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Get It Out

Episode 9 of Get Even begins with Bree walking around school. As she wanders onto the field, she finds the principal talking to Donte in private. Excusing herself, she attends assembly along with everyone else and hears how DGM is no more. While the Principal gives a rousing speech, Logan excuses him and gets some air outside. Margot follows him and the duo talk about Christopher’s arrest.

As they talk, Margot learns that Olivia was actually the one who stole her diary originally. This threatens to spill over on the roof when Margot shows up at the DGM meeting. When Olivia refuses to admit the truth, Margot confronts her and admits she’s been deeply wounded. She rushes off teary eyed and with the fate of DGM hanging in the balance. On the way, she runs into Ed but blows him off in favour of hanging around with Logan again.

Olivia and Bree are left on the rooftop to come up with a new plan. That involves stealing some of the files on Donte from the detectives who are in the midst of packing their stuff up and leaving. Bree intervenes and manages to hide Donte’s file under her locker.

Outside, she runs into Shane who confirms what we’ve all known for a while – Bree has feelings for John. He breaks up with her in order to set the girl free and fly toward her best friend. Bree though, is not so sure.

Back inside the school, Kitty looks over a mural built by Rex for his sister. This was Donte’s idea originally but it’s a touching tribute nonetheless. This brings her before Donte where she kisses him properly – in a sane mind this time.

Olivia kisses Amber too, midway through discussing their past. It’s a confusing moment for our DGM member though and she heads outside for some air. Bree snatches her up though and talks to her privately in one of the classrooms.

She feeds back the wobbly alibi Donte has, which includes “driving and thinking.” As they continue on, they discuss the possibility of Donte actually being the killer.

While Margot gets a lift from Logan, she finds the familiar “compliments from DGM” note in his glove-box. As she questions him over this, Logan admits that he’s part of their group.

The Review Write-Up

Is Logan the killer? That’s the big question hanging over this one and based on what we’ve seen, it seems likely that he is. Alongside that big revelation, there’s a lot of drama and romance in the air. John and Bree’s feelings look like they’re going to manifest soon while Donte appears to be a red herring in this story.

With the finale up next, all eyes now turn toward that in a bid to discover quite how this one will end.

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