Ginny & Georgia – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Ginny & Georgia begins with Georgia completely broke and struggling to make end’s meet. She threatens her lawyer on the phone, claiming she may do something she regrets.

Well, those finances are strained further when Ginny shows up with big news. Ellen has been working on a Sophomore sleepover at school, where each student needs to pay $100. Upon seeing the box full of notes, Georgia decides to tag along and chaperone with Ellen, clearly intending to take some of the money for herself. At work, Paul even offers to look after Austin while Georgia attends the sleepover.

The school is abuzz with this upcoming night, as Ginny hangs out with her large group of friends. Huh, I guess she’s really struggling to fit in! Anyway, Maxine starts growing closer to a girl there called Riley, someone she takes a fancy to and isn’t sure whether she feels the same way given the mixed messaging.

After school, Ginny continues working at Joe’s café. Marcus shows up and things become pretty hostile between them. That evening, Ginny group chats with all her friends and they contemplate whether Maxine is going to make a move on Riley or not.

Interestingly, there’s some body issues brought up here, as Abby tapes her thighs in order to slip into some jeans. Ginny shows up alongside the other girls reading for the big night. Instead of “MAN” they’re now “MANG”, rocking up with tops to match this.

At the sleepover there’s dancing, photo-booths and plenty of flashing lights. It’s the perfect opportunity for Georgia to steal some of the notes from the money box.

Ginny hands over the pictures she’s taken from the booth to Georgia and she starts getting emotional. Anyway, when she returns to the party she offers to take the money box to the principal’s office.

Things take a turn for the worst for Ginny though when her friends start brushing her hair. Unfortunately this causes her hair to completely frizz up.

In the locker room she finds Marcus smoking weed. Ginny offers to let him join their group but he declines. Instead, they talk together where Marcus admits that his best friend died the previous year. It’s clearly still affecting him quite badly and he quickly turns things around and starts fooling about to keep his mind off things.

Meanwhile, Abby and Nora head off with their boyfriends and begin drinking, playing truth or dare. One of the dares happens to be switching clothes but obviously Abby is not exactly thrilled with that, especially given she’s taped her own thighs. Instead, she takes off.

Maxine takes Riley aside and tells her she really likes her. She even leans forward and kisses the girl. Riley is flattered but giggles awkwardly, telling her she’s straight and heading back in with her friends. This leaves Max completely crushed. Georgia notices and heads out the principal’s office after taking more cash, offering some words of encouragement.

Only, those words of encouragement come from the locker room where Marcus and Ginny happen to be together. Well, Ginny presents herself to her Mother and the two talk about Hunter and fitting in with friends. This cuts us back in time again where it seems like Georgia actually knows Joe.

While the party gets underway, Austin is pawned off to Paul, but the child is in the mood to play. Eventually though Paul manages to find common ground with Austin as they watch sports on TV. When Austin falls asleep, Paul notices credit cards up on the kitchen side in Austin’s name and immediately exhibits concerns.

The party ends and Hunter asks Ginny out. Marcus listens from afar though and clearly looks upset as this love triangle looks set to start.

The Episode Review

Following on from Ginny bemoaning her inability to fit in, we jump to an episode where Ginny manages to fit in completely with a big crowd of friends, bag a smart, charismatic boyfriend in Hunter and seemingly be left with everything she’s been missing.

Of course, in typical YA fashion we’ve got a love triangle on the horizon. That triangle is complete with Marcus, the mysterious neighbour with a dark past. Naturally, it seems like these two are going to get together and cause big problems with Hunter.

Of course, on top of this we’ve got numerous subplots bubbling over too. Abby’s body issues, Maxine’s lesbian woes, Paul getting closer to Austin and the family, along with Georgia’s past of course, all squeezed into these 50 minute episodes. It seems like each of these are going to find more screen-time in the episodes to come but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out for now.

There’s definitely some interesting material here though and those into teen dramas will be right in their element. Right now though it remains to be seen whether Ginny & Georgia can keep spinning plates this way with so many subplots. We shall see.

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