Gen V – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Guardians of Godolkin

Gen V Episode 8 begins with the death of Indira, leaving the students gathered around her. Cate hears the thoughts of her friends surrounding her. However, Sam sides with Cate and leaves with her to free the woods. Emma stops Jordan from calling campus security, and the three head out to stop them.

What happens to Polarity during the interview?

Andre learns from the doctor that a microtear occurs in his neural pathways every time his father uses his powers. He is also informed that the damage is irreversible. He then talks to Polarity, who tells him to call the costume manager to get the costume to fit Andre.

Why does Ashley visit Godolkin University?

Ashley and some of the other board members sit down to review the nominees to enter the Seven. Entering the woods, Sam kills off the first guard, and Cate makes the second one unlock the cells, releasing the supes.

How are the supes in the woods freed?

Sam walks into his room and hallucinates, seeing Luke. Luke tries to convince Sam to stop playing along with Cate’s plan.

The group stumbles upon Andy’s body. Cate disperses the group to kill all the humans they come across. The supes head out onto the campus, killing every human they find. Jordan, Marie, and Emma reach the woods to find the supes have already been freed.

Jeff comes face-to-face with one of the supes, uses a sonic whistle to give her a headache, and kills her with an explosive. Cate appears and uses her powers to get him to do a livestream. The board gets informed about the breakout. Cate gets Jeff to kill himself with an explosive while live-streaming. The board gets to know the full extent of the breakout as they see blood splatter on their window.

Why does Sam push Emma away?

Sam enters and disrupts Bourke’s class and chokes him. Emma stops him just in time and tries to make him stop. Sam pushes her away claiming she is selfish and is trying to control him and walks away.

Following that, Cate brings Andre up to speed with things and calls him to her. Imaginary Luke still follows Sam, trying to change his mind, but he doesn’t budge. Cate numbs Sam’s pain with her powers.

How does Godolkin University go into lockdown?

Marie hits the button in Indira’s room putting the school in lockdown. Just then, the sonic whistle turns on, giving the supes severe headaches. Just then, Bourke arrives in complete panic. One of the supes lets out his scream, destroying all speakers and stopping the sonic whistle. They call in Homelander and helicopters.

They grab the phones and make a call to the nominees, claiming whoever kills the rogue supes will enter the Seven. Ashley gives a call to Marie requesting her to take down the students in exchange for entry into the Seven.

Which supes stand up against Cate and Sam?

Heading out, Marie uses her powers to make a supe fly into the helicopter blades, causing it to crash. Andre arrives and uses his telekinetic powers to make the helicopter land safely. Andre and Marie try to stop Cate, but she sends Maverick to fight Marie. Initially, Marie struggles, but she quickly uses her blood powers to locate him and knock him out.

Jordan directs the board members to enter the helicopter. Andre tries to convince Cate to start over with him, and she agrees. Just then, Sam arrives out of nowhere and punches Andre. They begin to fight. Sam grabs Andre by the collar. Andre uses his powers to hold an electric button and shock Sam with it, dropping them both to the ground.

Marie approaches Cate and tries to convince her to stop the rampage, but Cate stands her ground. Just then, Marie sees the supes about to kill Jordan and uses her powers to kill one of them. Jordan tackles the others.

She sees one of the supes running towards the helicopter and uses her powers to create blood daggers and stab him in the back. Just then, Cate rushes towards Jordan with her hand stretched out, and Marie panics and makes her hand explode.

Does Homelander appear in Gen V?

Just then, Homelander arrives and questions Marie for attacking her own kind. He lasers her and the scene changes to Homelander watching the news. The news announces that Marie, Jordan, Andre, and Emma were the cause of the attack and frames Sam and Cate as the saviors.

Marie wakes up with Jordan, Emma and Andre in a room without doors. Billy arrives at the woods at the end of Gen V Episode 8.

The Episode Review

Gen V Episode 8 finally brings the first season to an end and gives us a fascinating insight into how the series might continue. After taking out Indira in the previous episode, Cate pretty much finds herself cornered, as law enforcement will inevitably come after her. She decides to free the supes to gain some sort of advantage.

Sam supports her in her endeavour, given his hatred for humans who tortured him for years. In doing this, he neglects Emma’s desires and also hurts her in the process.

The episode also sees the appearance of Ashley, and you’ll face some cognitive dissonance having to accept that in this scenario she is actually innocent, while combating the image created in ‘The Boys’. The episode also features Homelander and his part in the episode is only for a couple of minutes, but it also enforces the direction the show will head in.

The absolute flip of the script with who was deemed the hero at the end of the episode portrays the upcoming fight for power between the supes and humans. It almost seems like he has, in fact, adopted the tactics with regard to propaganda that Vought used to execute their will.

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