Ghost Doctor – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Young-Min’s Promise

Episode 7 of Ghost Doctor begins with Young-Min and Seung-Tak reflecting on the successful surgery. For Seung-Tak though, he’s contemplating not even being a doctor anymore.

Young-Min remains confident that Chief Ban will help do the right thing, feigning that Seung-Tak didn’t actually lead the surgery. The thing is, it’s a win/win for Tae-Hyun. If he pretends to be in charge of the surgery, he can move up the ladder while also hiding Seung-Tak from scrutiny. When the Vice President rings, Tae-Hyun tells him everything went smoothly.

Although still a ghost, Young-Min seems to have turned a corner. While possessing Seung-Tak. he stayed by his patient’s side until the early morning. This is something the old Young-Min would never have done. Seung-Tak has no recollection of this when he’s told this by the nurses, but begins to wonder what’s going on with Young-Min.

Meanwhile, Young-Min heads up to see the chairman. Se-Jin is there too and the chairman reflects on how she has the same expression now as she did 12 years ago when she left Korea. However, Jang Min-Ho arrives and continues to scheme. He wants to know where the chairman’s will is.

Given it was changed several days before he fell ill, Min-Ho is intent on checking it to see what the chairman is hiding. He’s working alongside the Vice President too, who reminds him that keeping a patient sedated like this isn’t cheap. “The interest is piling up.” He warns Min-Ho when they talk in private. Min-Ho grows desperate though and decides to use his contacts to speak to the Chairman’s lawyer.

Meanwhile Seung-Tak is approached by Jae-Won who believes he’s being possessed by Young-Min. Seung-Tak feigns ignorance but when he mentions the issues surrounding Young-Min and what happened in the past, Jae-Won admits that the cases are very similar.

Se-Jin also brings up another surgery that needs doing. Namely that of the motorcyclist. He has sinking skin flap syndrome and will need a cranioplasty. It looks like this surgery is also going to go ahead and could well be successful.

Chief Ban eventually runs into Seung-Tak in the hallway, encouraging him alongside the other doctors to specialize in a certain field. He pretends to be on the phone though, using ear-pods to make a quick getaway. When he does, Seung-Tak scrambles back to the office to check the Op. records. Only, it’s a little too late.

Doctor Ahn takes matters into his own hands and begins looking through the surgery notes. The thing is, the signature post-operation records, including figures and pictures, are identical to forms written up by Young-Min in the past. They even have his signature too. This only furthers his suspicions that Young-Min is being possessed.

Through all this commotion though, Seung-Tak’s mum ends up seeing her son talking to ghosts in the hallway. She realizes he’s disguising this as a phone call but despairs that he’s not completely over this. As fate would have it, she’s actually well aware of his gift, having seen this as a child.

A new arrival to the hospital this week is Lee Ji-Woo. This popular singer goes by the alias of Jessica and she’s here for surgery. Young-Min encourages Seung-Tak to do this, adamant that they save her.

It turns out Young-Min actually did surgery on her 10 years back which saved her life. Young-Min remains determined to keep his secrets about what happened when he was an intern, eventually telling Seung-Tak to do 100 squats by the end of the day if he wants to find out.

During Jessica’s surgery, Seung-Tak turns up late. He manages to stop a crucial bleed though, saving the day and allowing everyone to breathe a sigh off relief. Young-Min is furious at his delay but outside, we find out why. Seung-Tak knows all about the consequences of Young-Min entering his body and as such, decides to break off their agreement. He can’t continue doing this anymore.

As the episode closes out, Seung-Tak’s mother arrives to see security. She wants all the footage of Seung-Tak deleted from the hallways and surgery. Unfortunately, the Vice President shows up and reveals he has the footage already.

Despite knowing the consequences, Seung-Tak makes a bold decision and stops an emergency patient before they’re taken away. Just like Young-Min did all those years ago, is he going to do an emergency surgery on this patient?

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Ghost Doctor sees us return to Seung-Tak and Young-Min’s complicated relationship with one another. It’s clear now that Seung-Tak is well-aware of the issues he has and the consequences that comes with continuing to possess his body. However, it seems like Seung-Tak is going to continue doing the surgeries, but it’s unclear to what end.

Quite what happened with Young-Min as an intern all those years ago remains a mystery but it seems like we’re growing closer to the truth with every passing episode.

The situation continues to grow intriguing though with the reveal that Seung-Tak’s mother is actually aware of her son’s ability to speak to ghosts. Unfortunately the vice president is also pretty smart and he is proving to be quite the adversary for our characters to tackle. Will Seung-Tak and Young-Min come out on top?

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