Get Even – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Get In Deep

Episode 2 of Get Even sees the relationship between Olivia and Kitty, our two members of DGM of course, start to crack. On the back of what happened at the party, Olivia meets up with Donte. He admits that they’re an item and what he has with Kitty is just friendship. For now, this helps calm her mind.

Mika decides to confront Ronny over the photos he sent of her. Only, things don’t go to plan and it sees Rex get involved and square up to him. Although the confrontation ends for now, this situation is clearly far from over.

Margot heads to debate club but overhears some of Ed’s friends call her a loser and she retreats again to eat on her own. Given that a group project is a requirement at school, Margot is eventually convinced to sign up for drama club as they’re looking for a stage manager.

Olivia meanwhile finds herself caught in the middle of this, forced to put on a facade in Ronny’s presence. She reluctantly agrees with him over the Mika situation and convinces him to meet her after school.

The meeting goes as planned and with all four students in position, they set to work trying to get the pictures back from Ronny. Only, this involves putting Olivia in a difficult position of sitting next to Ronny. As he leans in for a kiss, she pulls away but he snaps an incriminating photo of her in the act. I certainly doesn’t look great and something that puts her in a difficult position.

Eventually Olivia leaves but because of this, Bree is forced to leave Ronny’s house out the window. The girls plan to download Ronny’s hard-drive to use against him and they manage to obtain it just in time. Unfortunately, Bree leaves behind an origami figure on the bed.

Olivia heads straight up to meet Donte who received the photo from Ronny. On the back of this, he breaks up with her. Given she can’t explain what she’s doing, Donte leaves. She’s not the only one suffering though, and Bree finds herself shunned by her Father who leaves her money and heads out to work.

As the episode closes out, Kitty cycles past Ronny’s house and finds him lying dead on the floor. Next to him is a slip of paper reading “Courtesy of DGM.” Are DGM really responsible or is someone playing a game? The plot thickens!

The Review Write-Up

With deeper character relationships this time around, things are starting to get interesting. Ronny meeting an untimely demise is hardly surprising but it is interesting given how many people have a grudge against him. Any number of people could be responsible and there’s lots of fingers being pointed.

Alongside that, there’s more screen-time given to each of the girls where we learn more about their lives. This really helps to understand there’s more to them than the archetypal stereotypes we saw last time out. So far Get Even is shaping up to be a really enjoyable murder mystery, let’s hope that continues going forward!

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