Ginny& Georgia Season 2 Episode 5 “Latkes Are Lit” Recap & Review

Latkes Are Lit

Episode 5 of Ginny and Georgia season 2 starts off with Ginny narrating about her mom and how much she loves her. She is on a morning run trying to come to terms with everything Georgia did and convincing herself that she needs to protect her mom. She remembers all the life lessons her mom has shared with her, but Ginny is frustrated about the whole situation and feels overwhelmed.

Georgia notices Ginny in Spandex and Ginny tells her she’s been out running. She also notices that doesn’t have any more blue on her hair. Ginny notices the papers on the table and asks what is all that about.

Georgia explains about two piles for the wedding and the other for the neighbourhood party. Georgia asks Ginny what’s wrong with Ginny. She tells Georgia she’s thinking about Kenny and Georgia tells her to hush. Kenny is their Voldemort and they should never mention his name. Paul joins them and Ginny wonders how her mom acts like everything is normal.

At school, Ginny, Maxine, Norah and Abby are walking together and Ginny starts to pull the rubber on her hand. Maxine is excited that their group of friends is back together but she is grounded. They are all grounded but Ginny did not receive any punishment nor was she grounded. They all wish they could have a mom like Georgia.

Hunter joins them and Maxine is disappointed that Sophie did not come to her party. Norah notices that Ginny doesn’t have the blue and Ginny tells her she got over it. Ginny also breaks it to them that she and Marcus are dating officially. Marcus joins them and Ginny hugs him they both leave holding each other.

In Paul’s office, Nick and Georgia are briefing Paul about his meetings. He has two meetings, one with the senior citizen council and another one with the ladies of the fountain. Georgia is not pleased that the ladies of the fountain think that the medians are not up to Wellbury’s town standards.

Paul refuses to grant them their wishes to build another irrigation system. Georgia suggests a winter charity carnival, especially for the less fortunate mothers and children. Paul announces that Georgia is now in charge of all of the mayoral social media activities but Nick is not happy with Paul’s decision.

Before Nick and Georgia leave Paul’s office, Paul calls Georgia to ask her if she can handle everything; the party, the wedding and now the mayoral social media managing position she has. There is a flashback to when Ginny was still young and she tells Georgia she is still hungry. Georgia is forced to give Ginny her food even before she has a bite and the little girl is so happy.

The bell rings and a class is over at school. Everybody leaves and Ginny’s teacher, Mr Gitten calls her. He tells her about her missing class and the fact that she hasn’t handed in her essay. Hunter is still in class and eavesdrops on their conversation.

Mr Gitten asks Ginny to choose a book for the class to read. He specifies that it needs to be a book that captures the Black American experience. She tells her she’ll think about it and Mr Gitten says he is trying to meet her halfway. Ginny looks at Hunter and leaves.

Ginny meets Maxine outside class and Bracia approaches them to ask what scene they would have that day. Ginny asks about Bracia and Bryon’s waltzing at the party in Ginny’s kitchen. Bracia says she’s freaking out about rehearsal. Maxine asks if she could do Josephine instead and Bracia declines saying she will do it.

In class, the teacher explains to students how the leaves she has given represent family and Austin’s friend wonders why he has to make a family tree if his dad is dying. Austin says his dad is in prison and they plan to play ‘back 4 blood’ after school.

At the rehearsal, Bracia is massaging her neck but  Bryon offers to massage her and Bracia takes the offer. When Bryon is done, Bracia offers her a massage and another girl asks Bryon for a massage and he doesn’t hesitate.

A boy brings a Santa cap where students get to choose a secret Santa. Maxine joins Bracia and she’s really upset that Bryon is giving another girl a massage but Maxine tells her it’s something normal. Maxine has Bryon for secret Santa and offers an exchange with Bracia. Maxine gets Silver and she looks at Silver who is at the far end of the room.

Georgia meets up with Nick at Joe’s restaurant to apologize for embezzling funds and threatening Nick. She goes ahead to ask Nick to be her bridesman and Nick is surprised.

Joe approaches them, and Georgia tells him he looks a little off lately. Nick tells Georgia he’ll think about her offer. Padma is slowly singing and Ginny notices it and tells her it is beautiful.

Joe joins them and Padma requests that blue farm should host an open mic night but Joe disagrees saying it’s a lot of work. They both try to convince him but he still says no.

Marcus comes to see Ginny but she tells him to leave because Padma doesn’t need to be tormented by his presence. Ginny invites Marcus over to her house that evening. Georgia tells Marcus to use the front door. Marcus gives Ginny and pecks on her cheek and leaves.

Cynthia comes in and Georgia invites her to her party. She says it is a murder-themed party and Ginny is unhappy about it. Georgia asks if Joe will cater and he refuses because blue farm would host an open mic night that night.

Zion and Ginny are having dinner and Ginny mentions that Paul has officially moved in with them but Zion is surprised. They proceed to talk all about Ginny’s school and her relationship with Marcus.

Ginny comes back home to find Paul making crepes. Georgia comes in and Austin thinks she’s pretty but Ginny thinks she can’t wear the dress because of “Voldemort.”

Marcus knocks at the door and Georgia goes to get it. Georgia gets all sarcastic about the door and why Marcus should use it. Paul asks if they need to refresh house rules but Ginny refuses and takes Marcus to her room. In her room, Ginny reveals to Marcus that she feels guilty about Kenny’s murder and also tells him he should have a closure talk with Padma.

Georgia comes in and fixes Ginny’s window and leaves. Georgia finds Paul in their bedroom and tells her about Austin and Zach Fuller’s play date request from Austin.

They start talking about the costumes for the party. They start making out but  Zion calls Georgia and she picks up the phone. Zion is not happy that Georgia never told him about Paul moving and Ginny’s new boyfriend.

Georgia fixes them to go on a date so they get to know each other better. Georgia meets Nick at the office and he tells her he will indeed be her bridesman. He also accepts to be at the neighbourhood party and that he will come with Jessy.

Silver and Maxine are fixing a costume for Maxine and she wants a costume that would make Sophie jealous. Silver gets her one that would actually make Sophie jealous. Bracia joins them to commend Maxine’s outfit. Rehearsal starts and Bracia sings a song as part of the rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Ginny is with Dr Lily, her therapist. She talks about her teacher and how he is singling her out. She also says she can’t talk to her mom about the bad things happening in her life.

Later, Ginny and Georgia are together and Georgia is fixing Ginny’s hair. She asked her mom why she did not punish her. Later on Ginny, Abby, Maxine and Norah are making latkes with their parents and Georgia manages to unground them by telling their parents that the girls wrote apology letters to her after the party. Ginny’s teacher singling her out also comes up in the conversation and she asks Georgia not to do anything. Marcus comes in and they meet in Ginny’s bedroom.

Zion and Paul are having their date and they decide who gets to speak first. Paul tells Zion that he knows he slept with Georgia right before they got engaged. They drink beers to ease up the talk. Zion opens up that he’s already met someone else. Paul and Zion promise to keep each other in the loop regarding Ginny’s life.

The teenagers are at Brodie’s to smoke and drink. Marcus doesn’t like it there. Marcus joins the band and showcases his skills on the electric guitar, leaving a strong impression on the girls present. Hunter unexpectedly bonds with Marcus over their mutual musical interests. Following this, Marcus instructs Ginny to play the piano. Samantha asks how Ginny knew how to play the piano yet she grew up poor. Ginny and Marcus are pissed.

After returning home drunk, Paul confesses to Georgia that he has liked Zion. During his inebriated state, he discovers a hidden gun and becomes upset, lecturing Georgia about gun violence statistics. Georgia agrees to dispose of the gun. Flashbacks reveal a younger Georgia trying to conceal her daughter’s existence while arranging a date with a man who, upon learning about Ginny, orders takeout to stay in with them.

Ginny gets to learn that her Mom is in school from Maxine and she runs to her. Ginny stops her from doing anything against the teacher. Ginny and Padma are at the restaurant and Padma gets to read Ginny’s poem and thinks it is powerful.

Ginny comes home to find Georgia all dressed up for the party and she tells Ginny that they made it. There is a knock at the door and the guests for the neighbourhood party start coming in.

Padma sings at the open mic night at Blue farm. It gets boring and no one else is performing after Padma is off the stage. Marcus convinces Ginny to do her poem. Georgia comes in to find Ginny reading a poem that talks so much about their relationship. She becomes very sad.

After the open mic night is over, Cynthia is still at the bar and Joe finds her. After a few minutes of talking, the two begin to make out. Cynthia leaves embarrassed about what happened.

Ginny finds her mom in a sad state. She says she didn’t know that she was going to come. Georgia tells her that her neighbourhood party ended earlier and she decided to give her a surprise. Ginny tries to apologize to her but Georgia leaves.

Ginny narrates how she wishes her mom could understand and she wonders how Georgia is able to keep all the bad things tacked up away. She says Georgia is a force that keeps moving.

The episode ends with Austin’s dad, Gil Timmins, coming back and being in Austin’s class.

The Episode Review

Watching Paul and Georgia’s relationship, I can’t help but see that they come from different worlds. Paul has no idea why Georgia needs more than one gun in her house. She has enemies and people trying to come for her. She needs to be prepared to protect herself and her family. Paul has a point though, guns are unsafe in the wrong hands and her young son can easily find them; I think Georgia should put the guns in a safe.

Georgia was hurt by Ginny’s poem because Ginny didn’t hold back. The truth hurts and the words showed her the pain that she has put Ginny through. I mean, Ginny is already blaming herself for Kenny’s death.

On the flip side though, I loved that Paul and Zion went on their drinking date and talked about their issues without any toxic masculinity.

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