Ginny & Georgia – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

I’m No Cinderella

Episode 10 of Ginny and Georgia season 2 starts off with Georgia narrating how people change and why. She admits she has changed and worries about the trauma her kids have to go through while acting like everything is normal. As she narrates, she serves Ginny and Austin breakfast and asks if they are okay.

At school, Maxine runs up to Ginny to comfort her because Marcus broke up with her. Abby and Norah arrive and pick her up to go to an English class.

Maxine is left behind, and Hunter joins her. She receives a compliment text from Silver, and she also tells Hunter that Ginny and Marcus broke up.

In class, Ginny keeps looking at Marcus, and Matt asks them if they have broken up. Matt asks Marcus if he can join them at Brodie’s. The teacher comes in and asks them to settle down.

A flashback comes to show young Gil pushing Georgia to the floor and Georgia taking a gun and pointing it at Gil. Gil, however, takes the gun from her violently and tells her that she might not get rid of him easily.

Sophie and Maxine are on a coffee date. Ginny tries to peep through the glass to watch them, but Joe blocks her. She later tells Joe that they broke up with Marcus. Maxine learns of her breakup with Josh. Maxine tells Sophie they can’t be friends because she is starting to like someone else.

Zion, Ginny and Georgia are together after dinner, and Zion notices their tension. Ginny tells Zion that Marcus broke up with Marcus. Zion tells her that he will pay for another class since she dropped the Ap English one.

Ginny and Marcus are on their respective beds, both looking at their photos while lamenting about their break up. Ellen comes up to Marcus and gives him a tablet and some water, and rubs his shoulder. Georgia also comes to Ginny and starts to tell her about lake Powell.

Suddenly, Maxine comes in, all excited to take Ginny to Abby’s pregaming. As she is getting Ginny’s clothes, she reveals that Marcus has been battling depression even before their breakup. However, she asks Ginny not to share it with anyone else.

When Ginny and Maxine leave, Georgia is left packing. She remembers when she was young and how she wrote her name on one of Gil’s checks and writes her name.

Meanwhile, Abby, Norah, Maxine and Ginny meet up, and when they start talking about their breakups they’ve had, they decide to play a fun game instead.

Ginny suddenly stops and mentions Lake Powell while she’s leaving. On the other hand, Hunter, Padma, Matt, Brodie and Jordan are playing cards at Brodie’s place. Marcus joins them and asks for Ginny, but Hunters tells him Ginny is not with them

Hunter also offers Marcus some beer, and they get to talk as friends. Marcus tells Hunter he broke up with Ginny because he is a ‘piece of shit’.

Abby and Maxine arrive and upon finding Marcus drunk, pick him up to go back home. Abby whispers something to Matt, while at the same time, Padma and Hunter get to talk. Padma tells Hunter that he did a good thing talking to Marcus.

Abby and Matt are kissing and making out when Norah finds them. Norah pulls Abby out, and she’s hurt that things have been bad, but Norah only cares about Maxine. They hug, and Norah tells her she can tell her when she’s going through something bad.

As they are talking, Jordan comes and grabs Abby. Norah is left alone once again. She leaves them and goes to the bathroom. While at the door, she overhears someone coughing, and when the door opens, Sophie shows up.

Abby then turns on the tap to let the water run and shuts the door. Meanwhile, Ginny calls the mount to enquire about her mom’s wedding, but she realizes that she has already cancelled it.

Back at Ellen’s house, Georgia and Ellen are talking. Georgia tells her that she’s doing all she can to raise Marcus well. Ellen asks her about her wedding, but she evades the question telling her how she’s happy she has her as a friend.

As they are talking, Marcus and Maxine come back drunk. Ellen is upset knowing that they are both drunk she sends them upstairs to sleep.

Marcus is waiting for Georgia outside to ask how Ginny is doing. Georgia tells her Ginny is doing okay and thanks her for making her daughter feel safe. While Georgia is leaving, Marcus tells her that her secret is well-kept.

Georgia goes back home to find Ginny waiting for her. She asks her why she had to cancel the wedding. Georgia tells her she needs to leave because Gil is threatening her and making her life harder.

Ginny finally manages to convince her to tell Paul about Gil. Later on, Georgia is pacing in front of Paul, nervous because she’s going to tell him all about her crimes except the murders. She also tells him that she was behind Gil’s imprisonment and that Gil is threatening her. Paul is shocked and leaves when she follows up the details about the gunshot. As he’s leaving, he looks back and notices that Ginny and Austin are listening to their conversation.

Georgia remembers when Gil was almost getting imprisoned, and he was knocking loudly on her door. Georgia puts on loud music so that the kids may not hear the knocking and threatening her after finding out that she framed him.

Later Ginny visits Marcus to tell him that she already knows what he’s going through. She offers to be a friend to him.

After this, Georgia, Ginny and Austin are lying on the bed waiting for a word from Paul. Paul texts Georgia telling her that he wants to meet her at his office. Ginny finds it kind of weird, and they immediately think that Paul will have her arrested, so Ginny asks if they should pack up the car and run away. Georgia refuses the idea and insists on going to the office and seeing Paul.

Georgia arrives at the office to find Paul’s attorney, Paul and a police officer there. Paul requests that Georgia sits down. After a few seconds, Gil comes in. Paul tells Gil that he can send him back to prison if he calls Gil’s parole officer. He also tells Gil that Georgia has told him everything, and he will not be getting any of his money.

Paul also adds that his lawyer, Perry, will fight for custody, and he will only visit his stepson and wife if Paul lets him. Gil is then escorted out of the office by the police officer and the attorney.

After the three leave, Paul tells Gill he may not marry her because her career might be at stake but he will marry her because he can’t live without her. They kiss, and Georgia is happy.

Afterwards, Georgia runs to her house, calling Ginny and telling her that Paul still wants to marry her. She immediately remembers that she had cancelled the wedding. Ginny tells her to leave that to her.

Later, Ginny comes with a horse with a cart, finding Georgia in front of the house in her gown. Thankfully, they both leave happy. Meanwhile, an all-dressed-up Nick is texting on his phone when Gabriel comes in. Gabriel tells him that he is not a teacher and his name is not Jesse. Gabriel reveals that he’s private investigator, warning that Georgia is not who she seems to be.

Georgia and Ginny arrive at the wedding venue and are welcomed by Ellen and Maxine. They are all excited and after Ginny goes in, Georgia is about to enter but Paul is seemingly very nervous. Ginny gives a speech saying that to be loved by Georgia is powerful, asking Paul to take care of her.

Georgia asks Ginny how she did all of this, and she tells her the townspeople whom she helped with their small businesses love her. However, they both discover Nick is not at the wedding.

Meanwhile, Joe is sitting on a chair downstairs, and Marcus joins him. They are not sure if they want to go upstairs to the wedding. However, after a small talk with each other, they finally decide to go.

How Does Ginny & Georgia End?

Georgia and Ginny have their first dance, and Ginny sees Marcus, and she’s happy. While dancing, Georgia narrates that Ginny is growing and becoming better than she is. She also says that she’s scared of happiness.

As they dance, Gabriel comes in with policemen, and they arrest Georgia for the murder of Tom Fuller. Paul tells Georgia that he’s going to call the lawyer and that he will be behind her.

As the police car leaves with Georgia in it, Austin tells his sister that he never told anyone and begins to run after the police car.

The Episode Review

I wish Paul never married Georgia, I feel pity for the reality that is about to hit him. I also feel terribly sad for Austin who might be forced to testify against his mom. I can’t imagine how scared he feels thinking it is his fault. However, I am glad that Georgia is finally facing some consequences for her crimes.

Joe might be feeling blue but he dodged a bullet. Unfortunately, Gil didn’t learn his lesson and tried to mess with Georgia again. This time, she still won. He failed to understand that she can play the game better than him.

I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds in the next season… do you think Georgia will manage to get away again?

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