Ghosts Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Lights, Camera, Ghosts

We return to Ghosts this week with Alison welcoming a film crew to the house as a way to make some extra money to fund the project for fixing the drainage. As the ghosts watch on eagerly, the team agree to pay Alison for filming in her house and they settle in to shoot a period drama. As the ghosts get acquainted with the different crew members and indulge in the chaos of a film set, the main actor for the show arrives outside.

As pleasantries turn to the opening shots, the ghosts watch on with much interest. Mary discusses the camera and tries to make sense of whats happening while Pat simplifies the language for her. Julian asks Alison to put a bet in for him but she refuses, unplugging the radio he keeps switching on to prevent the entire project being sabotaged.

Meanwhile, Thorne appears dramatically mid-set and lets Alison and the other ghosts know that Lord Byron, the character being portrayed here, was his greatest foe and allegedly responsible for stealing everything from him. With a melodramatic sigh, he leaves the room.

Captain starts getting into his role, echoing the orders made by The Director while Kitty rubs her hands together and looks forward to the planned sex scene later on in the day. All seems well with the filming until the floor caves in and disrupts the work flow for the day, subsequently resulting in the crew leaving and not paying the couple thanks to what happened. Bemoaning their luck, the ghosts head back inside while we catch one final shot of Thorne out in the pond bobbing above the water, visibly bored.

For the most part, Ghosts keeps up its familiar trend of mixing the different time period comedy to great effect. Mary’s quizzical ideas around wires being akin to worms and the “metal cow” are certainly highlights here along with Thorne’s hilarious melodramatic speech midway through the episode too. While this week’s episode doesn’t do much to progress the plot itself, it does feature a good amount of comedy in its stead. Although it’s not quite as good as some of the other episodes we’ve seen here, there’s enough in Ghosts to make its fourth episode another fun ride nonetheless.


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