Ginny & Georgia – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

I’m Triggered

Episode 6 of Ginny & Georgia begins with Georgia being called into the office with Cynthia after Austin stabbed Zach in the hand. Austin is suspended while Cynthia’s suggestion for therapy is taken on positively by Georgia.

Given she was the one convincing Austin to break Zach’s nose with a swift punch several episodes ago, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see her son believe violence is the answer. Georgia’s words in the office turn out to be completely hollow too, as she outright admits that Zach had it coming.

In the car on the way home, Georgia realizes that her perfect family set-up is just starting to come undone.

Back home, she speaks to Maddie and asks outright what she’s doing. She even calls her Mary too. It turns out Maddie has been working as a customer advisor and asks about Ed, the man she shot through the hand.

It turns out he has a hook now and he’s getting along okay. Maddie admits that she found Georgia through social media, meaning the PI has quite easily tracked them down too. Anyway, Maddie shows off some pictures of her past before bed, which brings back painful memories of those times she’s left behind.

Those pictures are all kept in a shoebox in Georgia’s closet, kept in the back with a picture of her and Anthony too. Anthony happens to be a guy she stayed with in the past, a sleazy character who clearly has no idea how to look after kids. He does, however, allow Georgia to stay rent-free.

Back in the present, Ginny heads out with Hunter where the two discuss their relationship and start kissing. It seems like those issues she had several episodes ago with him are gone now. Anyway, he suggests she try to keep an open mind about her family. Only, Ginny brings up a very real prospect – if Georgia has been lying about her family, what else is she lying about?

Georgia is taught how to do invoices by Nick at work. Things are tense when Paul shows up though, as Nick immediately realizes that they’ve had sex. Georgia is too distracted by the sheer amount of money in these customer accounts though as it seems like she’s going to extort money again.

Georgia is interrupted by Jesse showing up at the office. He heads out with Nick, leaving her all alone with the accounts. Georgia thankfully thinks twice about taking the money and decides against doing that.

Maddie shows up at the diner and sits with all of Ginny’s friends. Ginny is completely embarrassed and tries to talk to her Mum later on that evening about it.

Only, Georgia isn’t listening and she completely ignores her daughter, breathing heavily and struggling to control herself. For now though, they’re interrupted by Austin starting fires out in the garden with Caleb.

Maddie and Georgia wind up talking together at the bar where they share stories about the past. The pair get blind drunk and are eventually brought home by Joe.

Ginny is not happy and shoots daggers at her Mother. While Maddie passes out, Marcus speaks to Ginny who admits that she hates her Mother.

Paul then shows up with flowers at the absolute worst time. Ginny and Marcus claim Georgia is upstairs, as Joe and Georgia find themselves face to face. Thankfully the misunderstanding trope doesn’t show up, as Paul tells Georgia he wants to get to know the real her. Joe heads home while Georgia and Paul kiss and patch up their differences.

With Maddie passed out, Georgia checks Maddie’s phone and notices messages from someone called Cordova. Maddie seems to be in collusion with this person, promising to get them what they want and offering to be paid $5k for details on Georgia’s life. This Cordova character happens to be the PI we’ve seen before.

In another flashback, we see Georgia refusing to look after Maddie. She leaves a young Ginny alone in the bath, which is of course really dangerous. Maddie pleads with her sister not to make her “go back there” but Georgia is adamant and lets her go. When Maddie leaves, she takes some of Georgia’s cash from her purse and takes off.

This brings us back to the present as Georgia awaits Maddie with her bags packed up ready to go. While the kids stay upstairs, Georgia berates her sister and hands over $10k, double what Cordova offered in a bid to make her leave completely and not come back. Just before she does, Maddie breaks the news that she was abused in the past.

At school the next day, Ginny struggles to concentrate and ends up being taken home by Hunter. As she leaves, Maxine approaches Sophie and apologizes for Halloween, admitting outright that she really likes her. They patch up their differences and agree to try again.

Back home, Ginny goes searching through her Mother’s things. She finds the shoebox hidden under the closet, including numerous pictures, old clothes and a handgun too. Just as a reminder, this is a completely different gun to the one Georgia killed a rabbit on Halloween with.

Anyway, Georgia shows up and confronts Ginny, handling a gun of her own. Georgia slaps her daughter in the face when she calls her Mary, as she apologizes for what happened between them and reminds Ginny that she doesn’t want to know about the past. Ginny refuses to listen though and continues to turn away from her Mother.

Georgia heads downstairs and burns all her old photos. As the episode closes out, Ginny receives a call from her Father. She answers and says hey, as everything is left wide open for now.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 really feels like the turning point for this show, as everything has been amplified and become a lot darker than the initial happy vibe of the early episodes would suggest.

As Ginny & Georgia lets go of its influences and starts to embrace its own darker story, this has definitely got stronger and there’s a lot of intriguing ideas at play here too.

Georgia still hasn’t had any comeuppance for stealing money from the school or the casino night though so we’ll have to wait and see if that’s brought up later on down the line. And what about shooting a rabbit with a silenced pistol in broad daylight? Given how high up she was, someone must have seen that surely?

There are a lot of subplots going on here though and 6 episodes in, this show has really struggled to balance everything in a way that doesn’t ultimately leave casualties behind. So far we’ve had *deep breath*:

Ginny and Georgia’s mother/daughter relationship, Austin’s psychological issues, the two love triangles between Ginny and Georgia, Abby’s body issues, Sophie and Maxine’s will they/won’t they romance, Cynthia running for Mayor, Nick and his new boyfriend together, the PI investigating Georgia and trying to find her, issues with Kenny’s will and Georgia’s financial woes.

That’s before even mentioning Georgia’s sister arriving and rocking up in town. Add some important messaging about racism and equal rights and it builds up to an engrossing but ultimately very busy show.

It almost feels like a board meeting was held where everyone brainstormed a plethora of ideas. Instead of rejecting anything, the show creators thought they’d add absolutely everything into this 10 episode series.

It’s still watchable but it’s definitely more messy than it needs to be and almost certainly seems geared up for the dreaded Netflix cliffhanger at the end of the season.

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