Gentefied – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap and Review

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Episode 4 of Gentefied starts with Chris applying to multiple restaurants but runs into problems when he finds out he’s blacklisted after punching Chef Austin. This leads him into a downward spiral as we see him getting very depressed about being out of work. Casimiro decides to ask Ana and Erik for help before going to see his friend and witch doctor, Lupita. He buys food from her and as he sees her business doing well, they discuss the changes currently ongoing in the neighbourhood and she gives him some advice.

After receiving an eviction notice for the shop, Erik speaks to Yessika, who gives him the number of a pro-bono lawyer while Ana paints faces at a children’s party. There, she meets Tim and after he sees samples of her art, he invites her to work at one of his parties. Unfortunately, the mother doesn’t pay her enough and as she returns home with leftovers as payment, her mother is on her case again.

The next day, Casimiro tries to knock some sense into Chris and gets him out of bed to help in the shop. Once there, he finds out that they have a lots of wastage so he starts experimenting with different meals. This angers Erik who storms out and heads to the library to pick up the books Yessika recommended. There, we see a softer side to him when he helps a kid and his mum by renting out books for the boy and promising him a free taco if he reads it all.

Chris receives a call from his dad berating him for losing his job and working with his granddad. Frustrated, he walks out and comes face to face with Lidia who is applying for a job in Stanford. Chris confronts her and explains that what happened in the restaurant had nothing to do with Erik as he’s really trying this time. She is not convinced though and tells him she needs to think of her baby.

While Erik texts Lidia, his granddad arrives in the room to tell him that he wants Chris to join the shop officially. He doesn’t agree to it but Casimiro insists as they need to do something to save the restaurant and they could use his expertise.

Ana takes Chris to the party she was invited to by Tim. As they arrive, Tim pays her straight away which surprises her. The rave gets underway as we see both getting high and dancing care-free. As she returns home, she gets a text from Tim offering to pay her a lot money to do a mural in his building. At the same time, Erik and Lidia meet and get back together. The episode ends the next morning with Erik asking Chris to join the shop officially.

Things are rapidly changing for Chris now as he’s unable to carry on living his dream to become a renowned chef. However, his aspirations might change as Casimiro convinces him to work at Mama Fina. Will his culinary skills be enough to help save the taco shop? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, Gentefied advances at a decent pace while tackling some serious societal issues.

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