Ginny & Georgia – Season 1 Episode 10 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

The Worst Betrayal

Episode 10 of Ginny & Georgia begins with Georgia admitting she’s not proud of her actions (murdering, maiming, lying, manipulating, cheating etc.) but claiming she’d do it all again to protect her kids.

Anyway, Ginny’s time with the MAN group seems to be at a close following her cheating on Hunter and keeping Marcus a secret. When she tries to speak to the girls at school, they simply walk away. Ginny tries to talk to Hunter too, but her lesson starts and Ginny immediately bursts out when her teacher throws a shady racist jibe her way.

At the Mayor’s office, Cynthia shows up with HR as she has big news. Nick sits in too, as Cynthia mentions several cheques that haven’t been cashed. However, it turns out the accounts are balanced because Georgia seems to have deposited the money that very morning. While she gets away scot-free, Nick is wise to what’s going on and shoots Georgia a knowing look.

After school, Hunter arrives at Joe’s café and admits that he loves her. He doesn’t want things to end, as Ginny is shocked and unsure what to do. With two boys to choose from – her current boyfriend she’s cheated on and her best friend’s brother – Ginny is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Georgia shows up at Joe’s diner later that evening where Joe looks set to tell her something important… until Ellen shows up and congratulates Georgia for her engagement ring.

The evening rolls round and Sing Sing begins. As the class all begin singing and dancing, Maxine confronts Ginny backstage about her sleeping with Marcus. Even worse, Abby and Norah shows up and everything blows up completely.

Hunter overhears what’s happened as Max outright admits that Ginny has cheated on him with Marcus. Finally Ginny gets her comeuppance for her actions, as Hunter finds out about the picture and sexting too. Hunter smacks Marcus when he appears, leading to everyone going their separate ways.

News of this betrayal reaches Ellen too, as she heads over to see Georgia. Downing a glass of red wine, Ellen is shocked to find out Georgia already knows. She’s not happy and calls her a bad Mum, heading back home.

When she does, Georgia and Ginny both talk as Ginny admits that she’s mailed out the messages to Austin’s father – complete with the return address as well.

At school the next day, Ginny shows up and decides to take a page out of her Mum’s book. She confronts Gitten, claiming he’s a racist and always singles her out in class. She shows him a glowing college recommendation letter and blackmails him into signing to prevent things going to the school board.

After a tough day at school, Jesse shows up at the bar and speaks to Ginny about Mary. He admits he’s been hired by Kenny’s first wife and tells her that Mary is dangerous. She murdered Kenny too, as memories of the past come back to Ginny. It’s here she realizes that Georgia was using crushed up wolfsbane to kill her husbands. Ginny however, decides to keep it a secret and claims that it’s all a big misunderstanding.

After this though, Ginny looks at her Mother in a different light – especially after the severe gun incident several episodes ago. Ginny races upstairs and finds all the past memories in the shoebox gone. Deciding she can’t stay there any longer, Ginny collects up the wolfsbane and burns it in the fireplace. Together with Austin, the pair take off after presumably stealing Marcus’ bike.

Meanwhile, Paul is re-elected as Mayor again while Cynthia heads home defeated. There we catch a glimpse of Cynthia’s husband, who happens to be hooked up to a machine in the living room.

Back outside, Jesse confronts Georgia and asks her what she’s done with Kenny’s body. It turns out she seems to have had it cremated as Gabriel watches her take to the stage in the wake of the fireworks. While she’s all smiles, Jesse receives another lead in the wake of Georgia’s marriage license confirming that Kenny wasn’t her first husband. That was actually Anthony, the other guy she killed who’s been declared as a missing person.

As the episode closes out, Ginny and Austin decide to leave town together and keep running.

The Episode Review

On top of resolving absolutely nothing, what have we learned this season? Well the message seems to be that it’s okay to murder, manipulate, kill animals, cheat, blackmail and lie your way through life when things get tough. Is this really the right message to send?

Ginny & Georgia has been a pretty meanspirited show in truth, with Ginny & Georgia’s dark past starting to seep into the pleasant everyday life of college and work at the Mayor’s office.

There’s a nasty trope in Western TV right now to portray strong females by having them cheat on their partners and taking the initiative by bending the law to their liking. I’m not quite sure whose idea it was to do that, but given how effectively and efficiently Chinese and Korean dramas manage to show strong, competent, empowering females, the screenwriters over here could do with taking a page out of their screenwriting books.

It’s such a shame as well because some of the messaging and material here is actually really, really good. It’s just a shame that these moments are overshadowed by questionable characters, driven by nasty motivations.

First up we’ve got Georgia who killed Anthony and Kenny with wolfsbane. She’s also stolen money, shot her stepfather through the hand, lied to Zion and kept his child away from him for over a year and deliberately wormed her way into the Mayor’s office to get herself a good job. That’s before even mentioning her cheating on Paul and gleefully admitting to the PI that she’s cremated Kenny’s body to hide the evidence of what she’s done.

By comparison you’ve got Ginny, who starts out as a girl admirably determined to stamp her authority at school. After bemoaning that she’s a loner and “too white for the black kids and too black for the white kids” she easily settles into a clique, complete with a new boyfriend in Hunter.

However, that doesn’t last long as she sends pictures and sexts Marcus behind Hunter’s back, eventually cheating on him. This action breaks the friendship circle apart while all Ginny can think about is how Marcus claims it was a mistake.

And that’s before her shockingly racist jabs toward Hunter during their heated argument. To be fair, he did give some racist statements back but for a girl who’s so intent on being righteous and stamping racism out, her doing this and then finishing it up by blackmailing her teacher and threatening to go to the schoolboard doesn’t really put her character in a very favourable light.

The focus on these two issues ultimately undermines all the other subplots that remain half-baked and unresolved all season long. Austin’s mental health is barely explored beyond a few interesting segments while Cynthia’s family life looks like its own pot of melodrama but we never really see that.

Elsewhere, Sophie and Max’s lack of screen-time makes their subsequent break-up lose the same hard-hitting effect it could have had. That’s before mentioning the PI hunt, the flashbacks to the past and Abby’s parents getting a divorce, which are all given barely any screen time.

There will undoubtedly be fans of this show but the poor writing, the half-baked storylines and mean spirited protagonist who get no comeuppance for their actions holds this back from being a better prospect.

Unfortunately the show bows out with a whimper; a desperate plea for a second season that may or may not come depending on how well this show does. With absolutely no resolution to any of these storylines, the 10 episodes feel like they could have been better spent telling a coherent story rather than spinning a number of plates that ultimately smash at the end.

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  1. It’s television, I’m not expecting things to be a fairytale, not in this screwed up world. I actually like the show and the takeaway for me is not murder, deceit and whatever else is okay. I mean, people who choose to do wrong by others don’t need influencing, they are pretty much wired to do so anyway. However, there are some that will be simple enough to buy into all the drama.

  2. Hey Zoey, thanks for the correction! You’re absolutely right, it’s definitely Ginny and not Georgia who takes off at the end. My apologies! That’s all been corrected now.

    Thanks for reading the recap!

    -Greg W

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