Get Even – Season 1 Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review

Get Justice

The season 1 finale of Get Even begins with Logan talking about his time with DGM. He mentions how he teamed up with Christopher to go after Ronny. Things got out of hand but Logan admits to being innocent in all of this. Margot however, is not so sure. With an awkward silence between them, Margot keeps her composure long enough to get a lift home. As she steps out the car, she messages the other members but their mission for now is obscured.

Back home Olivia has a heart to heart with her Mum. She talks about the fear she feels with the school and how she’s lost and doesn’t know who she really is. It’s a touching conversation but one that pointedly doesn’t end with her admitting the truth about her sexuality.

Meanwhile, John speaks to Bree about how he feels. He tells her he loves her but she rejects him. As we know, she clearly does have feelings but won’t take the plunge. Instead, she heads to PE alone.

In the midst of this, the Principal heads outside and gets in a car. This happens to be the same familiar black car we saw before-hand. It’s a pretty suspicious scene but for now, we’re left none the wiser over what this means.

Meanwhile, Kitty learns her chances of getting back into school are slim next term. After thanking the teacher for being honest, she leaves.

Later that day, Margot meets Logan. She confronts him over the cards and what was going on with DGM. It’s here we finally learn the truth. It turns out Christopher and Logan wanted to expose Ronny for all the wrong he was involved with but things got out of hand.

In a blind fit of rage, Logan pushed Ronny out the window. He also confronted Mika to find out what she knew but he got scared and snapped. With the truth out, he asks Margot to forgive him but instead, she flees and dives in the water.

Only… that’s not actually true. It turns out the entire plan involving meeting on the bridge and feigning her jumping in the water was part of an elaborate DGM plan. As the various different scenes through this episode now make coherent sense, it was all an elaborate ploy to goad Logan out and force a confession. And that’s exactly what they managed.

As they head back to Bannerman, the entire school learn the truth via video footage that’s broadcast up on stage. With the truth now exposed, Logan bolts from the room. Eventually the police do catch up and manage to apprehend him. Just before he’s arrested, he reveals to Margot how she and the DGM are in danger. His family are part of a society who are after the group. For now though, this plot thread is left dangling for a possible season 2.

As the episode closes out, the group make one more pledge to continue DGM in secret. Their next mission? Get Kitty’s scholarship back. As the girls make their pledge, the episode ends.

The Review Write-Up

Who are this secret society after the DGM? What’s with the black car the Principal stepped in? Is this linked to Logan in some way? And is there a second season on the table? There’s certainly a lot to like with this one and although this case is wrapped up, there’s a lot of unresolved character arcs too.

John and Bree still have their will they/won’t they romance, Amber and Olivia are also unresolved while Kitty and Donte look to be starting something too. And what about Margot? What’s in store for her future? There’s lots of questions left unanswered but alongside these, there’s also some holes left to fill. Did the police ever learn that Bree took Donte’s file?And why was Rex at Ronny’s house that night?

The end of the series definitely feels like a good enough ending to enjoy, despite the aforementioned questions, but will also leave fans desperate for a renewal. With no word on that just yet, it remains to be seen whether this is the last we see of Get Even.

In the meantime this series bows out with an enjoyable murder mystery to chew over that’s managed to keep us guessing right up until the final moments.

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