Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Will True Love Prevail?

Episode 10 of Gap: The Series starts off with the conversation about marriage and Mon saying no to Sam’s proposal because she is a commoner. Sam leaves and Cher and Risa try to cheer up Mon. She tells them that she feels like a sugar baby because of their class difference.

Risa tells her it is the same for them and they also have a lot of issues but they don’t let love come in the way. They even went through a life-threatening situation together but because they were together, they made it. They tell her that if she loves Sam then nothing should stop her.

Meanwhile, Grandmother calls and asks to see Sam and she says she is on a trip with friends. Sam cuts the call nervously and the old matriarch is suspicious. She confronts Kirk who tells her that he is fine as long as Sam is happy. Grandmother mocks him that he is letting Sam cheat on him and that she will handle it.

Sam is sulking at the beach and Mon runs to her asking for her forgiveness. Sam says that she is hurt because it feels like only she loves Mon. At that moment, Tee and Yuki show up and tease Sam and Mon for fighting. Later on, Cher and Risa flirt as they dress up for the evening and Mon is amused.

As they walk to the dinner table, Mon falls and Sam runs to her. She asks if she is in pain and Mon said that she was only pretending so she could get Sam’s attention. Sam is still grumpy but they make up. They light lanterns together and Mon confesses her love to Sam. They tear up as Mon proposes to her. They exchange rings as everyone cheers and they all dance together.

The next day, Mon and Sam walk around the beach and take photos with their engagement rings. They spot Neung and she calls them over but Sam is upset that she never contacted her. Neung says that she was struggling so she couldn’t. Sam hints that since she left the pressure fell on Song which eventually led to her death.

But Neung says she could have easily been the one to die too and its Grandmother who is the one controlling them. She is surprised that Sam has a female lover and wonders how she would take it. Meanwhile, Grandmother gets photos of Mon and Sam and is conflicted.

Sam and Mon return to Bangkok and Mon stays back home as she is ill. While Sam goes to work, Grandmother visits. She suggests that Mon planned to get into the same college and same university to get close to Sam for some ulterior motive. She also asks how Mon could repay Kirk’s kindness to her by cuckolding him. She wonders if two women can truly love each other and tells Mon to leave Sam.

Grandmother then tells Kirk that she has handled Mon and that he has to get back with Sam. He tries to refuse but she shuts him down. He goes to the office and fires Ya and Chin due to their office romance. Sam is furious and tells him he has no right. He points out that it is her own rule.

They go to her office and she asks if it is because of Mon. She says she will fire Mon so she can love her freely and Kirk tries to tell her that things are not so simple. Sam leaves and goes home but sees that Mon is not there.

Mon is back home and sitting with Nop who is ranting about Grandmother and her prehistoric values. He sees Sam calling multiple times and tells Mon not to worry her. She simply says that she is not ready to leave her. He tells her that they will have several obstacles but love will prevail and she thanks him for supporting her. Sam goes to her house and sees her with Nop who leaves.

She asks Mon what’s wrong and asks her not to beat around the bush. Mon tells her that Grandmother told her to leave her and they both cry. Sam apologizes for putting her through her family drama and failing to protect her. She promises that she will talk to her grandmother and fix it. She then goes to her Grandmother and they both declare that they have something to say.

The Episode Review

We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with the way these next episode previews paint Kirk, but that guy just continues to be a good friend to Sam even after he finds out that she doesn’t love him. Even when he is forced to bide by Grandmother’s decisions he tries to plead with Sam and tell her that he is on her side.

And there is so much going on in this episode of Gap: The Series as we not only hope to see more of Risa and Cher but Tee and Yuki. While fans had already guessed that the two were together, them coming together when they don’t even know each other for long without telling Kade and Jim is pretty suspicious. 

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