Gentefied – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Review

Mariachi Music

Episode 6 of Gentefied starts as Javier and Vincente play mariachi music in a restaurant. Unfortunately, no one seems to be listening to the band and they leave with very small payment. Vincente tells Javier and his son Daniel that they need to start changing their style of music, and maybe play what the people want to hear. Javier later speaks to his wife on the phone who berates him for not earning more as she is stuck in Mexico living with her brother.

Javier takes his son to eat at Mama Fina and explains that he has found a job in Bakersfield where they are moving to, enabling their mum to come join them. This upsets Daniel who asks his dad to try more before moving. As Daniel plays with his friend, and tries to speak to his crush Nayeli, his dad visits Yessika at work to get her help with his housing situation.

After weighing up his options, Javier decides to let Vincente use his idea and they sing a modern song to the customers of the restaurant. This proves to be a success as they receive a lot of tips. In the evening, Javier struggles to find a new place for him and his son to live in as the rent has increased everywhere.

The next day, both father and son head to Mama Fina. Chris decides to pay Javier to record a video to advertise the shop on social media while Erik gives Daniel some advice with the girl he has a crush on. This works as after he gives her a book, they head to study together in her house.

The next morning, we see father and son waking up in Javier’s truck which is where they are currently living as they are homeless. Moving day arrives and Daniel decides to ask Nayeli to be his girlfriend. She tells him that she would have said yes if he wasn’t moving which makes him happy. The episode ends with Javier packing up and Daniel joining him as they drive away.

Episode 6 of Gentefied could have felt like a filler as it concentrates on Javier instead of our main characters. However, the episode works well at tying it all together as we see how gentrification affects not just the businesses but the people who are unable to afford their rent, ending up homeless.

This was quite the harrowing chapter as it’s very close to the truth but also ties in with the main story as we follow the cousins trying to find solutions to save the restaurant. This seems like quite the difficult task but I’m hoping that they will end up saving the shop and perhaps have Javier and his son eventually come back.

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