Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The First Time

Episode 8 of Gap: The Series begins with Sam and Mon going to bed. Sam gets close to Mon on the pretext of checking if she smells like the bubble bath they had but stops before they kiss which frustrates Mon. She goes to watch TV and Sam joins her.

An animal mating scene comes on and pointing at it, Sam indirectly asks her if they can make love. But Mon keeps misunderstanding her and goes back to bed. At that moment, Kirk calls Sam asking her to reconsider not firing Mon. She is touched but Kirk sort of ruins it by calling her his future bride.

The next day at the office, Noi tells the office that Kirk called her in the middle of the night about Mon. Some of the employees wonder if he has a crush on Mon. He comes to the office and brings Mon in and asks the employees to give her a warm welcome. Mon gets a text from Sam and smiles while Ya and Noi think she is texting Kirk.

During the break, Mon meets up with Jim, Tee and Kade who want to know all of the details of the night before and if they had sex. They are disappointed with Sam but understand her nervousness. Tee advises Mon to go with the flow when Sam suggests something.

After everyone leaves, Sam makes Mon bring her delivery to her. She sets up a romantic candlelight table and feeds Mon snacks. She keeps giving her string candy to recreate the iconic Lady And The Tramp noodle scene but Mon keeps messing it up. Sam asks her why she’s breaking away and Mon remembers Tee’s advice. She asks for one more chance. Mon makes the first move and they make out.

Sam uses the moment to share her feelings and asks Mon to be patient with her as she likes her but is new at the whole dating thing. They take things to Sam’s house but she gets a nosebleed. She is honest and says that she was excited and Mon finds it cute. They take a break and at that moment Sam calls Tee and Mon calls Yuki to ask how to have sex with girls. However, they both end up talking the whole time and fall asleep.

The next day, Jim visits them and brings whiskey. Sam and Mon are confused and she tells them to get drunk to get started as they are nervous about their first time. She also tells them to take off their fake nails and they are determined to get things done right.

That night, they are shy but Sam is excited. They make out but Mon feels it’s unfair to Kirk. Sam promises to break up with him. They laugh after their first time and compliment each other which gets both of them blushing. The next morning, Mon gets bombarded with messages from their friends as they congratulate her. She asks Sam how they find out and she cheekily tells Mon that she added them on Facebook and bragged about it.

At the office, they sneak around and make out. Sam also tells her that she will break up with Kirk and Mon feels bad as he has been nice to her. However, Sam tells her that she loves her and she would anyway break up with Kirk one day even if it wasn’t for Mon.

At that moment, Kirk texts Mon with an emergency. He tells her that he was defending her against a Facebook troll and it turned out to be Sam as she changed her account name from ‘I Am Your Boss’ to her real name. Kirk holds her hand and begs her to help him fix things with Sam but Noi sees them.

She records it and shows it to the employees who wonder if Mon and Kirk are having an affair. Sam overhears them and confronts Mon as she believes the employees. Mon is angry and leaves. She reveals to Yuki on call that she was just acting angry to keep Kirk’s secret. Kirk runs into her and once again asks her what to do. She tells him to clear things up as there is a rumour of them having an affair.

He is shocked and thanks her for being supportive and says that he likes her. Unfortunately, Sam overhears that and jumps to conclusions. Mon and Kirk try to explain but she doesn’t listen. Mon is upset that Sam won’t listen to her and leaves.

Nop comes looking for her as he misses her and sees her crying. He hugs her and at that moment, Sam sees them. Before she can get into a fight with Nop, Mon stops her and tries to leave with Nop. Sam accuses her of throwing herself at several men (ouch). Both are furious and Mon leaves while Sam breaks down.

The Episode Review

Kudos to the director for not fetishizing two girls when it comes to explicit scenes. While their steamy scenes are sensual, they are not overtly sexualised, making it comfortable for the viewers as well as probably the actors. They also use the episode to talk about safe sex between girls without being too preachy.

For once, the obstacle in every rom-com – the guy who is already promised to the female lead – Kirk is actually a pretty good guy with the way he genuinely cares for Mon as a friend. Though it will probably make it that much harder for us as we want to root for Mon and Sam but also don’t want Kirk to get hurt.

And okay, we know that the breakup episode of every Thai romantic drama is pretty cliched, but Gap: The Series’ episode 8 could have taken a different route other than the girl-overhears-and-misunderstands trope multiple times.

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