Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Showdown

Episode 11 of Gap: The Series begins with Sam confronting her grandmother. Sam asks her to leave her alone if she truly loves her. But Grandmother says that she is helping her with her reputation because homosexuality will ruin her life. At that moment, we see Song on that eventful day when she called Ice, her girlfriend and shared that she had wanted to run away before her car crash.

Ice had rushed to the hospital where Grandmother had blamed her for Song’s death. In the present day, Grandmother tells Sam that she lost Song because of someone unworthy and that she won’t let history repeat itself.

She points out that when she is dead only Kirk can help Sam since Mon is a child and even their country’s laws don’t accept homosexuality. She guilt trips her and tells her that she has been looking after Sam all her life, and Sam now needs to give her something in return.

Sam goes back home where she avoids Mon’s calls. She keeps thinking about her grandmother’s words and her time with Mon and is conflicted. Meanwhile, their friends meet up with Mon and wonder why Sam has vanished. Jim tells her about how ruthless Grandmother is and everything that happened with the three sisters. Mon keeps visiting Sam’s house till she finally lets her in.

Sam is scared that Mon is angry with her but the latter says she understands. Sam declares that she has to marry Kirk but she only loves Mon. She says they have to keep their relationship a secret because she cannot find any other way and apologizes. They cry together as Sam thanks her for understanding.

They constantly assure each other that they still love each other and spend the night together. Sam cooks Mon breakfast the next day and Mon tells her not to go out of her way. Sam claims she will keep saying she loves her and do things for her as her lover. But when Sam leaves for work, Kirk comes to visit Mon.

Kirk apologizes for getting her fired. But he warns her that if people find out they are still in a relationship when Sam is married, they will call Mon a homewrecker. He pleads with her to break up with Sam so that the two can live their life without suffering. He gives her their wedding invite and leaves.

At that moment, Neung calls Mon to ask Sam for some money and what went down with Grandmother. She is angry that Sam gave into Grandmother’s demand and calls her a pushover. Neung then calls Sam and tells her that Mon will leave if she doesn’t make a decision. Sam is shocked and wonders what to do. 

In the meantime, Mon is packing up her things tearfully as she keeps reminiscing about her time with Sam. As she tries to leave, Sam shows up and begs her to stay. Mon tells her that they have lost and that they should break up. Sam asks her for a chance and that she will figure everything out.

She then calls Neung and says she will lend her money if she will help Sam talk to Grandmother. Neung tries to refuse but Sam says that she is just following her own advice and fighting but she needs help.

Sam and Mon go to Grandmother’s house but Neung doesn’t show up. Sam is afraid but says she will talk to her alone. She asks Mon to wait outside and goes in where Kirk and Grandmother are looking at wedding jewellery. Sam states that she will not marry Kirk and she will not listen to her anymore. Grandmother falls as she begs Sam not to disappoint her.

At that moment Neung arrives and rushes in with Mon. Neung calls Grandmother’s idea of happiness fake and tells her to stop controlling everyone. Sam tears up and asks everyone to calm down but Neung continues to argue with Grandmother who tells her to leave. As Sam tries to go to Grandmother who keeps collapsing, Neung points out that it’s all an act as she used to use the same tactic on her.

Sam is confused and Neung tells her to put herself first for once. She leaves with Mon and as Sam tries to follow them, Grandmother tells her she will cut ties if she leaves. Neung tells her to choose between Grandmother and Mon and Sam leaves with Mon. Neung smirks while Grandmother is shocked and falls to her chair.

The Episode Review

We really expected an epic showdown between Grandmother and Sam at the beginning of the episode but it is understandable that she cannot magically just one day stand up for herself after years of emotional blackmail. But it is commendable that she doesn’t completely give in and keeps fighting for her and Mon. We again see that conflicted side of her as she truly loves her Grandmother and doesn’t believe that the old matriarch would fake her illness to control her.

By the way, Neung should have been part of the main cast because she completely stole the show in the confrontation scene. Sure, she was aggressive and brutal but she is the only one who can match the manipulative Grandmother. The adrenaline rush she got from finally standing up to her oppressor transfers through the screen to the viewers which makes the confrontation scene that much more satisfying. We do hope to see more of her in the finale.

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2 thoughts on “Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review”

  1. The final scene instantly made Neung my favourite character after the two leads. She really didn’t want to go back, but also didn’t want her sister to meet the same fate as the dead one and knew she had to help Sam fight back.

    She was aggressive and brutal sure, but honestly, some people need that hard push. As much as Sam loved Mon and was determined not to lose her, she still was unfortunately too weak to stand up to Grandmother after years of, as you say. Emotional blackmail. I too expected Sam to stand up to Grandmother early in the episode but wasn’t too surprised when she initially gave in to the controlling Grandmother.

    The final scene hit me hard though and was incredibly well-acted, especially for Freen. You can just feel the emotions flowing through as she storms out with the woman she loves and even when driving away.

  2. Kirk actually had a point when talking to Mon.

    There’s no way their relationship could’ve worked out if Sam married Kirk. In any relationship you gotta give all of yourself to your partner or none at all.

    Secondly, even though Sam’s heart belongs to Mon, she would’ve just looked like something on the side and as Kirk says a homewrecker who’s intruding in someone’s marriage. I’m guessing that’s not the kind of reputation you want in Thailand.

    Plus, I’m sure pushy Grandmother is gonna expect Kirk and Sam to have kids, which will just complicate things even more.

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