Ghosts Season 1 Episode 6 – The Finale – Recap & Review


Getting Out

Ghosts has been silly, funny, and a surprisingly enjoyable series across its 6 episode run-time. Although the plot hasn’t always inspired or engaged as much as it could have done, the ongoing saga with the ghosts themselves and the anachronistic banter has been refreshingly entertaining and really the highlight of the series.

We begin the finale with the infamous pigeon continuing to torment the couple as they wake up and find it lurking in their room. As Alison and Mike allow the stress and tiresome process of renovating their house run them down, the ghosts hold a meeting with Captain where he tries to convince the others to help kick Alison and Mike out.

Meanwhile, the couple get lucky when a prospective buyer from Herrington Hotels enquires about buying the house from them. Offered a generous amount of money, the horrified ghosts realize this means the plans for their home being turned into a hotel is closer to coming to fruition than before. Convinced the best way forward is to keep Alison and Mike in the house, they discuss the best way to keep them around.

The couple don’t have much luck themselves as they head off house hunting together. Various ghosts haunt every property they visit. From a bloodied man waving in the window to two hilarious Germans sitting on an invisible plane, these moments are easily the best of the episode. After some deliberation, they decide house hunting is not for them and they head back to the house. Once there, the work begins on renovating the property but a discovery in the basement prompts the couple to head down with Fiona, the lady in charge of the works.

Once there, they come across a plague pit full of dead bodies that need to be exumed. Letting out a scream, Fiona falls among the skeletal remains before scrambling out the house, withdrawing her bid and leaving the couple back at square one again. The episode then ends with the ghosts, and the couple, heading back inside with their future still uncertain.

Ghosts has been an enjoyable comedy and part of its charm has been the charismatic group of characters. The vaious ghosts have great charisma and their humour with Alison has been one of the stand out moments of this 6 part comedy. It’s not perfect, and there’s certainly a few inconsistencies with the overall plot, but on the whole Ghosts has been a very enjoyable and amusing watch, and one I certainly hope is renewed for a second season by the BBC.


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