Gentefied Season 2 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

No Human Is Illegal

Well, this is it. It all comes down to this final episode as Gentefied season 2’s ending brings all of our big stories together in a satisfying and heartwarming send-off.

One Last Christmas

The episode itself begins with Casimiro preparing for his big hearing. As he does his best to try and steady his nerves, a big problem turns everything upside down. Judge Lewis is retiring, heading off into the sunset, only to be replaced by Judge Corchado. This guy has a serious reputation for being incredibly tough.

With Melinna directing traffic, she decides to turn things around and bring in as many character witnesses as possible to try and turn things in their favour. For now, she implores the family to spend as much time together as possible.

So naturally, our family band together and decide to settle in and bring Christmas to Casimiro early.

While moving gear inside, Chris breaks the news to Ana that he’s got a new job in Mexico City. The irony here is while they’re trying to keep pops out of Mexico, he’s going in all guns blazing, which certainly could cause friction with him when he finds out.

That evening, during dinner, Chris breaks the news that he’s leaving. Given how everything blew up at Thanksgiving, including that infamous flying turkey, Chris worries that things could become just as dramatic. However, Casimiro is the first to congratulate Chris, giving him his blessing.

Do Sarai and Chris get their happily ever after?

So what happens with Sarai? Well, some slick black and white flashbacks help show Chris patch up his differences to the budding restaurateur, apologizing for his attitude earlier in the season.

Despite all the flirting and natural chemistry, Chris decides against staying with her. At least for now. He needs to discover who he really is and that means being alone and pursuing this career in Mexico. As they hold hands, Sarai is heartbroken, “you know where to find me” she says, as Chris walks away. The camera pans across to the sign for Mama Fina’s being painted over.

Do Ana and Yessika end up together?

Ana meanwhile, manages to sort out a new apartment for Beatrice and Nayeli. Yessika believes there’s still more between them, and after Ana’s spat with Bree earlier in the season, they look like they’re on the up now.

However, things are left wide open, which could lead to a relationship again in the future.

What happens to Eric?

Now, Erik has been through quite the ordeal across this season, including adjusting to having a new baby, marital issues with Lidia and going to couple’s therapy. They’ve been on and off most of the season but Erik promises to do his best to be there for her this episode.

Still, there’s a lot of tensions between them, which Casimiro can see from a mile off. As they sit on the beach, just after celebrating their impromptu Christmas together, Casimiro speaks plainly to Erik. He decides to give the house to Erik and Lidia, imploring him to focus on his family. Erik rejects the offer and chooses to continue living a life up north with Lidia.

Proud of his courage and devotion, a newfound wave of respect washes over Casimiro.

In fact, Erik approaches Lidia and asks her to marry him, showing a sign of devotion to his family and ready to put water under the bridge, so to speak, and do right by his family.

What is the decision at the court?

The court case begins and Casimiro is immediately put on the backfoot. Judge Corchado reveals that his visas have not been approved yet so Corchado decides to move toward with a removal. However, Melinna holds her own and manages to convince the judge to allow all the character witnesses to speak.

Just as the judge is about to rule for removal, the petition is approval and that means Casimiro can apply for his green-card. Hooray! As Casimiro walks out of court with a favourable decision, he can’t help but smile.

How does Gentefied season 2 end?

As the episode comes to a close, we cut forward seven months later in Mexico. Casimiro has clearly had his green-card approved and he heads down to pay his respects to his father. Everything has been resolved and as Casimiro walks away from the camera, the season comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Gentefied season 2 bows out with a satisfying finale, closing out all the big plot points and giving our characters a big send-off at the end. When it comes to writing a good ending, Gentefied is the perfect case-study and to be honest, I can’t see this one returning for a third season off the back of this.

Most of the season has tackled Casimiro’s court case while simultaneously adding these three kids and their subplots into the fold. Every character gets a satisfying conclusion by season’s end, with our characters growing and evolving over time.

There’s not a lot else to say really other than well done to all those involved with Gentefied to prevent another dreaded cliffhanger!

What did you think of Gentefied season 2? Did you enjoy it? Would you like the guys to return for season 3? Let us know in the comments!

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