Gen V – Season 1 Episode 6 “Jumanji” Recap & Review


Gen V Episode 6 begins with Cate returning everyone’s memories. Andre expresses his distrust in Cate. She suddenly has hallucinations of Marie and Jordan guilt-tripping her and gets a stroke after a few minutes. They realize her pulse has dropped, but Marie uses her powers to stabilize her blood flow.

The scene switches to Dr. Cardoza and Indira entering Betsy’s room while she profusely coughs. Dr. Cardoza informs Indira about the performance of the virus and tells her to finalize the reports to be sent to Vought. Indira tells him to wait and concentrate the dose to see how sick she can get.

The friends take Cate to a room, and she suddenly wakes up and disappears. They see the room disintegrating and walk out. They come across a woman and a policeman calling out to Caleb, and they realize they are in Cate’s head. They see Cate approach her mother and get told to keep her distance.

Just then, Soldier Boy approaches them and tells them to quickly figure it out before she turns into a vegetable, and they all get stuck there. He tells them that the thunder in the sky is her blood vessels exploding, and they get struck down by lightning, and they leave.

Emma visits the drive-in and meets Sam. Despite being Sam’s first time, things begin to escalate, and they make love.

The friends reach Cate’s room, where her mother allows Indira to meet Cate. They watch Indira comfort her and offer her some pills to make the sounds inside her head disappear.

Suddenly, they find themselves in the classroom with Cate and Luke, where they become friends for the first time. Luke then goes on to play a clip of Andre hooking up with Cate while she is still his girlfriend. Luke attempts to shoot Andre but misses and hits Dusty instead. They realize their powers aren’t working.

The friends run away from there and reach Brink’s office. Just then, Jordan arrives and listens to the argument between Brink and Luke. She then bursts in and puts the mask on Luke, making him fall unconscious. The friends come to know that Jordan chose not to do anything.

Emma and Sam have a great time. Sam, however, thinks he isn’t good for her due to his hallucinations, but Emma convinces him that she wants to be with him. Sam suggests that they run away together, but she changes her mind, claiming she knows of someone who can help them.

The friends then find themselves in the basement, where they are held captive. They see Luke and Sam unconscious, with Dr. Cardoza and Indira running an experiment on them. Luke wakes up, Cut Cate hesitantly steps up, wipes his memory, and puts him back to sleep.

They then find themselves in Indira’s office where she and Brink convince Cate that she is only helping Luke. Indira then turns towards them and tells Cate to wipe their memories. They make a run for it and see the door leading to Marie’s childhood bathroom.

Upon entering, they see a blood-covered bathroom and her sister sitting in the corner. Marie approaches her, but Annabeth only pushes her away, blaming her for what happened. Marie looks up and yells at Cate for contradicting her own statements.

They suddenly appear in front of Cate. Cate gives them their chance to leave without her, suggesting she will remain a vegetable in the real world. The friends try to convince her to wake up with them and get things fixed. They are successful, and Cate wakes up with them.

Just as they wake up, Emma walks in with Sam. Sam takes a close look at them and recognizes Cate for the things that she has done. He attacks her while the others try to protect her. Emma steps in between them and pleads with him to trust her and let Cate go. They question Cate about Indira’s intentions with the kids locked up in the basement, but Cate claims to have very little knowledge of it.

The scene switches to Dr. Cardoza urgently calling Indira to show her that Betsy has died due to an increased dose of the virus. Indira is happy and asks him to make the virus contagious at the end of Gen V episode 6.

The Episode Review

Gen V Episode 6 takes a deep dive into Cate’s mind after the rest of them find out she was wiping their memories. Unfortunately, this episode has little to no plot developments that might affect the entire storyline other than the completion of the virus and the group learning about Cate’s involvement in the

Cate’s intention with the trip-down memories seems like a vicious attempt to expose others and gain sympathy and acceptance. She takes them down to their own memories, where they have done something wrong at some point, most of which cannot be compared to her deed. Cate’s shot at Marie was quite a low blow.

At the end of the episode, the group reunites and is in shape to continue the investigation.

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