Gen V – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Whole Truth” Recap & Review

The Whole Truth

Episode 4 of Gen V begins with Indira and Dr. Cardoza examining Sam’s cell after Sam and Emma had fled. They notice the trail of bodies through the corridors through which the two made their escape. Indira notices a small shoe at the drainage pipe and realizes it could be Emma.

The scene switches to Andre, Marie, Jordan and Cate searching for Emma using the GPS, but only find a bloody tracker. They leave and hope to find more clues on Emma’s whereabouts.

The scene switches to Emma regaining consciousness while Sam sets her on a table at an old drive-in movie place. He thanks her for rescuing him and decides to take help from Luke to save them. Emma tells him that Luke is no longer alive.

This sets Sam into a destructive frenzy before he curls up and beats himself up on the ground. Emma reassures him that she will be there for him, but Sam believes everyone good always leaves.

The scene switches to a trailer of Tek Knight’s show. He shoots a segment for the show, questioning the conspiracy behind Golden Boy’s demise. Indira finds Tek Knight in her office, and they converse about the recent happenings. He tells her that he knows Luke killed himself after killing Brink in a misguided attempt to save his brother from the woods and says that he plans to shift the blame to another student.

Indira warns him to stay away from the top 5 while doing so. He notices she has not been telling him and Vought the whole truth and makes demands for Golden Boy’s personal data to conduct the investigation. 

Andre arrives at Cate’s room to apologize and tells her that his dad has known about the woods all along.

Marie approaches Rufus, a psychic, and asks for help to find Emma. Rufus behaves weirdly and asks Marie to sit beside him to be able to find Emma. Marie regains consciousness inside Rufus’ room with him standing naked. Just then Jordan enters the room and Marie uses her blood-control powers to make his penis explode. On the way out, Jordan questions Marie’s decisions and tells her that Tek Knight is on campus and that it can be dangerous for her.

Andre and his dad get ready for the interview with Tek and tell him about the events that happened on the day of Luke’s death. Andre didn’t want to step on Luke, but his dad had different plans. Tek exploits the moment and puts the blame on Andre, Jordan, and Cate in 3 separate interviews. Andre storms out of the interview with the cameras still rolling.

Sam finds that Emma has returned to normal size. They have a crazy discussion and bond over sick jokes. Sam heads out looking for some more food. Just then, Sam’s hallucinations begin and he begins to hear certain sounds.

Marie arrives for the lecture and Indira confronts Marie about why she didn’t stop by for lunch, asking her what has been going on. She asks Marie what has been going on with Emma as she has been skipping lectures lately. Indira then introduces Tek Knight for a lecture. He takes the opportunity to interrogate Marie as part of his lecture.

He begins questioning her while also demonstrating to the class. She tells him everything that unfolded that day, and he begins to question the specifics of the day, pointing out her pupil dilation and heart rate increase. Under pressure, Marie admits to not fighting Luke alone and credits Jordan for helping her. Tek claims his proficiency in the class with breaking the victims.

Post-lecture, Indira confronts Tek about getting the top 5 involved, and Tek agrees to drop it and threatens to pin the blame on Indira herself. He reveals that he knows about Sam escaping from the woods.

Later that day, Sam begins to see hallucinations of Television’s Jason Ritter who scares him with bad thoughts and tells him that he should go after Dr. Cardoza. This sends him into another frenzy, calling Emma’s attention. She arrives quickly and tries to comfort him. Sam runs out of the store and leaps away to find Dr. Cardoza. 

Later that day, Andre crushes the head of his dad’s statue and hugs Cate. After the lecture, Jordan confronts Marie about the reveal in class, thinking it was part of a bigger plan. Jordan gets to know it was just a human reaction without any PR planning and expresses that she is scared too. Jordan shapeshifts into a male, and the two begin making out. Just then, Emma storms into the room and tells them about Sam heading for Dr. Cardoza.

Tek approaches Indira in a lush green patch as requested by her to avoid any cameras. He thinks she has called him to confess her actions but instead, she reveals that he was caught on camera on numerous occasions filling up every hole he sees. She threatens that she will release the clips if he doesn’t stop investigating Golden Boy’s matter. Tek then records a video claiming that Golden Boy simply snapped and there was no conspiracy underlying it. 

Later that night, Dr. Cardoza arrives home and sees Sam viciously approaching his daughter. Dr. Cardoza begs Sam to set them free, but Sam begins to destroy things and approaches Dr. Cardoza. Just then Andre and the others arrive, and Andre uses his telekinetic powers to ram a fridge into Sam. 

This angers Sam, and he takes notice of Andre and Marie and recalls that they busted him the last time he tried escaping. They try reasoning with him, claiming they didn’t know him back then, but it isn’t enough to stop him. Just before Marie tries to slit open her palm, Emma tries to convince him they will help once again.

Unfortunately, he overhears Andre, and a brawl breaks out in which Sam attacks most of them. Just then Emma begins to eat, grows huge, and holds Sam down, trying to calm him and assuring him they will help him.

The scene cuts and Marie finds herself in bed with Jordan.

The Episode Review

Gen V episode 4 has masterfully woven multiple subplots, concealing a web of secrets along with characters. This episode introduces a compelling new character, Tek from Vought. Tek operates with motives that starkly oppose the established order, creating a fresh dynamic in the interpersonal relationships of the characters. This, in turn, propels the storyline forward, unveiling new layers of complexity.

Sam’s acting has been phenomenal throughout, but up until now, we’ve barely been able to catch a few glimpses. Sam’s scenes can find you having spiders crawling under your skin, the fear that an outburst can be devastating to everyone around him. The most dreadful moment is Emma being the size of a pea and delivering the news of Luke’s demise. For a moment it seemed that it could be her last.

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