Get Even – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Get Out Of Hand

Episode 7 of Get Even begins during the aftermath of the party, as our group gather in the gymnasium to clean up. While they do, the group discuss Mika’s comments about Ronny’s secrets. They suspect Rex has Ronny’s laptop but with all of them busy, they’re forced to rely on Olivia.

She arrives at Rex’s house and eventually finds a laptop on the bed. However, Amber arrives and stops her in her tracks. While Olivia and Amber get dressed up, Rex receives a message from his parents calling him away.

With him gone, Olivia and Amber discuss the implication of her getting a new boyfriend. Midway through talking though, Amber receives a message about Mika. She’s dead. Apparently she fell in the reservoir but as we know, someone was with her which points to another murder.

Bree eats alone until Shane shows up at the door with a boom-box and a song he’s written for her. On the back of this, Bree stays over at John’s house but it’s obvious that he has feelings for her.

At school, a couple of girls boast about the likes they received for their message about Mika. It’s a small scene but also one that speaks volumes about social media. On the back of this, Amber, Olivia and the others gather in the gymnasium and give a minute’s silence for Mika.

With the silence over, Kitty walks out purposefully and gets ready to fence. Unfortunately Kitty is disqualified after losing her temper during the fight. As Donte heads out to confront her, she hurries over and tries to kiss him. However, he pulls away given she’s not in the right mindset. 

Olivia and Amber come to blows outside over their friendship. Amber suddenly turns on her friend and reveals in front of the whole school that Olivia would be nothing without her. Even worse, she even admits that Olivia is wearing her shoes. Taking them off, Olivia throws them down on the ground.

That evening, Kitty stays home while Bree, Olivia and Margot meet in the cinema. There, they discuss the fact that Rex isn’t really a suspect anymore. However, more from the hard-drive comes to light. It turns out Ronny had been cat-fishing Christopher for weeks. With incriminating photos of him, they suspect that Christopher and Logan could be linked and the ones responsible.

The Review Write-Up

As the plot thickens, we’ve got a new murder and a possible new suspect in Christopher. Alongside this, the show has done a pretty good job developing the melodrama for our different characters. Seeing Amber and Olivia come to blows is a big moment while Kitty looks to be on the verge of snapping. 

All of this combines to make for a really enjoyable episode and the door is left wide open for the rest of the show.

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