Gentefied – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap and Review

The Bail Money

Episode 2 of Gentefied starts as we see a flashback of Casimiro and Erik in a police station waiting for a young boy to come out. From here, we cut back to the present as Erik visits his granddad in prison. He tells him they need four thousands dollars for his bail so Casimiro suggests getting a bail bond or asking Chris. This makes Erik angry as he doesn’t want to owe him anything. Before Erik leaves however, Casimiro makes him promise not tell anyone he’s in prison.

Ana decides to go on Instagram and asks her followers for help in getting more paints, while Erick raids the tills from the taco shop to find money for the bail. He decides to visit Lidia’s father Pancho, and after finding out that Lidia has an ultrasound in the afternoon, he tries asking for money but Pancho stops him, convincing him to propose to his daughter instead.

Meanwhile, Yessika visits Ana and tells her that she has managed to organize a meeting with famous artist Ernesto Yerena as he needs an apprentice. At the same time, Erik tries calling Chris for help but he’s unable to leave his restaurant. He decides to visit Ana next and after selling his truck, they both head to Chris’ restaurant to get his debit card.

In the bank, they run into trouble when the banker thinks they have stolen the debit card. He takes it and cuts it before threatening to call the police. Unfortunately, this leads to Ana missing the meeting with the artist. Erik is in trouble too when he gets a call from Dave to meet someone who can give him money, but that would also mean missing the ultrasound appointment with Lidia. He decides against it and as he watches his baby on the screen, he gets very emotional. After the appointment he tells Lidia about Pop being in jail and she kindly offers the money, promising to always be there for him.

Erik picks up Casimiro from jail and after heading home, Erik confronts him about Chris having a lot money but not helping them. Casimiro replies that he has a dream and wants to help him get there any way he can, which is where the episode ends.

The second episode of Gentefied carries with the same pace and tone, making it a consistent and interesting series as we see the trouble each cousins have to face. They have to juggle their personal lives while also remaining there for each other as their granddad is having trouble with his shop. This make the drama engaging and close to what is currently going in America as many people and businesses struggle with the increase in rent and changes all around them.

So far the actors have been doing a good job with this one too, portraying their roles well as each have some very different parts to play. Each episode clocks in at around 3o minutes as well, making this an easy-to-binge familial drama, with an interesting premise behind it.

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