Gentefied – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Review

Building a Crib

Episode 7 of Gentefied starts as we see Ana and Yessika as teenagers having fun together before returning to the present as we see Nayeli filming them talking about the beginning of their story. In Mama Fina, Chris looks at the new reviews on Yelp and sees that people are rating the food well but not the ambiance. Chris then tries to convince his granddad and Erik to change the decor and improve the food. They are very reluctant so he tells them that LA weekly are doing a food tour soon which could be their opportunity.

Carimiso heads to the market to get the new food Chris has suggested and comes face to face with Lupita. After shopping together, they decide to have lunch where they speak about changes and his worries towards his grandchildren. Lupita has some words of encouragement and tells him she is sure he will be able to be there for them.

Carimiso returns to Mama Fina but is upset when he sees that the cousins have put up a new menu board. Unbeknownst to them, the old one was written by his late wife Delfina. Erik goes after him and finds him in his garden looking after his plants. They talk about love and the difficulties Erik is having with Lidia. Carimiso decides to give him Mama Fina’s ring and tells him to go and get the love of his life.

It’s here we find out more about how Yessika and Ana’s relationship started while Erik heads to Lidia’s house, as he is planning to propose. However, when he sees how busy she is, he decides to help her build a crib. Unfortunately, she trips over a part and, worried about her, Erik takes her to hospital to get her checked out. Thankfully both her and the baby are okay but Erik decides to stay with her for a while.

While Lidia naps, Erik builds and decorate the nursery. He insists on being there and helping her more but she is still unsure about it. Suddenly, her phone rings and Erik answers thinking it is her doctor. However, it turns out to be her colleague, Alex, congratulating her on getting the job in Stanford. She tells him it will be a good opportunity but she hasn’t made up her mind yet as there are things keeping her in LA.

Meanwhile, Nayeli carries on filming Ana and Yessika for her school project. Ana gets a call from Tim to reveal that her art is going to be showcased in an important art gallery. As she gets excited about how big she thinks she is going to become, we see that Yessika is not too sure about it.

While eating dinner, Lidia and Erik speak about the future and her job offer. Erik does the honorable thing and he tells her that she should take the job as it is her dream. The episode ends with Erik returning home and crying in his grandfather’s arms.

So far, the different characters have had quite the journey in their family and personal lives. The show has done a good job with their characterization as each episode often gravitates around a specific person. Erik has grown quite a lot since finding out he is going to be a father and this episode really shows a very mature side of him. He acts really selflessly when he decides to convince Lidia to take her dream job in Stanford which was quite the touching scene to see.

All these different stories are quite heart warming as the show carries on showcasing enough drama, humour and real life issues to make this a show worth checking out.

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