Ginny & Georgia – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Check One, Check Other

Episode 8 of Ginny & Georgia begins with Cynthia’s campaign beginning, badmouthing Paul and bringing up his relationship with Georgia as a quick point-scoring tactic. News of this spreads around town, although Ginny is momentarily distracted by Padma and Marcus having an argument outside.

At school, Ginny receives a big surprise when Zion shows up to pay her a visit. She introduces him to her friends – and boyfriend – before he offers her a ride home. Zion hands over a number of different books in the living room, where Ginny admits she’s got an essay writing contest coming up and she knows exactly what she’s going to write.

While the kids start making a blanket fort, there’s obvious tensions between Georgia and Zion. This is not helped when Zion admits that he’s single now. Ginny senses it too and warns her Mother not to mess things up with Paul. With all eyes on her for this campaign, Georgia reassures her daughter that nothing untoward is going to happen.

In the past we see more of Georgia and Anthony together. They manage to fool the DSS worker into believing they’re a happy couple but unfortunately Anthony uses this as leverage against her. Well, Georgia decides to get her own back and poisons her husband, killing him in cold blood and deciding against calling the police.

Back in the present, tensions flare up with elections on the horizon as Paul suggests he meet Zion. In fact, he outright mentions doing dinner that night. As one may expect, things are obviously awkward at the dinner table as everyone is sat together. Thankfully things do calm down as the two find common ground.

That evening, Zion takes Ginny out where they talk about Georgia and her craziness. After though, they listen to poetry in a bid to help build Ginny up and give her some good inspiration for her essay. When she returns home, Georgia sits drinking wine and confronts Ginny about her and Marcus hooking up. Unfortunately things completely blow up, as expected.

Abby continues to drift apart from her friends but it’s not helped by problems at home too. The divorce between her parents is hitting hard and needing support, she messages her friends asking if anyone wants to hang out. Unfortunately everyone is too busy with their new partners.

At school the next day, Ginny does her essay but Hunter wins the contest. Ginny isn’t happy and as she confronts the teacher, he tells her it was too unconventional. Given how schools grade, this seems like a fair assessment but Ginny is obviously a bad loser. In fact, she even claims it’s racist too.

Hunter tries to bring up his own situation, given he’s half Taiwanese, but Ginny brushes that aside and claims the stereotypes are actually favourable for him. Thankfully Hunter hits back and her racist jibes eventually prompt him to leave.

Abby calls all her friends together for an emergency meeting. Wirth her voice breaking, she tells them all about her parents getting divorced. She calls them out for abandoning her but Ginny hits back, claiming she has a lot going on herself too. Eventually a round of slaps helps sort things out. Only, Norah notices her Mum up on the TV. She mentions Georgia’s guns and news of this spreads across town like wildfire.

This eventually gets back to Paul too, who confronts Georgia about the guns and tells her not to show up at the fundraiser. When Paul leaves, Georgia cheats on Paul and sleeps with Zion. Ginny sees this too and eventually heads into her room and shuts the door.

She sits against the door and looks set to burn herself…but Marcus shows up and sees her. Marcus tells her outright that he’s in love but Ginny throws it back in his face, calling him a loser and a joke. It’s pretty cruel to be honest, but then again we’ve seen that Ginny has a real mean streak to her. When Marcus leaves, he winds up crashing his bike.

The Episode Review

For someone so adamant on cutting out racism, Ginny has quite the racist tongue on her, doesn’t she? Telling Hunter that he’s “more white than she is” and claiming his stereotypes are more favourable than hers isn’t a great look.

Given how adamant she’s been all season long about cutting this sort of stuff out, it really doesn’t put her in a good light. Her ignorance in the wake of what Hunter has to go through hit her hard and hopefully this will be just the kick Ginny needs to rethink the way she speaks to people.

Meanwhile, Georgia has now cheated on Paul and her stealing money still hasn’t been brought up yet. Oh and now we know Georgia is also a murderer as well. Given the suspicions surrounding Kenny’s death, could it be that she killed him too? Hopefully we’ll find out in the coming episodes.

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