Gentefied – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap and Review

Being Mexican

Episode 3 of Gentefied starts with another flashback as Casimiro and his wife Delfina show Chris how to cook. Back in the present, Chris arrives in the taco shop and suggests a few ideas to improve the business. He comes up with a tikka masala taco and tries giving his granddad money for the rent. As tension is still present between both boys, Ana manages to make them clear the air. Chris offers to have Erik come and eat with Lidia at his restaurant for free.

In the evening, Chris makes his tikka masala tacos and Casimiro is impressed so he decides to serve it at his restaurant. Unfortunately, his regulars are not impressed with it.

After being teased at work about not being Mexican enough, Chris does his best to prove it with a number of tests. We see a montage with him trying to dance, eat and sing like a Mexican. Unfortunately he fails their test while we see Casimiro trying to come up with a better recipe for the taco. Eventually he does just this and adds his recipe to the ones his wife kept in a special box.

Erik takes Lidia for dinner out in Chris’ restaurant but they are both a little awkward as they’re not used to the luxury. They have a nice evening though as they catch up and he vows that he’s serious about being a family.

Seeing Erik in the restaurant, Chef Austin is not happy as he believes he is one of their delivery men. He then carries on picking on Felix so Chris finally stands up to his boss and demands that he apologise for being racist to him. He replies that he knows a lot of them have no papers and threatens to call ICE. Irate, he punches him square in the face. Just as Erik is about to get the bill, we see Chris being kicked out and quitting. The episode ends with Lidia looking angry as the waiter brings them the bill that he will have to wait.

With each episode starting with a small flashback, we are learning more about the family history and how everyone has arrived to where they are now. We see that Chris’ love of cooking comes from his grandma and seeing Casimiro adding his own recipe to his late wife’s was really touching.

While not too much happened this episode, the character writing more than makes up for that, as we’re shown the cousins trying to find ways to save the shop. I’m looking forward to see if they manage to do so in the next chapters and hopefully this drama will not end on a cliffhanger like many other Netflix titles.


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