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Girl From Nowhere is back and after an explosive and shocking finale in 2018, episode 1 of season 2 begins with Nanno ready to exact revenge once more. This time though, the attention falls to Nanai. He’s a popular boy at school and is in line to become the next school president. Numerous girls there have had abortions though, thanks to Nanai promising them the world and then leaving them. Looks like it’s time for some Nanno flavoured revenge!

Nanno and Nanai start growing closer together, exhibiting all the signs of a couple madly in love. Jeng and the other students, including Lookmee, decide to place bets on how long this couple will last.

As the bets begin, Nanno speaks to a pregnant girl called Petch, telling her not to think of herself as a victim. This simply fuels Nanno’s fires of revenge, speaking to Nanai and deciding to sleep with him. This concludes the bet with a grand total of 3 days, 3 hours and 33 minutes.

As fate would have it, this just so happens to match one of the bets Nanno herself made, who takes all the money. As she leaves the class, she flashes the cash to Nanai and tells him she too is playing a game.

The obligatory break-up then ensues, with Nanno playing the part well. She calls him out for being a womanizer before nonchalantly shrugging off his advances, telling the boy that she was just playing the part.

As she leaves, Nanno sits with Petch and hears that she attempted to abort her child but failed. “It’s the first time I’m happy not to have failed.” She eventually declares.

Meanwhile, Nanai starts to feel under the weather. In the locker room, he lifts his shift for a girl to reveal a bloated belly. This is all the rage around school, and Nanai even starts vomiting and having big mood swings.

When he heads to the doctors, it’s revealed that he’s actually pregnant. He’s 16 weeks gone and it’s looking like a healthy baby girl. The school slowly turn on him, as Nanai gets a taste of his own medicine. He’s no longer the model student he’s portrayed to everyone.

Heading home, his Father tells him to get an abortion but he struggles to do so. It’s not until Nanai’s belly swells that he thinks twice about that. Popping pills, he does his best to swallow but he constantly finds himself vomiting. That vomit soon turns to blood though, as he doubles over in the bathroom wincing in pain.

Nanai grabs a knife and looks set to stab himself in the belly. Thankfully, a knock at the door stops him. Whoever the girl is, they leave after dropping off a note. He realizes that Nanno is the one who got him pregnant and confronts her at school. Nanno shrugs it off though, telling him it was just a bit of fun.

This is enough for Nanai to see the error of his ways. He approaches Petra and apologizes for what happened between them in the past. He was insensitive and asks her for forgiveness. She shrugs it off though, telling him it’s okay and that she’s made peace with her decision. As they hug each other, Petra wishes him good luck and walks away.

Well, we then skip forward in time and see Nanai has given birth (well, a C-section because y’know, there’s no way it could come out of THAT.)

With the baby cooing and wrapped in a blanket, Nanai’s animosity washes away like a wave. His nipples start leaking and he breast feeds the child. A knock at the door brings Nanno as Nanai apologizes to her. She brings a gift and refuses to come back, shutting the door in his face and walking away.

As she does though, a picture outside shows Nanno’s face with scribbles over which seems to hint that we’ve got a bit of a revenge rivalry going on here. Red writing even spells out “See You Soon.”

The Episode Review

Let this be a lesson kids, having sex without protection is never the way to go. Nanno once again teaches a student a lesson, this time high-flying model student Nanai.

The betting and various supporting characters all play their parts well but it’s ultimately Nanai who takes the limelight here. His character transformation – both physically and mentally – works wonders to prove that age old adage of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Now he knows exactly what it’s like to be pregnant and alone at school. He even ends up in a motel at the end too.

With Nanno’s first revenge of the season done, the red scribbled writing outside on Nanno’s photos seems to hint that we’ve got a bit of a revenge feud going on. Regardless, this episode starts the season off strongly.

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