and pay some fines; she’s not imprisoned for what’s happened. It’s yet another example of the rich getting away and the mob are not happy.

As the family drive off, Minnie’s driver crashes the car as the brakes fail to work. This time, when Minnie awakens Nanno is siting waiting for her.

She reads various different messages, allowing those dark wishes to come true courtesy of some cronies working for her. It begins with Minnie’s legs crushed and then her teeth pulled out.

This awful groundhog day-esque revenge continues with Minnie awakening absolutely fine again. Various different people step up, including Ploen’s parents who saw her limbs off. Her last death comes from her own Father choking her out.

And now Minnie actually opens her eyes. She’s in hospital following the accident. Nanno is there, looking down at her and delivering some chilling words. She tells her she’s only died twice and eventually walks away.

When Nanno goes, the red-ribboned girl shows up humming again. Her name is Yuri and she has both audio and video footage of exactly what’s happened with Minnie.

As the episode closes out, Nanno heads down to the ground floor but is taken aback slightly by Minnie falling to her doom. Yuri skips down behind Nanno and smiles. “Surprise!” She says, as the two come face to face.

It turns out Yuri was heavily involved in this episode and seems to have pushed Minnie out the window.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. So it seems like both Yuri and Nanno have the same ideas but Yuri is much more direct and straightforward about all this. After murdering Minnie at the end of this episode, it seems clear that she’s somehow competing against Nanno for these murders.

The whole concept of this episode revolving around the rich and poor is a good one and the harsh lesson Minnie learned at the end is certainly a sobering one. Her father has always acted as aa shield and now that he’s been taken down, Minnie essentially has no defence and takes the cowardly option. In a way, you could say she doesn’t really learn her lesson and never actually faces the music.

Either way, this second season has been just as good as the first, ending with a really solid cliffhanger ready for the next episode.

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