Gen V – Season 1 Episode 5 “Welcome to the Monster Club” Recap & Review

Welcome to the Monster Club

Episode 5 of Gen V opens with Andre and Cate sleeping on a couch when a slimy substance falls on his face. The two go up to see where it is coming from and realize they are in Dusty’s house. They stumble into a room with Jordan and Marie sleeping together.

The scene cuts to Marie finding Emma sized up lying naked in a pool. They regroup and discuss how all of them strangely have no memories of the recent time.

Emma finds clips explaining what happened the previous night, revealing Marie and Jordan making out and Emma trending due to a sized-up nude video on TikTok. Just then, Sam pops out, expressing his happiness to see them awake. The two back off, claiming to not know who he is, and Sam tells them their memories have been wiped. He promises to get things fixed and warns them that the school is a danger to them.

Cate and the others confront the others about their blackout and realize all of them suffered the same consequences. Marie informs them about Sam stating he made some claims about events that happened over the past couple of days. The group catches on to what’s going on. Cate suggests that Ruphas has probably done it.

The scene switches to Dr. Carlos trying to quit his job because of the events that occurred. Indira tells him it is not an option and persuades him to stay. He demands for Marie to be captured so he can use her to study and develop the virus to control the supes, but Indira declines.

The scene cuts to Marie telling the others about the encounter with Rufus, and Cate follows up with an encounter she had with Rufus. They realize the conversation has angered Andre, and he has left to confront Rufus.

Emma walks down the hallway and gets recognized by students hyping her up. Jordan walks with Marie and tells her their encounter doesn’t have to be weird and that they’re cool. They spot Rufus having a conversation with Indira and decide to confront him. Marie holds him back until Indira leaves explaining she doesn’t trust her.

He spots them, and a chase begins. They eventually catch up and catch him, only to realize Rufus has paid Benny to shape-shift into him. Rufus enters his room to find Andre already there. Andre locks the apartment with his powers and attempts to extract information. He suddenly finds himself in line at a fast food store.

The same night, Marie gets to her room and hears about Emma climbing the ranks. Marie tells her about the conversation with Jordan. Emma finds a sweatshirt from Stardust Drive-in Theater, reminding her of what Sam said. 

The scene cuts to Sam having a schizophrenic hallucination. He sees a puppet of Emma and begins to hear a chopper in the background. Sam turns into a puppet, and armed puppet guards begin to descend. Sam brutally kills all of them right before the scene can sift back to real life. Sam makes the run for it.  

Emma realizes what Sam said holds some truth and decides to head out and find him. Marie realizes she has blood clotting near her collarbone and uses her powers to pop out a tracker. She heads out to tell Cate about it. Marie tells Cate about the chip, claiming it is something bigger than Rufus, and Indira might be involved too. Cate takes her hand and apologizes before erasing her memory once again.

Jordan tells Maverick about her liking for Marie, and Maverick advises her to speak with Cate about it. 

Jordan then approaches Marie to speak but notices an injury on Marie’s collarbone, but Marie has no clue how it happened. Jordan brings up the topic of what she said before chasing Rufus, but Marie has no memory of it. Jordan thinks he wiped her memory again and walks away. Marie realizes something around Jordan’s collarbone as well. 

The scene switches to Cate venting to Indira about the others realizing something is wrong despite the memory erasing.  Indira reminds him that she has to play along for their safety.

Emma reaches the drive-in theater, and Sam spots her. He approaches her cautiously, making sure she is alone. She claims to still not remember Sam but expresses that she believes him. She apologizes due to her lost memory, and Sam tells her that Cate has made Luke forget him as well.

Cate reaches Andre’s room and asks to spend some quality time. They begin to watch TV. Andre tells her that he thinks they should leave the school. Just then he gets a text from Jordan saying she found Rufus.

Jordan and Marie storm into the room and attack Rufus as he tries to run away. Rufus pleads he has not done anything. He claims that he had been in the room for over five hours and couldn’t have possibly wiped out her memory.

Just then, Marie gets a call from Emma telling her it isn’t Rufus. Marie tells Jordan to stand down, but just then, Andre walks in and slams Rufus through the walls. He pins Rufus to the wall with Grass seers and almost beheads him with a shovel before Cate can stop him. She confesses that she is the one who wiped their memories. She restores Andre’s memories.

Andre is heartbroken by the betrayal and walks away.

The Episode Review

If you’ve ever been asked the question about which superpower you would like to have, this episode might change your mind, ironically. The episode in a way takes us back to square one with almost everyone’s memories being wiped out, putting everyone in a confused state as the consequences still follow them. We get to see an interesting sequence of investigation and multiple pieces of the puzzle falling together to create the entire image.

It is almost impossible to see The Boys from a socio-political standpoint. Gen V just swoops in and takes the very same thing 100 notches higher. It also leaves no stone unturned.

This chapter, however, did stall the storyline, making no progress at all. However, we can expect the story to continue full-fledged as it did reveal to the students that Deen Shetty has something to do with Sam’s case, but they need to stick around on campus and probably have some awkward encounters with her. 

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