Ginny & Georgia – Season 2 Episode 4 “Happy My Birthday to You” Recap & Review

Happy My Birthday to You

Season 2 Episode 4 of Ginny & Georgia begins with Ginny narrating about her mother, explaining that she’s not a normal mom. Ginny sneaks Marcus into her room and asks him to be quiet because she doesn’t want her mom to hear them. Unfortunately, Georgia already saw Marcus sneak in through Ginny’s window.

Marcus and Ginny then start making out, but Ginny remembers she’s on her period, so she offers Marcus a blowjob. Marcus doesn’t like it because it’s Ginny’s first time giving a blowjob. Georgia then calls out to Ginny and tells her to go to CVS to get her birth control. After she leaves, Georgia calls out Marcus from the closet and begins to interrogate him.

Marcus lets Georgia know that he’s in love with Ginny. Georgia tells Marcus that one day Ginny will leave them both because she is a special child. She makes Marcus promise her that he will not hold her back.

Ginny then comes back and tells her mom that the chemist attendant told her that Georgia already took it in the morning.

Ginny is upset that Georgia and Marcus are smoking together. While things seem to be going well in the Miller household, there are some bumps in the road. Georgia asks Ginny if she and Austin can stay at Zion’s on Friday because she and Paul are going to crash at his condo that night.

Georgia suspects that Ginny is going to throw a neighbourhood initiation party. Paul has begun to question Georgia’s parenting and believes they need a different approach. He wants to be more involved in  the decision-making now that he’s the “man of the house.” However, whatever Paul asks about the children, Georgia says that she will handle it without giving him a chance to take care of the children.

Meanwhile, at school, Maxine is thrilled because it’s her birthday. Maxine sees a birthday sign and thinks that Norah puts it up for her, but Norah says she didn’t. She immediately sees Abby and knows that she was the one who put it up there. However, Maxine tears it down in a fit of rage.

Later, Sophie approaches Maxine and wishes her a happy birthday, prompting Maxine to invite Sophie to her birthday party. Sophie tells her maybe. Maxine asks Norah what Sophie meant when she said ‘maybe.’

Ginny is at her locker, and Marcus joins her. Ginny shows her dissatisfaction with Marcus smoking with her mom. Marcus asks her not to be mad at him on his birthday. She invites Marcus to her house on Friday since no one will be at home, after gifting him a birthday T-shirt. Marcus loves the T-shirt and removes the one he had to puts on the new one. Ginny seems to be uncomfortable about Marcus removing his T-shirt in public but appreciates that Marcus loved the gift.

Just then Abby comes up and tells them that Maxine is a bitch. Ginny suggests that they skip class. Marcus tries to stop Ginny from skipping yet another class, but Ginny would hear none of it. So, Ginny and Abby leave the school and Marcus follows them.

Nick and Paul are fixing up the town’s website. Just then, Georgia arrives and shows her disapproval of how the website looks. She offers to help by starting a social media presence. She also thinks that there should be a picture of Paul instead of city hall because Paul is handsome. But then Paul declines the offer, this prompts her to ask why he is not letting her help him. Paul directs the same question to her.

In the class that Ginny and Abby missed, Hunter, Ginny’s ex-boyfriend, sees an old note from Ginny and looks at where Ginny was meant to be sitting.

Ginny, Marcus, and Abby are busy getting high knowing they will piss Maxine off. They take a picture to upset Maxine further.

Meanwhile, at the school drama rehearsal, Gracia and Byron practice a dance for the play. They seem to have a crush on each other.

Maxine goes to her costume designer, who takes her measurements and promises that she will love her dress. Maxine asks if her costume will have cleavage, and Silver tells her that she will love it. The tailor also tells Maxine that she has always loved and noticed her looks. Maxine invites her to her birthday.

Ginny and Marcus arrive at the restaurant where Ginny works, and they ask if Joe has noticed that she is late. Padma tells them that Joe has not yet arrived. Padma and Marcus are still acting awkward around each other. It is understandable since they are exes.

Ginny steals some coffee for Marcus, and when Padma looks at her, she reminds her that they steal coffee all the time. Padma then asks if Ginny and Marcus are dating. Ginny says it is good but they are yet to define their relationship.

Joe arrives at work with a red eye, prompting Ginny and Padma to inquire about what happened, but Joe avoids the subject. Joe then notices Ginny’s new look and calls it a “hot topic.” Ginny does not know what “hot topic” means. The generation gap is evident.

Joe finds Cynthia drinking and asks if she needs a refill. Cynthia looks stressed. She says she does not want to talk about her problems but notices Joe’s red eye. She asks him about it, but Joe does not want to talk about it.

Georgia enters the restaurant and asks Joe to show her the menu. She tells them she is holding a neighbourhood initiation party and notices Joe’s eye. She asks who punched him in the face. Joe looks at Cynthia and goes to get some ice.

Georgia asks Cynthia about her neighbourhood initiation party, and from her response, Georgia thinks it was fun. Georgia then asks Ginny to make her a Gingerbread latte and invites him to her party. Joe tells Georgia that she doesn’t need to invite him just because she needs him to cater. But Georgia insists that he comes to the party as a friend and also to cater.

Georgia then visits Ellen and finds her making separate dinners for the twins. She asks for forgiveness for not telling her about Ginny and Marcus. Ellen forgives her, and they make up.

Georgia tells Ellen that she has seen Marcus climb up Ginny’s window again. Maxine and Norah come in to look for a snack, and when Ellen tries to stop Maxine, she says there are no rules when it comes to birthdays. Ginny says hi to Georgia but holds a grudge against her.

Maxine sees a picture of Maxine, Abby, and Ginny together. She goes to Marcus in anger to ask him about the photo. But Marcus shows her that he does not care about what she thinks. Maxine storms out in rage.

Later, Georgia is scrolling through the phone looking for wedding shoes. Paul comes in, and when he is about to open a drawer, Georgia tries to stop him, but it is too late. He sees Georgia’s collection of sex toys. Paul starts making fun of one of the sex toys. Ginny comes in and sees the sex toy and is deeply embarrassed.

Paul questions Georgia’s parenting decisions and why she would not heed the teacher’s recommendations for Austin. However, Georgia refuses to label her child and becomes annoyed about having to explain her choices to Paul, who is not Austin’s parent. The disagreement escalates into an argument about their respective responsibilities at home and work.

Georgia leaves the room and goes to Ginny’s room. She asks  Ginny to be her Maid of Honour at her upcoming wedding, to which Ginny happily agrees. Later, Ginny struggles to get some sleep at night. She tries many things, including trying out some makeup from watching makeup videos. She even tries to put on some music.

Norah approaches Ginny and Abby while they are talking and compliments Ginny’s new hairstyle.  Abby reminds Norah of a silly incident they had when they were eleven, making fun of it. Maxine later finds them and gets upset, and they all agree that Maxine is being overly dramatic.

In a therapy session, Ginny discusses her mother and wonders if one’s identity is predetermined

She asks her therapist for guidance, who emphasizes the importance of honesty in the healing process.

Zion and Ginny talk, and he compliments the blue in her hair. Ginny confirms that she won’t be at Zion’s on Friday as her mother had said and that she will be sleeping at her friend’s place while Austin would be staying at Zion’s.

Elsewhere, Gabriel is at a police station and asks about Anthony Green, who went missing decades ago. The officer is unable to remember, but Gabriel finds a photo of his wife, Georgia. He remarks that everyone underestimates her, and that is why she was never a suspect.

To improve family relationships, Georgia organizes a Living Room Dance Party, and Ginny eventually joins in. Before leaving, Paul asks Ginny about her curfew, and Georgia alerts Ellen that Ginny will be visiting. When Ellen finds Ginny and Marcus in a compromising situation, she intervenes by sitting between them.

Maxine’s 16th birthday party is in jeopardy due to a flooded basement, and she becomes agitated during a conversation with Ginny. Ginny inadvertently reveals her feelings for Marcus and Maxine apologizes. Ginny offers her home as an alternative location for Maxine’s party.

Paul and Georgia dine at Joe’s restaurant to mark the occasion of Paul’s move-in, and Paul senses that Joe may have a romantic interest in Georgia.

At the party, Maxine apologizes to Norah and Abby, and Ginny and Marcus make out. Ginny invites Marcus upstairs, and Silver approaches Maxine. Georgia notices that Ginny is not at Zion’s as they agreed and calls Ellen to find her.

Ginny and Hunter talk about their breakup, and he tells her to make sure Marcus treats her well. Cynthia asks Joe about his eye, and he blames it on hockey. Upstairs, Ginny tells Marcus they need a nickname, and they start making out. Georgia comes back to find the party still going and is pleased with her daughter’s successful party.

Paul confronts Ginny about their high expectations, and Georgia sees the party as a sign that she has not failed as a parent.  After the party, Ginny struggles with her mother’s past and all the blood she has shed. She reaches out to her therapist for help, admitting that she’s not okay.

The Episode Review

Georgia’s style of parenting is different. She sees Ginny as her best friend and sometimes forgets that she is also her mom. Georgia’s past has had quite an impact on Ginny, and she is clearly feeling guilty and thinks that she should keep her mom’s secret because she rationalizes that it was for her protection.

It is still a difficult thing to deal with. I can’t imagine knowing that your mother is a murderer is easy and I don’t think Georgia should have told her that she did it for her and their family. That is the excuse she keeps telling herself but it doesn’t change the fact that she has killed people and got away with it.

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