Ginny & Georgia – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Boo, Bitch

Episode 5 of Ginny & Georgia begins with Georgia using a silenced pistol to kill a rabbit. After dumping it in the bin, whimsical music picks up to try and disguise how awful this is.

Anyway, Halloween is coming up and Ellen convinces Georgia to make sure her decorations are completely on-point. It’s clear that Georgia is starting to become unsettled in town though, as fragments of the past continue to bleed through.

Georgia is encouraged to dress up ready for Fall Fest, which happens to be the big Halloween bash that the town get involved in. With this ready to go, Georgia heads out for her date with Paul where they get talking about their family set-up. During their date, Joe watches from the wings and clearly looks distastefully toward them. Cynthia notices them together too.

Halloween night brings with it two big events. Ginny is preparing to meet Hunter and his parents, ignoring Marcus and not messaging back. Georgia meanwhile is ready for her date with Paul.

Before that though, Ginny enjoys her newfound fame at school on the back of the video with Hunter at the show. People give her compliments and even call Ginny pretty. This is, of course, a massive far cry from the girl who claimed she was never going to fit in with anyone several episodes ago.

Marcus tries to speak to Ginny but seniors arrive and the group shoo him away. Anyway, Hunter eventually shows up and excitedly reminds Ginny of the dinner they’ve got planned for that evening. Bracie walks past, prompting Ginny to end the conversation and invite her along to that same party too.

Before that though, Hunter invites Ginny over to his place fore their evening meal. Everything seems to go really well, as the family break down into singing Hunter’s song. When the attention turns to Ginny’s family set-up, she tries to navigate this minefield of drama.

We’re also graced with more flashbacks here too, as we cut back and see Georgia meeting Zion’s parents. They want guardianship of Ginny given how young the pair are, and offer to do this so Zion can still get into law school. While Zion starts to come around to the idea, Georgia is clearly not happy.

Back in the present, Georgia decorates the house and makes sure it’s up to scratch for Halloween. In town, the girls all prepare to give face painting out as Ginny continues to blank Marcus completely. After sending him mixed messages and listening to him open up at the dance, she refuses to do his face painting properly either. Instead, she draws a dick on his face. Now that she’s in with the cool kids, Marcus eventually leaves after complementing Ginny on her sweater.

With more subplots bleeding through, the Mayorship battle begins to heat up as Cynthia takes the stage and formally announces her candidacy after seeing Paul and Georgia together.

The whole town now know about their relations and unfortunately everything blows up in their faces. Georgia decides to break things off with Paul but he refuses to do so, eventually having sex with her in his office later on.

The evening rolls round and all the girls show up in their Halloween costumes. They’re all dressed up like Britney and start drinking and partying in Brodie’s basement.

Abby becomes jealous of Press dancing with Samantha though while all the girls continue drinking. Bracia shows up and hangs out with Maxine while Ginny continues to check hateful comments online and takes it to heart. A blind drunk Max is eventually taken back home after ruining things with Sophie, as Ginny watches Marcus help out his sister.

Alone, Ginny apologizes for what happened between them and claims she didn’t want to mess anything up. With things seemingly resolved, she agrees to patch things up as they stay friends for now.

Ginny heads back home where Georgia announces big news. Sitting in the living room is her Aunt Maddie and cousin Caleb who are both staying with them for the time being.

Maddie breaks the news that her parents aren’t actually dead either as Ginny flies off the handle. She refuses to be classed as trash like her and storms to her room.

Meanwhile, we catch a glimpse of that PI we’ve been seeing fragments of, as he shows up in town looking for Georgia. The final shot of the episode sees Austin sharpening his pencil at school and approaching Zach, stabbing him through the hand.

The Episode Review

Halloween rolls round in town and with it, a few plot twists to spice things up. First of all though, can we just talk about how this episode completely nonchalantly brushes aside Georgia killing a rabbit with a silenced pistol? I’m not quite sure who thought that was funny, and the one she just dumps the body in a bin, when she’s supposed to be laying low and evading her past, isn’t exactly a great look.

Meanwhile, Ginny is settling in as the popular kid at school while experiencing hateful comments online for the first time. This is, of course, a mainstay of the social media experience and if you’ve ever read YouTube comments then you know it can be a cesspit of nastiness at times.

Having said that though, the show continues to flirt with the ideas of love triangles while dragging out some of these episodes with unnecessarily long dance routines.

At the sophomore dance we had a good 5 minute sequence of the girls dancing and here again we get the same thing in the basement. It just feels like padding in an episode where there’s quite a lot going on and not enough time spent fleshing everything out.

The glimpses to the past are a nice touch though but I’m also not quite sure why this has been billed as an updated Gilmore Girls. I can’t help but feel the show would be stronger without those shackles attached to it as there’s no way this would ever ascend to those heights.

Anyway, Ginny & Georgia has had some high points along the way and the darker tone this one seems to be embracing now definitely suits the show a lot better.

It remains to be seen though whether that darker tone can translate into more urgency though as we move into the second half of this series.

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  1. The ‘killing rabbit’ scene with a gun was awful , seriously it’s not necessary at all.

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