Ginny & Georgia – Season 2 Episode 2 “Why Does Everything…” Recap & Review

Why Does Everything Have to Be So Terrible, All the Time, Forever?

Episode 2 of Ginny & Georgia season 2 starts with Ginny waking up beside Marcus. She is anxious about going back to school. Marcus asks if school is the only thing that is bugging her and she lies, revealing that it is. She tells him that she has her first therapy session later that day. He tells her that is a good idea and sneaks out through the window, just in time before Georgia comes in to wake Ginny up.

Georgia is having quite the morning, she asks Paul to move in and suggests they tell the kids the news as a team. However,  after getting the cold shoulder from Ginny, she tells her about Paul moving in. Ginny congratulates Paul and goes back to ignoring her mom.

While she is dropping Austin at school, Georgia asks him if he is cool with Paul moving in. Austin knew it was coming and has no objections. He, however, wants to know why Georgia never sent his letters to his dad in prison. Georgia doesn’t give him an answer but apologizes. While at it, she overhears from other moms that Cynthia is a mess and he husband is currently in hospice.  Zach looks depressed, he knows his dad is about to die.

Georgia later makes her way to the office and is excited the family painting she ordered online arrived.  Nick and Paul are not sure what to think about it. Nick has a problem with Georgia after the stunt she pulled with the town’s funds. He doesn’t think Georgia deserves to work at the Mayor’s office.

Paul wants to start working on the manifestos that got him re-elected. Georgia thinks historical preservation is a top issue.  Nick and Georgia can’t seem to agree on which political strategy should take precedence. Georgia decides to leave him and Paul to figure it out when she goes to a neighbourhood club meeting. Nick is shocked she got through into the club while he has been on the list for three years.

At school,  Ginny is getting some silent treatment of her own from her old friends. She refused to get a signed note from her mom to explain her absence for the past three weeks. Her teacher tells her she will need to catch up and he asks Hunter to loan her his notes.

She later helps Bracia rehearse her lines to auction for the school play. Bracia is really good but she doesn’t think she will get the role because of her skin colour. She thinks she will be cast as a comedic relief character. They start talking about their crushes, and Ginny tells her about Marcus sleeping over at her place. A boy named Byron comes over to say hi and Bracia is clearly crushing on him hard.

Zion stops by to pick up Ginny and drop her at her therapy appointment. At therapy, Ginny talks about her childhood. The constant moving made her feel shitty because she couldn’t make friends. She also talks about the first time she self-harmed and the shame she feels. The therapist asks her what was happening in her life during that time.  Moving after she had made her first friend is what triggered the urge to self-harm.

At the neighbourhood meeting, Georgia socializes and networks like the “mayoress” she is. She promises the members that she can look into getting them the permits they need for a pickleball court and a two-lane candlepin bowling alley. They also talk about her upcoming wedding which she announces is three months away. Dena shows her around and asks her who will be sponsoring her candidacy.

Georgia immediately thinks of Cynthia and pays her an impromptu visit. She tries to get on Cynthia’s good side noting she has been where she is, losing a husband and she understands. Cynthia opens up about how hard it has been for her and Zach but still wonders what Georgia truly wants. Georgia, tells her upfront she needs her to sponsor her to join the Neighborhood Club.

Jesse calls Kenny’s ex-wife and informs her that Georgia was married to another man before Kenny but he disappeared. She asks him to continue with the investigation and find everything.

After her therapy appointment, Zion drops Ginny home and Georgia asks where they have been. Ginny and Zion refuse to tell her anything. Once in the house, she gets into another fight with Ginny who refuses to eat and heads to her room. She texts Marcus to ask if he is coming to her room. Georgia, in a fit of anger, throws away all the food in the house.

The next morning, Georgia runs into Jesse, who tells her that he is leaving town to investigate what happened to her first husband, Anthony Green.  In a flashback, we see that the biker gang helped her clean up Green’s body after she killed him. Georgia also gets into it with Nick, she tells him that he has no choice but to keep the embezzlement a secret from Paul. Cynthia also refuses to endorse Georgia’s candidacy campaign and says she doesn’t hold the same value as the other members of the club.

At least, Ginny is having a good morning, Bracia got the lead position in the play and is excited to tell her. The icing on the cake is her crush, Byron will be playing her duke. She also gets her job back at Joe’s cafe after begging him to take her back. Georgia told her to get a job if she wants to eat.

At the end of the day,  Georgia sulks that she didn’t get into the Neighborhood club. Paul tries to talk to Ginny and tells her he respects that she has a relationship with her dad. He plans to be there for Austin and will let her decide the parameters of their relationship. He brings up Austin’s dad being arrested for fraud and taking credit cards in his name.

This is the first Ginny has heard about this and she decides to check her credit score online. As expected, she apparently has a poor credit score. She sneaks into Marcus’ room and asks him why he didn’t show up last night or invited her to hang with his friends.

He asks if she is fine and she admits she came to see him so she doesn’t self-harm. She sees a drawing he did of her and is touched. They end up having digital sex. Maxine sees her when she tries to sneak out and walks past her like she doesn’t exist.

The next morning, Ginny decides she is done being treated like a pawn and makes Paul some juice. Georgia is scared though that she’s added wolfsbane in it (the same poison Georgia used to kill Kenny).

The Episode Review

In a time where millions are starving, throwing out food to punish your teenage daughter who refuses to eat feels extremely wasteful and poor parenting.

I hope Ginny didn’t use wolfsbane in the drink. This is a dangerous game she is playing with her mom. The ending seems to hint that there’s more drama ahead.

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