Ghosts Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Haunting Of Button House

After Alison’s accident, we return to Ghosts this week with her trying to deal with seeing the ghosts at Button House. Several jump scares and a cacophony of shouting later, she decides enough is enough and asks Mike if they can leave.

Determined to prove it’s all a figment of her imagination, Mike convinces her to stay, telling her things will get better after a few days. Begrudgingly she agrees, only to find herself bombarded by the different ghosts over the following days. The General takes the reigns and decides swift action is needed to rectify this. In a bid to take advantage of Alison, he organises the ghosts into groups to haunt her.

From here, the rest of the episode follows a pretty predictable route as Alison tries to ignore the ghosts and their attempts to make her leave, despite becoming more driven and direct. In a bid to shut out his verbal assault, Alison turns on the TV to reveal a documentary about tanks and warfare which he immediately takes to, distracting himself long enough to let her slip away.

It soon becomes too much for her though and midway through fixing the boiler, she grabs Mike and demands to be taken back to the hospital. Once there, a doctor tells her her condition is a result of the near-death experience she had and the ghosts are definitely real. Confused, Alison gasps as the doctor reveals himself to be a ghost.

The final part of the episode then sees Alison return to Button House and confront the ghosts head on. She listens to each of their concerns and tries to help them, leading to peace descending over the house, at least for now. A few phantom key strokes and a comprehensive breakdown of how to fix the boiler later, Mike is convinced the ghosts are real too which is where we leave the episode.

As a family comedy, Ghosts is a surprisingly well written effort. The various ghosts have enough depth to make them interesting and varied while Alison’s interactions with them pose a particularly interesting and humorous notion. Quite where this one will go from here is up for debate but based on this showing, Ghosts is simply a wholesome, lighthearted comedy, and an enjoyable one at that.


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