Ghost Doctor – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Chairman’s Will

Episode 8 of Ghost Doctor whisks us back to the hospital all those years ago when Young-Min jumped into the surgery. He was determined to save a life and that feeling of not being able to let go, is something echoed by Seung-Tak in the present.

The patient is taken in for surgery but this is Chief Ban’s surgery and they need to wait for him to arrive and take over. The thing is, the rate of death increases if they delay so they make a big decision and start operating without him present.

Both surgeries are flashed back and forth as we see the similar fates for these characters begin to intertwine. Only, who possessed Young-Min all those years back? And how is he able to still possess all those abilities? Time will tell…

This successful surgery, and Seung-Tak’s brash attitude, only makes our main trio of doctors grow more suspicious of him. They really do believe something is going on with him now and remain determined to find out what.

Outside the hospital, Seung-Tak and Young-Min talk. Unlike Seung-Tak, Young-Min can’t actually see the ghosts that possess him. Young-Min’s desire to operate on Jessica and make sure she’s okay stems from a promise made 10 years back. Then, Seung-Tak promised to do her replacement surgery.

However, Seung-Tak doesn’t want to continue this anymore and continues to mention how they need to be separated. The thing is, Seung-Tak was the one who stopped the stretcher on his own accord and because of that, he played his part in helping to save another patient.

Young-Min knows his life is hanging in the balance right now, but he wants to do his duty and continue trying to save as many patients as possible.

Meanwhile, the Vice President sits with Seung-Tak’s mum, Mi-Ran, and reveals all. He’s been well aware of the strange occurrences around the hospital, and namely that of Seung-Tak’s abilities. Given he was constantly goofing off in America instead of studying, the Vice President uses this as leverage over her.

The cranioplasty for the motorcyclist is successful but he seems to have amnesia, especially regarding his moments as a ghost. He receives a call from the lawyer and Vice President though though, who confirms that the hospital bills have been covered.

Se-Jin brings him to see Young-Min next, who’s obviously still comatose. The motorcyclist’s shifty side-eyed glances are certainly telling, given he was clearly hired to cause this accident. However, he seems to be honest when he says he doesn’t remember what happened.

Thanks to the wise wisdom from Tess, he reveals to Young-Min that when one returns to their body again, they don’t remember their time as a ghost. This seems to be a way to keep the universe in balance.

Meanwhile, Young-Min has a touching chat with the chairman outside. He wants to keep his son’s sins a secret from Se-Jin and allow him to deal with this sticky situation himself. When Young-Min races back inside, he implores Seung-Tak to keep this all a secret ant carry out the chairman’s wishes.

All the puzzle pieces slot into place though as Lawyer Im shows up with the chairman’s final will. This is the punishment for Min-Ho, who’s forced to listen as the chairman decides against any more DNR treatments. Instead, this means his will is going to come into effect… and he’s also going to pass away. It’s a really touching moment, as Tess plays with the Chairman in his room while Se-Jin says goodbye to her father.

When the Vice President comes under fire for what’s happened, he immediately turns his attention to Doctor Ahn. In fact, he decides to fire him and tells the guy to leave the hospital. As he deals with this, Seung-Tak makes a bold choice and decides to do what’s right, teaming up with Young-Min after all and doing all the surgeries offered to them.

The thing is, this just makes Chief Ban and the others even more suspicious of what’s happening to Seung-Tak. Given some of these surgeries are difficult to pull off, Ban remains determined to get to the bottom of all this. Well, it’s Ahn who acts first, determined to save his own skin. He meets the Vice President and shows him the operation records written by Young-Min and Seung-Tak.

While this is going on, Seung-Tak and Young-Min join forces for their next surgery…but there’s trouble brewing as Young-Min’s brain monitors begin to crackle into life.

The Episode Review

Ghost Doctor returns with a solid follow-up episode, one that sees closure to the Chairman subplot and more development circling on Seung-Tak and Young-Min’s connection. There’s a really nice chemistry between the two in this episode and seeing the pair join forces toward the end to actually do what’s best and do their duty to the patients is great to see.

Unfortunately, it seems their days are numbered by the Vice President and the other doctors, who remain determined to find out what Seung-Tak may actually be hiding. Those operation records are almost certainly going to get Seung-Tak in hot water and it’ll be interesting to see exactly how he manages to get out of that.

The brain activity for Young-Min at the end of the episode is another intriguing element of this and it could well be that Young-Min wakes up again soon. If that happens, what will it mean for Seung-Tak and his fate? We’ll have to wait and see what next week’s episode has in store for us but for now, Ghost Doctor continues to deliver decent drama.

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