Gen V – Season 1 Episode 7 “Sick” Recap & Review


Gen V Episode 7 begins with Andy incredibly sick from the virus, stumbling into the room full of supes, and threatening their lives. Indira demands that Dr. Cardoza make the virus airborne. Just then, Indira gets a call from Cate requesting that she meet, but Indira tells her to wait at her house while she attends a meeting first. Cate assures her that she has taken her medication.

Cate is able to hear everyone’s thoughts. She tells them about Indira, but they treat her with animosity. Jordan storms out, and Marie follows. They decide to find some evidence and take it to Victoria Newman.

Emma collects all of Sam’s belongings to incinerate them and remove evidence of his escape. She instructs him to stay at home before leaving. Marie and Jordan go through Indira’s room and find an article about an airplane crash in which her daughter and husband died. Just then, Dr. Cardoza enters, drunk, mumbling, and cursing Indira’s plans. The two quickly hide and get an idea of her plans.

Indira meets with Mallory, tells her about her plan, and asks for help. Mallory rejects participating in the genocide. Sam hears some sounds from outside and opens the door, thinking it’s Emma. However, he sees some of the kids having fun and they invite him to join in. He joins them in playing games before leaving with them for a party after they convince him Emma will be coming.

Polarity appears on television for an interview and gets a sudden attack. Andre sees this on television and rushes to take him to the hospital. Emma returns to her room and realizes Sam has run away. In the ambulance, Polarity has another seizure, causing everything around him to fly and hurting the security personnel.

The interview continues with Victoria Newman instead. She talks about the current situation and attempts to bring peace between humans and supes. Marie and Jordan arrive at the theater to meet Victoria, but they see guards at the entrance. Jordan creates a distraction, letting Marie in. The audience doesn’t perceive Victoria’s stance well and begins vandalizing the theater.

The security escorts her out, and Marie manages to convince her to have a conversation. After the interview, Emma finds Sam in the commotion and takes him somewhere secure. Indira returns home and finds Cate sitting there without gloves. Indira insists she take her pills, but Cate reveals that they only cloud her thinking.

Cate expresses her disappointment, but Indira assures her that she plans to leave and take Cate with her. She convinces Cate that she has a plan for both of them and she will leave the mess behind and take Cate with her. She convinces Cate that she loves her and cares for her.

Victoria has a conversation with Marie and reveals that they have the same blood control powers. Marie reveals the plan she found out about, but Victoria advises her to leave the plan behind and focus on making it into the top seven where she can make more of a difference.

Marie, Emma, Sam, and Jordan rush to Indira’s house and find Cate and Indira. Cate makes Indira reveal the intentions behind her plan to eradicate all the supes. She then uses her powers to make Indira slit her own throat with a knife. She uses her powers to stop Marie from using her blood-control powers to stop the bleeding.

Victoria meets up with Dr. Cardoza and takes the virus in a container from him. She compliments his work and makes his head explode before leaving to ensure no one who knows how to create the virus survives at the end of Gen V episode 7.

The Episode Review

In Gen V episode 7, things approach the climax, and it begins with the creation of a contagious virus that affects only supes. It also reveals the motive behind Indira’s actions and the creation of the virus. Eventually, Cate becomes overwhelmed by guilt and ends up killing Indira to restore her friends’ faith in her.

The episode witnesses the demise of both the lead antagonists. To take their place, we are introduced to a character from The Boys who appears to have good intentions but also makes some suspicious moves. Victoria kills off the only person who possesses the knowledge to create the virus; however, she still takes a sample from him before killing him. This will likely bleed into the next season if there is one, as we are already towards the end of Season 1.

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