Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Spilling Secrets

Episode 9 of Gap: The Series begins with Mon crying in her room as she thinks about Sam’s harsh words. The next morning, Kirk calls her and tells her that he cleared everything with Sam and that she should not be worried but she is still upset. 

Kirk meets Sam who asks how Mon is. He says that she didn’t sound too good and Sam is worried. She tells Kirk not to keep any secrets. He too tells her that she should do the same and she looks away. She goes to visit Mon and while waiting for her, she and Mon’s mother have a heart-to-heart. 

Mon appears and goes to the kitchen without speaking and her father goes to her. He tells her that if she is hurt she shouldn’t keep it to herself and encourages her to talk to Sam. Sam and Mon go to her room and Sam hugs her. Mon wants her to leave but Sam asks her to let her explain herself.

She reveals that when she said the Thai word ‘Wanthong’ when Mon was leaving with Nop she did not mean to slut-shame her. The word also has a second meaning and she wanted to tell Nop that Mon is her ‘beautiful lady’ aka lover. Sam tries to cheer her up and apologizes for hurting her. She says that she was jealous and lashed out. Mon forgives her and they go to Sam’s place.

Sam gives her the heart bracelet that Mon had been eyeing when they had gone shopping as an apology and gets one for herself as well. They have a candlelight dinner by the pool and Mon tells Sam that she can stop feeling guilty. But she wants to punish Sam for making her cry and she pushes her into the pool.

Mon orders her to stop flailing and Sam is surprised. Mon enters the pool as well and they make out. They sleep together and Sam, again and again, asks Mon if she is alright. Mon tells her she is fine but Sam is not convinced and promises to break up with Kirk immediately.

The next day, Kirk gives Sam flowers and says that he found it cute that she was jealous. He asks her out for dinner so they can get to know each other better and she hesitates. At that moment, Nita comes to the office. She notices that Sam and Mon are wearing the same heart bracelet and smirks. She announces that she accepts Kirk’s proposal of a joint venture and Sam is furious. He tells Sam that he only wanted the company to be successful and she calls it a betrayal.

She uses that moment to break up with him. He refuses to break up with her and she tells him that Mon is her lover. Kirk is heartbroken and Mon is worried for him. Sam goes and tells Nita that they cannot be partners. Nita is fine with it and instead, makes a move on Sam. Sam tells her that Mon is her lover but Nita is not deterred. She simply hugs her and leaves.

Kirk is upset and drinking alone when he gets a call from Grandmother. The next day he disappears and Mon is worried. Sam tells her that he will be alright. Instead, she is busy looking for her couple’s heart bracelet which she lost when she had her fight with Kirk. She accidentally walks in on Ya and Chin making out and is shocked. She finds her bracelet and walks away.

Ya runs to Mon and is worried that Sam might fire her. Mon decides to help her and goes to talk to Sam. She says she is still thinking and is more worried about the fact that Chin is married. Mon also feels unfair for breaking the no-office-romance rule and wants to quit. Sam declares she will rewrite the rule and Mon tells her not to break her word. She sulks and Mon says she loves her and they make out.

At that moment Ya enters Sam’s office and Mon hides. Sam tells Ya she will not fire her but not to continue her extramarital affair with Chin who is thankful. She makes Ya leave before she can spot Mon who is impressed with the way Sam handled the situation. This time they lock the room and have sex.

After their rendezvous, Mon goes to the bathroom and Ya follows her. She points out that Mon’s lipstick is smudged. Mon tries to deflect but Ya tells her she heard everything but not to worry as she won’t tell anyone. However, she is excited for more details and tells Mon not to be ashamed as we can’t control who we love. 

The next day, before they head to the office, Sam tries to hold Mon’s hand. She lets it go as she is worried about Sam’s reputation. But Sam tells her that she is not ashamed that she likes girls and wants to show affection to those she loves. They decide to go on a road trip and the beach resort they stop at has lesbian owners who are openly lovey-dovey. Sam looks stunned while Mon is amused.

Sam and Mon have a quality staycation and are surprised to see that Cher and Risa, the owners are married. They share that while they cannot legally marry in Thailand they are married in their hearts. They wonder if Sam and Mon’s bracelets are like engagement rings and Sam tells them that she wants to marry Mon. Mon says no as Sam is royalty and she is a commoner. Sam is upset and leaves.

The Episode Review

Sure, since it is a rom-com we cannot have too much angst as Sam and Mon quickly make up. It seems that the writers are reserving the drama for when we get the actual angst – when Sam’s deal with her grandmother comes to bite her in the back. And we are already seeing that as it looks like Kirk might just be the one to tell Grandmother that Sam likes girls.

The staycation moment was extremely sweet as we also got to see an alternate version of how Sam and Mon would have been if they were free like Risa and Cher. But of course with Gap: The Series almost coming to an end, we cannot get a happy ending so soon as we already see cracks in their relationship as it feels that Mon doesn’t think she is good enough to marry Sam.

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