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Unfortunately, in episode 4 of Gap: The Series nothing happens after Mon falls into Sam’s arms. They dry up and go back to the bedroom. They bump into each other and talk over each other while settling in bed and Sam is flustered. However, they smile before going to sleep. And while it should have been romantic, we have Mon snoring which has poor Sam struggling to sleep.

The next morning, Sam offers her clothes to Mon but at the same time picks on her for liking the colour pink. Sam is surprised that they wear similar outfits and writes it off as a coincidence. With nothing to do, Mon turns to head home. Sam reveals that she is going out with her friends – Tee, Jim and Kade, and begrudgingly invites Mon.

They meet Sam’s friends and they get along well with Mon. They notice Sam taking care of Mon and tease her while ordering food. Jim draws Sam away and locks her in the bathroom. With Mon alone they encircle her and ask about her and Sam’s relationship. They also reveal that everything on social media is fake and uploaded by them.

Mon is hurt by this and asks Sam if there is anything that she truly knows about her. Sam doesn’t understand why her fans should care about her real life and why Mon is interested in her. Mon finally reveals that they had met when she was a kid. In the flashback, Sam’s friends tease her for being half-Thai and teach her a dirty tongue twister. Sam stops them and helps Mon with her homework.

Mon tells Sam that she never forgot her kindness and her smile which is why she was her role model but the fact that everything she knows is a lie has dispirited her. The food arrives and Sam avoids her by cooking with the chef. Her friends comfort Mon and tell her that Sam had an oppressive childhood and could never have what she wanted which is why she always says the opposite of what she is feeling.

Mon bonds with Tee, Kade and Jim and they promise to help her with Sam and even create a group chat with her. The three pester Sam about her feelings for Mon but she gets shy. As they leave, Sam tries to comfort Mon and tells her that they will get close over time and wonders if she actually does like her. Mon tells her that if she was a man she would make a move on Sam which shocks her but on the inside she is delighted.

Things go smoothly at work as Mon is able to understand Sam better. The employees all celebrate as Mon finally launches the ‘Diversity Pop’ page. While Sam stays stony-faced, alone in her office she looks at the page and smiles. She also cheers up Mon who is disheartened by the slow growth of the followers.

At home, Yuki is heartbroken after a breakup and has a sleepover with Mon. Mon tells Jim, Tee and Kade that she cannot chat as she has to look after her friend but can’t help but get distracted when Sam texts her. Instead of having dinner which grows cold on her table, Sam invites her to breakfast the next day when Mon shares that she has never eaten prawns.

Mon is excited for her date and gets all dolled up as she waits for Sam. However, Kirk shows up at Sam’s and reminds her that they have business on behalf of Grandmother and that they were later supposed to hang out together. Sam texts Mon that she can’t make it who is disappointed. During her meal with Kirk, Sam keeps waiting for a response back and seems upset. Kirk tries to distract her and decides to tell her about finding a business partner. Sam rejects the idea as it would strip away her freedom.

Mon decides to hang out with Kade, Tee and Jim and invites Yuki who is still sad. Mon is also disappointed that Sam hasn’t gotten back to her. The group tries to cheer her up with food and they take a photo of her and Tee together who also drops Mon home. As they are saying farewell, Sam drops by and pushes Tee out of jealousy.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of Gap: The Series finally gives us more insight into why a 9-year-old would be besotted with another person for so long over just one incident. Turns out, apart from saving her from the car, Sam also made sure to stop her own friends from mocking Mon and helping her.

It also makes it believable as to why Mon would be heartbroken on learning that everything she knows about Sam is a lie as she must have felt that since she knew Sam from childhood she would truly know everything about her.

And with most of us being used to the shy and passive bottoms in BLs, it is quite fun to see the role reversal with Mon being daring enough to indirectly confess to Sam who easily gets flustered and shocked. Though the whole Sam saying the opposite of what she means in every single instance can get a little boring. But we all know where that is going to lead with Sam probably saying aloud that she does not like Mon only for Mon and us viewers to know that she means the opposite.

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