Get Even – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Get It Together

Episode 3 of Get Even sees our girls playing a game of cat and mouse with the police. Desperate to try and get to the bottom of what’s happening, the USB file may just hold the clues they need. Bree’s Father calls her downstairs where she slumps in the seat and looks at birthday footage for her Mother’s 40th. Unfortunately work is Bree’s Father’s priority and he leaves her alone to contemplate whether to message her or not. However, news of Ronny’s death makes mainstream news.

Detective Bartlett arrives at school and Bree immediately feels under the pressure. As John start talking to her, she takes out her frustrations on him. Amber meanwhile shuns Olivia following what happened to Ronny. Things take a turn for the worst too when Olivia is brought into the principal’s office to talk to them about what happened at the cafe.

As she speaks her side of the story, Olivia mentions being at home from 8pm onward without anyone else. Unfortunately this also means she doesn’t have a solid alibi for those hours.

When DGM meet at lunch, they learn that Bree wasn’t wearing gloves when she broke into Ronny’s house. With things heating up, DGM break up for now and go their separate ways.

Bree makes a move with Shane and invites him to meet after school. Only, she clearly realizes they have no chemistry. When he asks to kiss, she refuses. Instead she uses this as ammunition to use against her Father who hasn’t been there for her. When he arrives home, Shane is immediately told to leave. Unfortunately, Bree’s Father once again receives a call and leaves the house.

Donte meanwhile speaks to Kitty and the pair meet in the gym and start fencing together. Could there be romance on the table for these two?

That night, all the students gather with candles to mourn Ronny’s death. Olivia makes her decision and shows up. There, she finds Mika crying and unsure why she’s so upset. Olivia also spies Amber too, and she apologises for what happened. It seems to do the trick and they walk away together.

Later that night, the four DGM members meet after news that the police are looking for them spreads. They meet in a cinema and discuss who may be responsible for Ronny’s death. To begin with, they’ll start with the hard-drive and work from there.

Bree returns home and finds John waiting for her by the front door. She apologises to him for lashing out and eventually thinks twice about messaging her Mum. Margot meanwhile, sets to work on the hard drive.

The next day at school, DGM meet again and Margot reveals that Coach Creed was sending Ronny £500 every month. Only, the payment didn’t get to him this time and it coincides with when Ronny died. Is there a link? Before they can find out, Coach Creed pulls up at the school and it appears he’s back in action.

The Review Write-Up

With a deeper mystery and more questions, everything appears to be connected. The light bites of teen melodrama works quite well here too and the situation involving Kitty and Donte may well be the catalyst that sees Olivia leave the group. Having said that though, Amber and Olivia clearly have some chemistry and that could blossom into something more.

There’s definitely some nice ideas in this one though and Get Even is shaping up to be a formidable murder mystery. There’s certainly enough here to stick around for the long haul.

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