Gen V – Season 1 Episode 3 “Think Brink” Recap & Review

Think Brink

Episode 3 of Gen V begins with Luke and Cate entering Sam’s cell as he pounds away at the wall. Luke tries to calm him down, and they go for a hug. Just then, a guard shoots Sam in the abdomen, causing him to go berserk. Cate then steps in and uses her push power to make him sleep. Cate abruptly wakes up, indicating this was all a dream.

Cate finds herself waking up with Andre beside her. They discuss it, and Cate is strictly against Andre going in to save Sam. Cate expresses her concerns, and they realize they have feelings for each other.

The same night, Marie hears Emma’s voice and realizes Emma has shrunk to a very tiny size. They get her food to eat and have her back to normal size. Marie tries to convince Emma that purging herself is unhealthy, but Emma explains that’s just how her superpower works. It’s just like how Marie has to cut herself to gain access to blood. The two end up fighting and stop talking to each other.

The next day, Marie sits down to have a conversation with Indira over pancakes. Indira empathizes with Marie for what happened at the interview and invites her over for a fundraiser party, and Marie agrees.

Later, the media training students learn from clips of Marie, but Polarity only looks down on her and instead encourages Andre to take the spotlight. He tells Andre to join him for the fundraiser. He asks his dad if it’s a good thing to use his powers for the good of others, but his father leaves for his speech.

The next day, Justine apologizes for letting out Emma’s secret, but Emma realizes she is filming. As she walks away, she sees her mother walking towards her. They settle down, and Emma feels overburdened by her mom’s policing. Her mom informs her that she has seen the video on YouTube and requests that she come with her to the fundraiser event.

The same day, Marie walks up to Cate and apologizes for the situation, but gets confronted about the things she has been saying about him on camera. Marie walks away. There is a flashback of Cate trying to calm Luke down after one of his episodes.

The scene changes to Jordan sleeping with a student from the university when her parents arrive. She chases away the guy, who disappears through the wall, and she transitions back into a boy to greet them.

The same night, the students get ready for the fundraiser. Marie and Indira make conversation with the people at the event. Indira warns her to keep her guard up in the fight for number 1.

Emma’s mother introduces her to Courtney, who offers her a role in her next reality TV show. However, she realizes the role is only about sympathy-seeking and not inspirational at all.

Jordan tries to convince the guests but isn’t able to. His parents step in to help him out.

Overwhelmed, Emma heads to the washroom and is unexpectedly joined by Marie. The two are not supposed to speak, but she compliments Marie’s dress. Marie asks her how to pee in a dress like that, and Emma helps her out. Marie apologizes for before and the two hug it out.

Returning, Emma tries to ask them if it could be made inspirational but walks out on them when her mother turns her down. Andre catches her as she walks away and sits down with her to speak. Jordan quarrels with her parents, as they aren’t satisfied with the person she has become.

Andre tells Emma about the plan to sneak into the building and reach Sam, and she instantly agrees. Andre takes her to the bunker, as she has shrunken already, and hands her a GPS tag. After instructions, she slips under the door and into the asylum.

Emma slips into Sam’s food tray and enters his room. Sam spots her instantly and traps her under a cup, questioning if she is real or just his imagination.

The fundraiser continues with Marie on the banner. A short clip plays to honor Brink. Andre begins to get worried about where Emma is. His dad confronts him, asking him why he isn’t focused, and Andre explains about the underground hospital. Polarity is astonished to know Andre knows about it and forces him to keep quiet. Just then, a friend calls Polarity to the side, and he goes.

Sam thinks Emma is a manifestation and demands she convince him she is real. He asks her a bunch of questions about himself, of which she gets a few wrong answers, but she tries to convince him that she is real and is there to help him escape. He is not convinced and insists on staying back, but she tells him that it was his brother’s plan to set him free. He agrees and offers to give her the codes to the doors.

During a conversation, Marie realizes that Indira only needs her for PR and leaves the scene shortly after. Jordan initially taunts her for several reasons, along with being her parent’s favorite. Marie tells them that she didn’t know she had powers until her first period and ended up killing her parents, as she didn’t know how to control them.

Jordan and Cate invite her over to sit, and Cate tells her about how she grabbed her brother’s arm one day and told him to go away and never come back. Cate then tells Marie that a search party was also sent, but he was never found. She tells her that her mom and dad never touched her after that day. She comforts Marie, telling her that it isn’t her fault.

Sam and Emma have a heartfelt conversation and appear to be enjoying their few moments together. Emma tells him that she will leave as the woman arrives to collect the food trays and that she hopes to see him whenever they break him out. He appreciates her efforts and calls her beautiful.

Andre tells the others about Emma.

Suddenly, the alarms start ringing, and Sam puts Emma on a safe shelf to hide. He instructs her to run as soon as the electricity stops before dropping to the ground. She watches a guard storm in and electrocute Sam once again after he wakes up. She jumps onto the guard and enters his ear, causing him to bleed and fall to the ground before exiting the other side. Just then, two more guards enter the cell.

The Episode Review

This episode mainly focuses on bringing all the main characters together as they unite to revolt against the system. Interestingly, the episode manifests different reasons for each student, but they all fit in perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.

This chapter gets most of the main characters to open up about their past and also introduces a few of their families to add depth. Catching a glimpse of Sam’s powers, there is a small possibility that things can go south once they set him free. This is because Emma lied to him about Luke, and it could be devastating for him to find out about his death.

As far as the plot goes, Andre successfully executes the plan with the help of Emma. The problem now arises as the officials are aware that someone is in the cells, and this makes it difficult for Emma to escape. The show chooses the perfect cliffhanger to leave viewers on, as after this drop of three episodes, we’re going to have to wait for weekly episode drops.

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