Get Even – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Get Even is the latest murder mystery making its way from the UK across to International shores this weekend. It’s a show that gets off to a pretty indifferent start but is certainly worth sticking around with for the long haul.

Episode 1 of Get Even entices us into this world with a teasing glimpse of what’s to come. A police car. A dead body. And one shocked and frightened Kitty. This is one murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.

After brief flashes of this crime, we cut back to Bannerman Independent School where the year rejoins for an assembly celebrating Coach Creed. Only, someone has tampered with the footage and instead it shows the Coach berating his students and verbally abusing them. The ones responsible? Four teenagers at the school going by the acronym of DGM.

DgmM is made up of computer geek Margot, outsider Bree, popular girl Olivia and sporty Kitty. After their successful case again Coach gets him suspended, they meet up on the rooftop and plot their next move. These four aren’t really friends though and soon go their separate ways.

Kitty sinks back into football (soccer) practice while Margot greets fellow student Ed who invites her along to Rex’s big party. When Margot refuses, he instead encourages her to join the debate club. Bree meanwhile has the threat of expulsion hanging over her while Olivia prepares for Rex’s party. In private, she admits to her friend Amber that things with boyfriend Donte aren’t great.

The night of Rex’s party gets underway. While Margot stays home paying games, trouble brews when Olivia spies Donte leaving with Kitty. On the way out the door, Kitty leaves her friend Mika alone with Ronny, who takes advantage of the girl and forwards on photos of her in her underwear to the school.

As news of this spreads to school the next day, Kitty feels awful and that’s only accentuated when she learns she didn’t make captaincy. Given what’s happened, Kitty calls another meeting. The group break their own six-week rule to go after their next target – Ronny. “We don’t get mad, we get even,” They promise as the group turn their attention to their next target.

The Review Write-Up

The opening episode introduces us to the four girls and their very different backgrounds. It’s all pretty formulaic drama so far but there’s definitely some nice ideas and character dynamics to play with. We’ll have to wait and see how that develops over time but there’s no doubt some serious potential with this.

Get Even has all the makings of a classic murder mystery but under the guise of a teen drama akin to something like Elite. So far the show hasn’t leaned that heavily into its melodrama like that Spanish series. We’ll have to wait and see if that changes going forward.

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