Ginny& Georgia – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Let Us Serenade the Shit Out of You

Episode 7 of Ginny and Georgia season 2 starts with Ginny and Georgia eating cake on a couch and Georgia telling Ginny that life is unfair and hard so she has to be hard too. They haven’t left the couch for days since Christmas and Georgia tells Ginny she doesn’t have to go to school if she’s not ready.

Marcus texts Ginny telling her he’s back from his grandparents. Georgia then leaves the couch saying she has errands to run. Ginny then narrates that her mom had to be hard since life hasn’t been so good to her.

Georgia heads straight to Zion to ask him why he didn’t tell her that Ginny was burning herself. Zion says that Ginny begged him not to tell on her.  Simone comes in and Georgia tells Zion he could have told her something.

Marcus comes to visit Ginny and she’s excited and jumps on him. They sit on the couch and Ginny tells him that her mom knows about her burning herself and she got all motherly. Marcus also tells Ginny that his time with his grandparents was cheerful.

Austin then shows up and shows Marcus and Ginny a magic trick. Ginny tells Marcus that Gil came out of prison. Abby, Norah, Maxine and Ginny are busy talking about how they spent their Christmas when Maxine tells Ginny, Marcus never came out of his room.

Back at Georgia’s home, Gil is telling Georgia that he’s changed but she doesn’t believe him. He also wants to take Austin to a hockey game but Georgia refuses the request. Gil tries to get intimate with Georgia asking her if she still feels the sexual tension they had but Georgia turns him down.  Ellen comes in to show Georgia the bridesmaids’ dresses and Gil also wants to see the dresses. Ellen is amused that Gil calls Georgia ‘G’. Gil leaves and Ellen is left with Georgia to talk about the wedding. Georgia lets Ellen that she doesn’t want her wedding to look like other weddings.

Bracia, Maxine and her friends are talking about Bracia and Bryon. Maxine later joins them. Ginny is a bit stressed about her English class because she has to choose a book. Ginny gives the girls the names of the book she has thought of and Stacy suggests Sister Outsider.

Maxine reminds them that they have to go to their English class. In class, Ginny explains to the class about the book she has chosen. After she’s done Mr Gotten suggests that the class reads chapters and that  Ginny will lead the class discussion on the book, Ginny is not pleased but does not refuse the task.

Georgia comes to school and meets Cynthia and Ellen and she says hi to them.  Austin comes from class excited. Georgia says hi and Austin sees his father and runs to him. He came with tickets for the Hockey game. Austin asks for snack money and Ginny gives him some before he leaves with Gil for the hockey game.

There’s a flashback to when Gil and Georgia were young. Gil tells Georgia that he likes buying her things. Georgia asks him why he has so much money and Gil tells her all about the fake services he makes for the company and he gets to keep the money for the fake services without anyone noticing it.

Georgia and Paul are watching a movie but Georgia seems distracted by her phone. She says she’s tracking Gil and Austin. Georgia gave Austin a watch with a tracker in it. Paul suggests that his lawyer finalizes visitation permission but Georgia declines the offer and says she’s got it by tracking them.

Simone, Ginny and Zion are having dinner together. Ginny asks if Simone ever feels guilty for defending a guilty criminal. Simone answers that by saying that everyone needs to get defense. Ginny remembers that she has to lead her in discussing the book she chose and decides to leave. Zion offers to take her home.

Gil and Austin arrive back home, where Paul promptly assumes the “stepfather” position and instructs Austin to go to bed. Shortly thereafter, Zion arrives to drop off Ginny, and the ensuing interaction between the three men is tense and reminiscent of a Western film. Zion expresses shock at seeing Gil out of prison, and after Gil departs, Paul and Zion bond over their mutual dislike for him.

Georgia meets with Ginny in her bedroom and asks if things between Zion and Simone are getting serious but Ginny doesn’t want to get involved. Georgia leaves and Ginny gets a text from Marcus who is standing at their window. She asks why he wasn’t in school and he tells her he doesn’t like Mondays after a vacation.

Ginny invites him over but he says he’s too tired. His father then comes in and hand signals him if he can join them to watch a movie but he doesn’t want to. Clint then asks Marcus how school was and he tells him it was good and then he leaves. Marcus goes to bed.

Ginny approaches Silver at school and asks where Marcus is and she tells her Marcus was not in their Chemistry class. Bracia and Maxine then join them. Maxine immediately notices Silver’s necklace. Silver then leaves and Bracia and Ginny tell Maxine that Silver seems to have a crush on Maxine.

Marcus then arrives at school staggering and Maxine and Ginny are surprised he is drunk.  Georgia comes in and Ginny has to hide Marcus from her.

Georgia is taking Ginny to her therapy appointment. Despite the therapist’s emphasis on creating a secure environment for Ginny and providing support, Georgia is insistent on being present for her daughter’s therapy session. While Ginny is grateful for her mother’s presence, she expresses the need for Georgia to be a better listener during these sessions.

Maxine takes Marcus home and while she’s getting her to bed he asks Maxine if Ginny is not supposed to like him.

Back at the therapy session, Ginny is telling  Georgia what she wants from her. She needs Georgia to always listen to her.

Georgia and Ginny are in the car and they drink to the session they just had. Ginny tells her about Mr Gitten’s task and Georgia tells her she never raised her to take any shit.

Abby immediately texts Ginny an SOS at the Blue Farm and tells her that her dad has a girlfriend. Cynthia is at the restaurant waiting for Joe to close. Abby goes to the washroom and  Gil comes in and Ginny says hi telling him to ask for the ‘Ginny’s version’ turkey.

Gil heads over to Joe and gets his order. Cynthia notices him. They talk about Georgia and tell Gil that she doesn’t like her. Gil tells her that she embezzled funds and placed the blame on him which led to his imprisonment. Cynthia gives him a real estate card to help him look for an apartment. She’s about to tell him about how Georgia stole money from the mayor’s office but then Joe comes back with her order.

Gil leaves saying goodbye to Ginny. Ginny then goes to visit Marcus at his house. At class, Ginny refuses to do the discussion and says it is ‘shit’ and drops English and Maxine follows her outside. Hunter also says it is ‘bullshit’

Ginny is not happy about what she did and asks why Maxine never stood up for her and tells her she will see her in the evening. Maxine is sorted alone when Silver joins her. Trying to make her feel better, she asks if she can give her a hug but Maxine refuses and leaves.

Georgia goes to Joe’s restaurant because Ginny called her for a ride and it turns out there’s a surprise bachelorette. There’s a flashback to when Georgia was young and there’s a birthday for Ginny where Gil has a present for her but Zion has none.

Maxine apologizes to Ginny and wants to serenade Ginny. Gabriel then comes in and Ginny sends him off. Joe sees some glasses and remembers when Georgia took them from his pockets when they were younger.

Ginny and Georgia are back home and Georgia calls for Austin but Ginny tells her she’s with Gil. Seeing Austin’s trackable watch she starts to worry but  Gil and Austin come back.

Georgia is removing the makeup when she takes her gun, gets it ready with bullets and returns it to its hiding place before leaving the room.

The Episode Review

It is clear that Georgia is scared of Gil and it may largely have to do with the fact that he was an abusive partner. She also betrayed him and planted evidence leading to his arrest. It will be dangerous for her if he teams up with Cynthia. Gil is already causing so much trouble on his own, he doesn’t need a sidekick.

Georgia insisted on being present for the therapy session and I think it was a good idea. She needs to listen to what Ginny is going through and the therapist can help them solve some of their issues.

Georgia’s bachelorette looked like a total vibe and I know she had a hard life so it is great that she can get to see herself being celebrated by the people close to her. I am glad Ginny kicked Jessie out so that Georgia can have her moment in peace.

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