Ghosts Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Happy Death Day

After a brief prologue showing how Pat died back in the 80’s, we return to Ghosts this week with the builders arriving to do work on the house. Concerned they’re burning through money too quickly, the couple are met by another financial hurdle when they learn the drainage needs replacing.

While Alison grapples with the ghosts and the builders in the same room, it turns out Pat’s death day is fast approaching. He wants Alison to tell his family (who come to visit once a year) that he’s ok but as he talks about his wife remarrying his best friend, he realizes she cheated on him and runs away.

Meanwhile, Kitty wants to know how babies are made and spends the entire episode asking the other ghosts to explain to her how this happens while another tries to write a poem for Alison.

Julian and the Captain decide to try and find misdemeanors among the builders to report back to Alison. After several failed attempts, they instead decide to frame one of them by knocking Alison’s engagement ring into the builder’s box. After confronting the builders about this in a rather aggressive manner, she realizes it was the ghosts all along but her apology falls on deaf ears. The builders have had enough and they’re moving on.

Pat’s family show up a little later on and Alison talks to them about their lives. Happy and content, a bright light in the doorway to the house appears, Pat’s moving on! He says his goodbyes and prepares for the after-after life…before realizing it’s actually just a builder light. Embarrassed, he mutters an apology and heads inside the now-empty house.

The episode then ends with Alison and her husband preparing for bed after an amusing segment involving a poem.

Once again Ghosts delivers a brilliantly witty and funny episode. The humour won’t be for everyone and it does irk on the side of silly at times but ultimately that’s what makes the show so charming. The characters are well written too and as the episodes continue, I hope we get to see more backstory for each of the ghosts like we did with Pat here.

With only 3 more episodes left, Ghosts is a fleeting experience at best but one I hope is renewed for a second season given the great work done here.


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