Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

All About Love

Episode 12 of Gap: The Series begins with Sam and Mon going back home and Sam saying that she can’t bear to hurt Grandmother as she has loved her all her life. She feels guilty for abandoning her and Mon tells her that they can get through it together. At that moment, Kirk calls and tells them that Grandmother is in the hospital and that she has heart failure. A distraught Sam rushes to the hospital alone.

Over there, she sees Neung who tells her to stand her ground and not give in to Grandmother. But Sam says that she does not care who wins or loses, she cannot go against her. But all Neung responds is that if Sam picks Grandmother, she has to break up with Mon.

Do Sam and Mon break up?

Over the next few days, as Sam looks after Grandmother, she avoids Mon’s calls. After 3 days, Mon stops waiting and goes back to her home where Yuki, Jim and Tee console her. They later dress her up and meet with Kade. At that moment, Mon finds out that Sam and Kirk are also at the same location and they tell her to go talk to Sam to get closure.

Mon is overwhelmed and heads to the washroom only to see that it is Sam and Kirk’s wedding photoshoot. Sam goes to her and tells her that she loves Grandmother and she cannot make a choice where someone will die. Mon says she understands and that she will always love her. Sam hugs her and begs her not to break up with her but Mon leaves. Kirk approaches Sam and comforts her as she cries over Mon.

Where does Mon plan to go?

2 months later, Mon remembers her parting with Sam while she meets with Kade and Jim. She tells them that she is leaving for England for a new job as she cannot love again. She tells them not to tell Sam so she is not worried as her wedding is a month away. As she leaves, a moody Sam meets Jim and Kade and looks in the direction of Mon’s exit.

She is also aloof and stressed as Grandmother is busy planning her wedding. At night, she barely eats and cries over Mon. Grandmother remembers Sam hugging her when she was a child and telling her that she would never leave. She tries to thank her for not leaving her and loving her but Sam simply leaves and cries. 

As for Mon, on the day of her departure, her parents are worried while her friends show up to wish her farewell and drive her to the airport. They post a group photo to remember her by and everyone from work wishes her. In the car, Mon deletes her photo with Sam and switches off her phone.

How do Sam and Mon get back together?

At that moment, Grandmother calls Sam and tells her that she knows that Sam is miserable and does not want to see her constantly cry. She says that if the marriage will make her lose Sam she doesn’t want it. In a flashback, we see Kirk telling Grandmother to reconsider the marriage as her happiness is not by his side.

She tells Sam about their conversation and realises that she is being selfish. She calls off the marriage and Sam cries as she thanks her. Sam then rushes to Mon’s while trying to call her. Jim secretly picks up her phone and reveals their location. Sam reaches just in time and stops in front of Tee’s car.

She runs to Mon and begs her not to go to England. Mon says she cannot stay as their relationship is impossible. After a tearful exchange in which they share that they still love each other, Sam says they can be together now as her marriage has been called off (she really should have led with that). Mon is delighted and they kiss while their friends cheer them. 

3 months later, we see Sir Phoom meeting with Grandmother. Turns out, he is her nephew and comes bearing gifts. At that moment, Sam calls and introduces Phoom to Mon who is shy. After they hang up, Phoom is in awe at Grandmother for being accepting of Sam’s relationship who confesses that she still doesn’t understand it all. Phoom tells her that love is universal and that even his parents are happy for Sam which surprises her. 

Do Sam and Mon get married?

After a while, We then see Kade going to a pink-themed event and breaking the fourth wall with Jim as they banter about what name would suit her character. Turns out, it is Sam and Mon’s wedding day. Meanwhile, Kirk is hanging out with the employees while Grandmother and Phoom welcome Mon’s parents. Neung seems to have reconciled with Grandmother and sits with her at the ceremony.

Backstage, we see Mon and Sam getting ready as Sam wears a pink gown while Mon wears a white gown. They say their vows teary-eyed and exchange rings which give us a glimpse of the pink engagement rings decorating their fingers. During the bouquet toss, Kirk and Kade catch the bouquet together and everyone teases them. Happy at the turn of events, Sam and Mon share a kiss.

The Episode Review

It is understandable to see Sam torn and regretting her confrontation with Grandmother. While many viewers may share similar opinions as Neung and Sam’s friends about the whole emotional blackmailing obstacle to keep the main couple apart, it makes sense that Sam would not be able to turn her back on someone she loves.

We also see that when push comes to shove, Grandmother does put Sam’s happiness first even if she doesn’t understand her love for Mon. And of course, everyone’s favourite actor-turned-producer, Saint who streamlined this drama did not just make a memorable cameo as Phoom but also sprinkled in some message about universal love.

As for that totally on-brand wedding, we did not expect anything less than a pink-themed ceremony for Sam and Mon from the pink engagement rings to the pink wedding gown that Sam wore for Mon. A fitting and celebratory ending, Gap: The Series ends on a light note after all that melodrama making us wish for more as if we did not just spend 3 months with Sam and Mon and their adorable love story. 

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